November 2022 in the Passages of Time

When you think about November ... what comes to mind? The first thing I think of is Thanksgiving and continuing family adventures ... but that's my life.

November also brings another federal holiday - Veterans Day honoring military veterans of the US Armed Forces.

War ... Why does there always have to be war? Because there are those programmed for combat and aggressive acts - the warrior souls - who will return home and repeat the cycle of pain and healing.

Let's get to the "Elephant" in the room - Tuesday November 8, 2022 and US Election Day. Win or lose there's going to be chaos on all fronts which I'm sure you already anticipate. It will rear its ugly head on social media and in the streets of America. Human rights will be challenged and lost especially with the current Supreme Court.

It would seem that today violence and aggression rule the games of politics not just in the United States but everywhere. Trump was just the vehicle to get the US to a place of revolution and its far from over.

We know Democracy is a programmed experiment that should have evolved through the years paralleling changing times. It only happened on a very small scale with all sorts of trade-offs (quid pro quo) because those in power will do anything to maintain their positions.

I always look at some of these people and wonder what they say behind closed doors when they go home to their partners and/or family.

Democracy's many facets are giving way to those who want to take matters into their own hands to bring about change even if they don't know what that will look like. It simply means something broken needs to be replaced not fixed which is not an easy chore.

As with all things created in bipolar physical reality - democracy will come with lots and lots of issues but there's no time left for change in the simulation which would only create imbalance once again.

On Veterans Day we may have to look to our military to maintain order especially as the days pass and martial law is the result of an uprising. Yes this could happen as it is happening across the world.

The fact that many white Americans are not tolerant of those who are different - race, religion, gender, challenged, and more - means that in end times they will rise up because they are programmed to do so and not live in a world that dictates their lives in a non-productive way.

It becomes a Game of Blame where one doesn't even know who the heroes and villains actually are. After a life of frustration there are those plotting and planning to lash out.

It will all be in the news and on social media ... speaking of which Elon Musk bought Twitter to broadcast his opinions though it looks like he's in line with the crazies and conspiracy theorists. He may be the richest man in the world and one of the smartest and luckiest when it comes to science and technology but politics is not where he belongs which we all said about Trump when he became president and look what happened. On the other hand none of this would've happened if it wasn't meant to.

Most people realize that they can't express opinions today without somebody looking to attack them. It's a powder keg in reality waiting to explode no matter what people say or do. Then there's the never ending apologies that go on and on because of human behavior and discourse.

Trump opened a Pandora's Box for his personal gain but whatever he unleashed will be his downfall. I believe other Republicans are looking to dump him but are afraid to speak out for now. They too will rebel as they already know that Trump is not an asset but a liability to the party and the world stage. Just look at all the dark emotions Trump unleashed on the world. But that is his role just as it is for Putin and others.

A friend whose son works in government told me last night, "What happens next week will be a travesty regardless of who wins." There are no winners - just as there are no solutions. On we go trying to keep our lives in check and hoping for the best whatever that means to you.

Emotions of fear, confusion, panic, rage, will express themselves in different venues as insanity rules.

By now you should know that end times come with the final C words - Chaos which leads to Closure.

This is also a throw back to the beginning of the Human Experiment. We came from chaos or dark matter or the black hole of the simulation or however you see it. It's been a crazy journey but we're cycling back to zero point as once we began in the Illusion of Time.

Scientists Just Discovered an Entirely New Way of Measuring Time
  Science Alert - 11/1/2022

Physically time is linear to us but actually it's not. If anything - it moves in spirals called the cycles of time following algorithms and the Holographic Version of the Fibonacci Sequence that creates the illusion. Many may say they understand the movements of time but in truth we won't understand it until the simulation ends. At that point we will understand how everything works and why we are here - from reality to aliens to the concept of time.

November 6, 2022

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