Ellie's 2022 New Years Blog

Happy New Year from Brooklyn, New York

As 2021 closes there's not much I can say that I haven't blogged about all year and for that matter the past 26 years. Sorry that I can't promote hope and free will - concepts I never believed in - but at this point it simply comes down to people's programming evolving into understanding the journey of humanity in the illusion of time. Either you get it or you don't. Covid, climate, crime, and chaos take us into 2022 - there's no easy way around it.

Reading about Covid this week introduced me to a new word - "ennui" - a feeling of boredom, listlessness, and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of excitement which goes along with depression, anxiety, and uncertainty personifying reality today. Whatever you're doing to usher in the New Year make it as enjoyable as you can.

Each year in December I review Crystalinks going back to 1995. In so doing I stumbled upon this blog as my friend Dean Harris and I welcomed 2015 on New Year's Day. Dean is an Astrologer and professional jewelry designer from Manhattan. The blog includes two meditations and all sorts of fun stuff that the long-time readers of Ellie's World Blog may remember. For new readers please feel free to join us in Dean's apartment as we approach the New Year 2022. Now more than ever we need diversions from covid, climate, and the chaos of reality. Happy New Year Dean. 2022 brings positive changes for you.

2021 and the Matrix

The Matrix 'rebooted' in 2021 with a fourth film called The Matrix Resurrections which I watch on New Year's Eve on HBO Max. As with all of us I was looking for something relatable to come away with but found nothing beyond the Matrix as a playground of experiences in which we vicariously engage believing events to be real. Films of this genre were set in place to help people understand that we are characters in a Simulation. Years after the first Matrix film (1999) - and watching reality implode - millions of people get it. The Matrix films were the quintessential experience to that end years ago but we have evolved beyond their initial message. Emotions are the fuel that stokes the Matrix and perpetuates its very existence much like our Simulation with emphasis on Love.

January 2, 2022

New Year - Super New Moon 12° Capricorn

Sunsets - Remembering Betty White

(January 17, 1922 - December 31, 2021)

Betty White, beloved and trailblazing actress, dies at 99 of a stroke

Video: Betty White's best 'Golden Girls' lines and moments

Betty White, beloved and trailblazing actress, dies at 99

YouTube - Betty White's Greatest Moments

New Years Eve - in the energies of a New Year and Super New Moon 12° Capricorn - the sun set on the life and times of one of the most icon actresses and legends of our time - Betty White who would have turned 100 on January 17, 2022 - with many celebrations planned. Many of us remember her fondly as a national treasure with impeccable comedic timing who made America laugh in her classic roles. Betty was a pioneer of early television, with a career spanning seven decades. She was among the first women to exert control in front of and behind the camera and the first woman to produce a sitcom (Life with Elizabeth), which contributed to her being named honorary Mayor of Hollywood in 1955. She is often referred to as "the First Lady of Television", a title used for a 2018 documentary detailing her life and career. We all loved her. She will be missed.

Quote: If you're blessed with good health take advantage of it.

Sunsets and Crystalinks

I bought my first Apple computer November 1994 and so began the journey of Crystalinks which went online August 25, 1995. One of the first things I typed turned out to be Crystalinks' mission statement dictated by Z (Zoroaster) - some of its passages still unfolding. "The sky will be purple with hues of pink."

December 30, 2021 - Four Blocks From Here

Covid and Broadway

In March 2020 the lights went out on Broadway as Covid was introduced into the equation. In 2021 Broadway struggled to make a comeback but more often than not performances had to be canceled as members of the cast - as well as understudies - got sick with Omicron, Delta, or something else.

December 31, 1948 - May 16, 2012

Donna Summer - Videos - Discography

Ellie outside the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre before seeing
Summer: The Donna Summer Musical

Covid and Travel

Happy New Year from my daughter Nikki, her husband Ryan, and grandsons Matthew and Noah who just returned from vacation in the Florida Keys. Currently Omicron - a Covid variant - is spreading like wildfire across American communities affecting most industries including travel. Due to illness among flight staff and other airport services - thousands of flights were canceled. Many people were forced to drive to other cities to find their way to their destinations. Nikki, Ryan, and the boys' flight flight was canceled - so they drove to Miami and flew to JFK from there. And then there was the issue of climate change also taking its toll on travel.

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