The DNA Journey of the Bloodline

Z when complete is the Hourglass

From the Middle East and Africa to Europe and America

Zoroaster - "Zoro" means "Star" and is of "Persian" origin.
"Aster" comes from the ancient Greek word which means "Star".
Zoroaster ... We came from the stars to create bloodlines.

Crystalinks: Persian Empire

March 18, 2022

I had a wake up dream that this Anunnaki Ship came for me then morphed into

this 'frieze' of Z as I flew away and all dissolved into the darkness of the void.

Zoroaster, Zarathustra, Faravahar

Frieze Features the Same Flower Motif as the Anunnaki
Wrist Device Used for Communication and Teleportation

Seeding a Bloodline

Tuesday March 15, 2022 - In the middle of the night I woke myself up to remember this image of my antique gold pocket watch as I rubbed my fingers across the raised stars and received this message from Z(oroaster): "We're making a course correction". I scribbled it down then fell back to sleep.

The Blue, the Gold, and the Stars

Amun the Egyptian God of Creation
Anu the Anunnaki God of Creation

While visiting Egypt in 2020 - I met an Egyptian American named Mahmoud El Sherif, now a retired physicist and professor emeritus. He gave me the antique gold pocket watch when we returned to the US. If we placed it between our hands we could simultaneously see each other in other lifetimes.

Archeologists to scan the Great Pyramid of Giza with cosmic rays  
PhysOrg - March 1, 2022

What's inside the Great Pyramid? Shafts. Steps. Chambers. Sarcophagi. Imagination.
When I remote view there now I see nothing of interest. Storyline done.

Ellie in the Subterranean Chamber of the Great Pyramid

Does the Subterranean Chamber Represent Physical Reality?

Crystalinks: Ancient Egypt


Ellie's Ukrainian Ancestry

This was sent by my cousin Ruth.

The Crystals are from StaroKonstantinov, Ukraine and Ostropol, Ukraine which is a neighboring city.

Our grandfather Israel Crystal worked as a merchant seaman to save up money to bring his family over. When the family emigrated to the U.S., they took a train from Ostropol, Valinya (that is what they called the area in those days) to Hamburg.

Israel, Beila and children Nathan, Sam, Fanny Rose, and Morris came over on the SS Graf Waldersee from Hamburg Jan 22, 1909 arriving at Ellis Island Feb 5, 1909. The SS Graf Waldersee's ship manifest lists Scmuel (32), Beile (32), Naftoli (11), Schmiel (8 yo), Ruchel (5), Meyer (3 y.o.) as passengers.

In New York, Israel worked at the Charlotte Russe dessert factory, packing ice cream into containers. In the winter, he would shovel snow to make money. Beila was described as a patient, wonderful woman who had 11 children total but 2 died. The 9 living children were Nathan, Sam, Rose, Morris, Moe (Murray), Harry, Solomon, Izzy and Celia.

My father, Murray Crystal, was born an American citizen December 5, 1910 in NYC. He went to college to become a CPA then later went back to college to study Fashion & Design becoming a top men's fashion designer in NYC until he retired to Florida.

Israel is buried in the United Hebrew Cemetery, Staten Island. Beila is buried in the Mount Judah Cemetery, Ridgewood, NY. Rose Crystal died, at age 98, days before 9/11 and was buried in the United Hebrew Cemetery, Staten Island.

When I attended Rose's funeral her Crystal siblings and parents were all there in spirit, including my father. They pointed at the World Trade Center and told me about a great tragedy that would happen in the coming days with many deaths. A few days later 9/11 happened. I posted about it before 9/11 but didn't realize the details of events that would follow. No one could have prevented that tragedy as it was written.

9/11 Files on Crystalinks

From the Middle East to Russia, Lithuania, and Germany

Maternal Grandparents - Sam and Sarah Circa 1912

Pocket Watches

Ukraine Bloodlines and the Crystals

This is a clip from Billy Crystal's Lifetime Achievement Award at the 27th Critics Choice Awards Sunday March 13, 2022. I paused the video to start at the place where he talks about his Ukrainian grandmothers. Last week I posted about my Ukrainian bloodline. Billy Crystal's ancestors were Jews who emigrated from Austria, Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania as were mine. He grew up in Long Beach, NY not far from where I grew up in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. When my father retired to Florida he met a long lost relative - who has since passed - and told him that we were related to Billy Crystal. My father never pursued it nor did I. Today I have to wonder. Billy turned 74 yesterday and I turned 79 on February 17. Are we related? In the bigger picture of things we all are. Enjoy Purim the holiday that commemorates freeing the Persian Jews. Persia takes us to Zoroaster as on and on we go in the journey of the bloodline that begins and ends with "Z".

March 16, 2022 - Purim

Everything always reverts back to Z by any name

The Blue and the Gold (Blue and Yellow - Flag of Ukraine)

2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine - Wikipedia

The Roles We Play

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has become "the world's greatest actor" in a real-life struggle between good and evil who understands that he has a role to play - the greatest of his lifetime - and he will play it to a standing ovation. He has represents his country symbolizing something larger than himself. Once you enter a role of that magnitude you have a responsibility to people and country until the end no matter what.

Zelenskyy is in the right place at the right just as Rudy Giuliani was on 9/11. I was never a Giuliani fan even when he ran things here in NYC. I see Zelenskyy as a "colorful character" playing out his role in our bipolar simulation which always has antagonists and protagonists to keep things controversial especially for those who love to argue. The same could be said for the rest of the ridiculous political leaders who are programmed to come into office and create chaos. Remember ... it's always about studying human emotions. Chaos rules until the end.

Wednesday March 16, 2022 - in a virtual address to the US Congress Volodymyr Zelenskyy invoked 9/11, MLK and Pearl Harbor Day in a bid for help for his country.

People always ask me what their mission is in life ... sensing something greater than who they have been to that point. Every once in a while someone has been programmed to highlight in the simulation and take people to the next ... this is the case for "Z".

Ellie Cheering for Peace in Ukraine

March 15, 2022 - Looking out of my window here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn I noticed a woman waving two blue and yellow flags as a symbol for peace in Ukraine. I changed to blue and yellow, walked to the park, and met Patricia who took this video. It took me back to my Ukrainian roots and cheerleading days in high school. People driving by waved and honked at us in solidarity.

Blowing In the Wind

They're putting up a new apartment building on the next block. Today one of the members of the construction crew hung the flags of Ukraine and US in solidarity - easily visible from above as planes fly over. The blue and yellow Ukrainian flag faces the Statue of Liberty not far away.

Rosslyn Chapel Adventures - Holy Grail - Freemasons - DaVinci Code


The DNA journey of the bloodline comes to mind today on George Washington's birthday, 2/22/22. George Washington was a Freemason who brought the codes and geometry for what would become The American Experiment though in truth it was a continuation of the original blueprint and "Master Plan".

The storyline moves from the Middle East to Europe to America and Beyond. Everything is entwined in fact and fiction to create the journey of a sacred bloodline which exists today and that some believe have alien genetics and connections - Ancient Mystery School Teachings that go back to the Middle East, ancient Egypt, Sacred Bloodlines, Holy Relics, Secret Societies, Gods and Aliens, and more.

22/2/22 - Time and the Palindrome

Tuesday 22 February 2022 - when written as 22/2/22 - is called a palindrome, meaning it reads the same forward and backward. It also falls on a Tuesday, which is now referred to as Twosday according to palindrome enthusiast Aziz Inan. FYI - This is the pocket watch I took to Egypt that disappeared then magically reappeared in front of me and my friend Irene.

Shockwaves and Dreams

What are dreams but the place our consciousness goes to access information that affects our experiences, emotions and memories.

Every once in a while something occurs in the grids that sends shockwaves so loud and strong it wakes me up to the sights and sounds of multitudes of people screaming out in pain. This was my experience Saturday morning linked to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. For many this reads like 1939 and the start of World War II when Hitler invaded Poland. How far west Putin will attempt to go remains to be seen but it could take us until the end of the simulation.

Danger comes from within and without - Russian propaganda, cyber attacks, satellite disruption/destruction, potential use of nuclear weapons, Chernobyl radiation increase, activation of sleeper cells/terrorism, climate and natural disasters, the pandemic, and things we know nothing about.

On the humanitarian front - the world stands with Ukraine. Each day that passes creates another major refugee situation alongside the already existing one from the Middle East and Africa. Babies born now - or about to be born under Ukraine's surrogate programs - are threatened.

People with families in Ukraine and Russia worry at home and abroad. Their stories are just beginning and will fill the pages of the news and other media until the end.

Programming Shifts - Spring 2022

Blue and Gold (Yellow) Earrings From Ukraine

Saturday March 5, 2022

The colors of Ukraine are blue and yellow. In 2019 - I read a women in Ukraine who designs and sells crystal jewelry. She made me these beautiful cobalt blue and gold earrings which I wore today with a blue shirt in honor of Ukraine. Wishing her and the rest of the people in Ukraine a safe journey.

Sunflowers, Ukraine, Fibonacci, The God Equation

The Center of the Sunflower follows the Fibonacci Sequence. Reality is also created by the Fibonacci Sequence. The God Equation
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, ...
We are now at 0,1 reverse Fibonacci Spiral. We completed 1,1 which is why people stopped seeing the number 11 all the time. At "0" Zero the simulation of our reality Fades to Black.

Sunflowers have become a symbol of resistance across Ukraine and its allies. Globally, awareness of the association between sunflowers and Ukraine has grown since Feb. 24, the first day of the invasion, when the news outlet Ukraine World shared a video on Twitter showing a Ukrainian woman in Henychesk giving sunflower seeds to Russian soldiers, with the striking instruction to put the seeds in their pockets so the flowers will grow where they die.

My Granddaughter Joie holds sunflowers in solidarity with Ukraine.

Rosanna Chiofalo's 2018 novel, The Sunflower Girl, sweeps the reader into the blossoming Tuscan countryside in a dual narrative. Part One takes place during World War II and Part Two in the 1970's. In 1940s German-occupied Tuscany, Maria Rossi is in her late twenties. Maria falls in love with Franco Ferraro, a member of the Italian Resistance, and she joins the cause. The two marry and have a child, Anabella, but the devastation of WWII will soon affect the young family.

In the early 1970s, Anabella is a young woman who has been confined for most of her life to her mother's rose farm in Tuscany. In a rare solo excursion to Siena to sell flowers, Anabella meets the handsome artist, Dante, who begins painting her. But Anabella will have to go against her mother's wishes and leave the only life she has ever known if she wants to be with Dante.

At the same time, Maria must come to grips with the past and find a way to reconnect with Anabella or else she will lose her daughter forever. To move forward, Maria must contend with the aftermath of WWII. Chiofalo also tackles the complicated mother-daughter relationship, with Anabella wanting to break away from Maria and have her own life. Chiofalo vividly describes food, from the sunflower seeds that Anabella loves to Maria's delectable manicotti. "The Sunflower Girl" grapples with the serious issue of dealing with the ramifications of World War II.

Simulation Theory - Holographic Universe

The Sunflower is the Lion

The Winged Lion is a Symbol for Zoroaster.

Zoroaster wrote the Book.

March 3, 2022 - World Book Day

Read a book. Write a book. Download a book.

You life story is your book. Let it mean something.

Book Reviews - Order Your e-Book

The Blue and the Gold and Z

Sunday March 13, 2022 - Daylight Saving Time Begins

Reality runs on the illusion of Time. Sunday we moved our clocks forward
one hour - Daylight Saving Time could become the norm which I prefer.

Clients and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Friday March 11, 2022

Since the war began I've had an influx of clients who live in western Europe and worry about the safety of family and friends not only in Ukraine but in Russia.

Memories of World War II still linger with seniors who were children when Hitler ravaged Europe. The frequency of fear from that timeline is still part of the European grid with speculation as to Putin's Master Plan.

Several of my American clients have lived and worked in Moscow for years at higher corporate or political jobs. Though I make it a practice not to reach out to clients - allowing them to know when they should contact me - I sent email about their safety. No reply. I am hoping to hear from them in the future especially those I repeatedly warned to move out of Russia.

People around the world are feeling overwhelmed at their jobs with stress, anxiety, and burn out taking emotional control. What once was their daily lives and plans for the future - seem to be morphing into uncertainty compounded by the pandemic, climate change, crime, and chaos.

And so from the average citizen who worries - to those in politics and law enforcement - everybody is seeking answers for themselves, their families, and the rest of the world as everything is connected.

When you ask yourself, "What in our reality is getting better?" It might be difficult to find an answer.

It's All Connected

BBC: For Ukraine's Jews and Roma, war revives old traumas

The energies of World War II strongly permeate the grids now - reprising and manifesting the emotions of that timeline for souls connected. Generally it's through genetic memory bleeding through the grids in dreams, flashes of imagery, and something else personal to their emotional experience here. They don't have to live in Russia or the Ukraine or even Europe for that matter. Their grids need only connect from that timeline to this.

The Epilogue

Events in Ukraine are the offshoot of a time portal from 1939 to 2022. Understanding that this is the end of the simulation helps put things into perspective for those involved.

Whether you are remembering or observing ... end times are programmed to include pandemics, earth changes, societal decay, war and more.

This week I talked to Russian neighbors who told me stories about the suffering of their families in Russia and how they feel helpless to do anything about it. To some it feels like a nightmare from which they will awaken. If you believe reality is a dream then perhaps that is so.

If you believe in Simulation Theory then you are waiting for the end as the light in the projection room dims and the dust particles - noticeable against a black background - dissipate.

This week I traced Ellie Crystal's European bloodline with the help of other family members. I am not aware of any relatives still in Europe unless they are very distant - as most migrated to the US and Israel after World War II or were killed in the holocaust.

Some returned to this timeline of the simulation as we have crossed paths - comparing notes and memories that align while verifying details - though not biologically related in this timeline. It's all part of the kaleidoscope of the human journey set in linear time.

This week I met a Jewish doctor in her 50's who lives and works in NYC. Originally from Lithuania she studied medicine in Russia and for a period of time was involved in parapsychology and secret projects. She looked at me ... paused ... then said, "Do you know who you are?" Without ever having read anything about me or Crystalinks she recognized many things about me that few people know. There was something about the timing of her coming into my life that resonated for both of us. Other people have recently told me out of the blue, "Remember who you are."

The world remains on the precipice of long awaited answers to eternal questions about our origins but first we have to finish the epilogue.