Remembering UFO Researcher John Lear

March 29, 2022 - Famed aviator John Lear, 79, departs on 'his next adventure' which has sent ripples through the worlds of aviation, UFOlogy, and conspiracy theories. Lear was widely known for his claims about UFOs and Area 51, but also for a lifetime of daring exploits in everything that could fly. [John Lear - Wikipedia]

John Lear was born December 3, 1942 two months before I was. Like myself Lear's UFO adventures would take him to Nevada as were mine so it was not surprising destiny brought us together in Las Vegas on July 4th weekend at the infamous 1989 MUFON conference.

There was something about the conference that opened the doors for UFO research and John was a big part of it. The energy of the overflowing crowds was different than anything I had ever encountered although I was just starting this chapter of my life. I was two years away from my cable talk show, "The Metaphysical Experience" which became a vehicle to meet people from all walks of life with experiences to share.

After I became a hypnotherapist I discovered some of my clients were abductees. I believed most of them had experiences but I was not always sure about the validity of the information they recalled - just noting much of it followed the same algorithmic patterns. Early on I recognize it was all an insert in the simulation that would upscale the way we approached reality aided by the Age of Technology.

Along the way I was hypnotized by some of the best who also confirmed my 1954 experience in the Nevada desert though I had never questioned it.

I made friends with other remote viewers as we journeyed along the timelines to see what happened to me. They did indeed see the same thing I had always remembered and sometimes in greater detail. For the record, if you don't know me, I have never used drugs, I don't drink, and there's no mental illness. It is what it is and it became an exciting adventure through the years verified over and over again.

Back at the conference the other guest speakers were amazing. The energy of the overflowing crowds was different than anything I had ever encountered although I was just starting this phase of my life.

John's lecture created a lot of buzz as that is what he was programmed to do and I recognized it. Something about it was different and he would remain part of the difference. Few people at the conference thought he was crazy. Some said it was time for the government to give up its secrets especially abductees or those who had witnessed UFO activity.

After the conference people told me they were going to drive to Area 51 in hopes of seeing a UFO though I don't know if anybody ever went and I never chase UFOs. They found me once and if need be can find me again.

So here we are in 2022 as many people believe dissemination of information is forthcoming. Don't count on it until an actual UFO lands and occupants get out and that's not happening.

We each have our programmed destinies and mine would not return me to John Lear.

For me it's about the Human Experiment coming to an end so people can make sense of what's happening in reality today as the consciousness grids collapse and we understand we exist in Virtual Reality.

I know the algorithm of emotions still runs strongly through the grids but we can't deny ... covid, climate, crime, war or chaos and everything else that's broken. I would stop blogging about all of this if it wasn't unfolding ... but it is.

Wherever you are John Lear I hope you have found your personal truths. I know you can't change anything from the other side but as I feel with everybody else in the UFO community who has crossed over - your understanding of reality should now be in place and you can take great comfort in all that you brought to those left behind.