Hurricane Ida 2021

Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Could climate change make humans go extinct?

With dozens dead and rescue efforts ongoing, NYC mayor says the dire future experts warned of is now

3 Out of 4 People Believe Earth Is Nearing Irreversible Tipping Points, Poll Shows

I know that not everyone is programmed to understand these are end times and we exist in a simulation. If souls could only remember life would make much more sense even if they don't embrace the fact that the human experience/experiment is evolving out of existence. People are describing Hurricane Ida and other climate events as storms of Biblical or Epic Proportions ... Exactly!

CNN News Tuesday August 31

My grandson Matthew, along with 1,200 other Tulane University students, were evacuated by bus to Houston finally arriving eight hours later. They checked into the Marriott which features a symbolic "lazy river pool". Matt sent this pic from his hotel room. Wednesday his flight took off at 8:30am EDT - headed home to Connecticut with several of his high school classmates - staying just ahead of Hurricane Ida on its way to the northeast. He texted me as they arrived safely at Newark airport three hours later. After he got home he had lots of stories to share with me. For now Matthew and the rest of the students return to remote learning as they did in 2020 due to Covid.

Storm Ida Hits the Northeast

September 3, 2021

Communities mourn while trying to clean up after floodwaters turned highways and homes into death traps in the Northeast. The remnants from Hurricane Ida pummeled cities with unprecedented rainfall in some areas, leaving at least 46 people dead in six states. The victims included a Connecticut state trooper who was swept away as he responded to a missing person's call. Most of the deaths were in New Jersey, where Gov. Phil Murphy said a majority of the victims were overtaken by rising floodwaters while in their vehicles. In New York City, a lot of people who died were found in basements. Meanwhile, communities in Louisiana, where the hurricane made landfall, have no power and are struggling with a major heat wave, a severe fuel shortage, among other obstacles.

All is well in my area of Brooklyn though the rest of the city took a beating. New Jersey is a disaster - flooding, massive tornadoes, more. My daughter Zsia and her family are safe but one of her friends had to be rescued from her car after a river suddenly overflowed. I'm sure I'll hear more stories like this. In Connecticut Nikki and family are all good. No power loss just downed trees in her area.

Stay safe if you're affected by any kind of climate changes from flooding on the East Coast to wildfires on the west and everything in between. CNN Report on the storm

The Day After the Storm

Perfect day. Feeling centered. No one would ever guess one
of the major storms in a century hit less than 24 hours ago
devastating many states along the eastern seaboard.

Pink sunlight halo over the Verrazano Bridge watching me.

After a storm you realize it's just water under the bridge.

Hello! Dr ... Who? Back in time for a dime.

A side hustle

Hurricane Ida and the New Madrid Fault Zone

Where Climate meets Natural Disasters

Weather can affect the movement of the tectonic plates which result in earthquakes. On Sunday Hurricane Ida forced the Mississippi River to reverse flow. The last time that happened was between December 16, 1811, and late April 1812 after a catastrophic series of earthquakes. Towns were destroyed, an 18-mile-long lake was created and the Mississippi River temporarily ran backwards.

The New Madrid Seismic Zone which has the potential to produce large earthquakes and split the country much like one of the maps futurists like Gordon-Michael Scallion (Matrix Institute) created years ago that people still ask me about. It potentially threatens parts of eight American states: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. The North American Plate - like all other plates - is breaking apart as the simulation of reality comes to closure.