Symbols of Freedom

April 27, 2022 - My cousin Nancy shared pics she took as she flew over Manhattan.

Ravages of War

My granddaughter Joie modeling: "Ukraine Invasion: Ravages of War"
Once they had homes and lives and purpose.
Where do they go from here?

A complex operation is underway to evacuate Holocaust survivors from Ukraine. For rescuers and evacuees alike, it means confronting the past as they flee. Their earliest memories are of fleeing bombs or hearing whispers about massacres of other Jews, including their relatives. Sheltered by the Soviet Union, they survived. Now elderly and fragile, Ukraine's Holocaust survivors are escaping war once more, on a remarkable journey that turns the world they knew on its head: They are seeking safety in Germany.


Odessa has been in the news as Russian troops advance. When I heard the name Odessa I flashed back to a memory of my maternal grandmother, Sarah, telling me about living in Odessa before coming to the United States c. 1905. She talked about Odessa with love, compassion and a feeling of ongoing connection even though she lost her European relatives during World Wars I & II. "Odessa is important and it will be again in the future", I remember Grandma saying knowingly - though it made no sense at the time.

Not everything makes sense from our perspective of physical reality when we experience it. Sometimes the answers come as patterns fall into place and other times they never come at all.

Grandma and I were very close. She traveled to Nevada after my 1954 UFO experience to accompany my Mom and I back to Brooklyn. This is the only pic I have of us together - taken in the spring of 1947 when I was four years old. I just realized this pic was taken just before the July 1947 Roswell UFO Incident after which life changed forever with only a handful of people aware of what was going on behind the scenes.

World War II had ended in 1945 and with that the collaboration between Hitler and extraterrestrial forces sent here to change the destiny of humanity. In some respect their missions have been successful in creating new platforms of science and technology and the ability for humanity to reevaluate a new agenda.

What is the Agenda?

Everything you do, ever plan you make, has an agenda built into the algorithm of your experiences here. For today your agenda may be as simple as the things you normally do or something long-term and special that gives you pleasure thinking about and planning. Humans need to be motivated or else they would do nothing at all.

Putin has an agenda not unlike Hitler's in the 20th century - conquer Europe letting no one or nothing stand in his way. There are those who knew what was coming and others who lived more in a pseudo-reality believing Putin would never attack Ukraine as he has - the world around him now becoming a global collective to defeat him.

Perhaps the agenda is to show that when there is a common threat the world will unite to try and defeat it. They used to say that would happen if we were ever attacked by extraterrestrials but that of course never happened and never will for if that was their agenda it would have happened already. Yet ... if we look at the long term alien agenda we see that threat has already come and gone based on bio-genetic experiments performed on humans during World War II (and beyond with specific bloodlines) in alignment with Hitler's agenda to create a race of Supermen - Ubermensch.

Hitler surrounded himself with people who did his bidding whether it was out of fear, coercion, or believing in his agenda and the power it would bring. Putin more or less has the same agenda - conquer and put his "puppets' in place. Trump was Putin's puppet in the US. Dangle money and power in front of Trump and he'll do anything while not realizing nor caring that he's being played - sociopathic narcissism mixed with idiocracy.

Is Putin's agenda to go nuclear, cyber, or something we as yet know nothing about? Along with the rest of the planet Russia faces global threats from climate, covid, crime and finance. When I look ahead six months all I can see is what looks like a dry prairie. Where it is and how it got that way I don't know yet. I can only speculate on wildfires, a nuclear event gone wrong, or something else. Some of it looks like the Tunguska Event when something from outer space crash landed in Russia.

Emotionally wherever you are in the simulation - feelings of stress, anxiety, confusion, accompany physical signs that things are not running as they normally do. For some it started with Covid while for others it continued on or began when the war in Ukraine came into manifestation on February 24, 2022.

As an example clocks at home or on your phone suddenly all present a different time without reason. Internet glitches become more frequent - human behavior more nonsensical. The breakdown of the simulation is showing itself so pay attention to the subtle things that seem out of place and "Time" that make you wonder.

Speaking of Time ... There appears to be a bleed-through from the WWII grids to our current experience as they align - something I have been awaiting for most of my life. Your dreams, meditations, and physical experiences may create information that is not yours in this timeline especially for those who were part of the World War II experiments in genetics and time travel.

Humans are/were an interesting experiment with their programmed weaknesses and flaws and yet their ability to show love and compassion is the best part of why they were created. What is the human agenda - to become aware of "everything".


Time is often referred to as a fourth dimension, along with three spatial dimensions. Continue reading

Our simulation runs on time therefore when time no longer exists the simulation ends.

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Time and Superman

Superman was able to reverse Time by circling Earth at an accelerated speed.

Not long ago nor far away - on the other side of reality - before the experiment began - souls had powers and existence was fundamentally understood. Through black holes and wormholes - space and time - and things we cannot reference nor name - consciousness forgot as it entered the playground of emotions in the illusion of time. It is only when humans' emotions are heightened that they connect somewhat with their strengths. When Time ceases to exist - the Superman in humanity will reemerge.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Ubermensch - Man and Superman

Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Zoroaster) (Z)

Z = The Hourglass (Our Class) in Time