Ellie's Adventures in Williamsburg, Virginia

Friday May 29 - June 4, 2015

Let's start at the beginning

A car service picked me up at 7:30 AM. On the way to the airport there was lots of rush hour traffic. I told Jean, the car service driver, we would arrive at 8:35. He said based on the traffic we wouldn't get to Laguardia Airport until 9 o'clock or so. Traffic or no traffic, Z was going to get me here on time ... And he did. Got here at 8:35 exactly!

I got my boarding pass then was off to security check-in......

Next ... Guess who they singled out to pat down? Moi! It was an interesting experience because it was the first time that ever happened to me. I guess I am starting to look like a terrorist working with law enforcement as often as I do. Sorry, no pictures of the pat down.

All was well as I wait for my flight to board.

On the Plane !

I'm in my seat and ready to go ... headphones in place. The flight was only one hour - more like a shuttle.

Here's some pics as we descended into Norfolk.

Love what looks like UFOs or orbs or something fun following me at a distance.

John had driven up from Tampa and was waiting as I walked to get my luggage.

We greeted each other with a hug ... two travel buddies off on an adventure.

On to Williamsburg ...

Williamsburg is clean, beautiful and easy to navigate. Speaking of which ....with all the navigation tools John and I have at our disposal - from car GPS to WAZE to iPads and our cell phones - John has an iPhone 6 - we found that the most accurate is the GPS on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We use the voice app S Voice (I decided to name her Sarah vs. the iPhone Siri) - as off we go.

Entrance to our Timeshare - #17 - my number

When we arrived at Williamsburg Plantation Resort, there was a thin long black snake slithering around on the grounds below our room. Two female staff members had seen the snake and were screaming for help. I looked over at it but found nothing scary, as if it was meant to be there to greet me. Though I'm not into snakes, and never see any in Brooklyn, this one had symbolic meaning, as I walked around it towards the room. More photos of the timeshare in the blogs below ...

Saturday at Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown

A Tale of Two Cities in the Williamsburg Triangle.

Saturday morning we took a tour around Colonial Williamsburg.

It started with George Washington and this tree.

As we stood beside the tree we could feel his presence.
When we looked at the photos, George did not disappoint.
It reminds me of Freemasons and the cutting of the Elm at Gisor.

Here we are at the historic Williamsburg Inn.

Our tour guide, Brenda, once worked here and had the most interesting stories to share.

When we finished the tour ... I won an $85 VISA gift card.

Yorktown Adventures

Brenda suggested we visit Yorktown about 30 minutes away.

It was an interesting drive on a highway made of small cobblestones.

We walked along the beach and the boardwalk stopping at an outdoor flea market
followed by lunch at a pub then relaxing on the beach while enjoying the view.

Here, I am walking along a swaying dock as gusty winds created waves.

Hang on Ellie ....

Saturday Night at the Movies

In the evening, John and I went to see the movie San Andreas. The multiplex theater featured comfortable leather swivel chairs, with a little table in front so that you can order food or use it for anything you want.

The audience sat spellbound, as the film depicted what would happen if the San Andreas fault breached. A lot of the science was accurate, missing a few key points I've mentioned in past blogs ...

The San Andreas Fault goes all the way down to South America and up into Canada. Also, of note, in case you missed the memo ... if you have one tsunami, it is followed by another shortly there after. You probably already know when San Andreas goes the entire North American plate will be affected, which was mentioned in the film. It will start in the Pacific and accelerate globally as the tectonic plates are already broken and stressed ... now, that is an interesting metaphor for our reality.

The audience loved the movie, which acted as a trigger in lieu of current earth changes and natural disasters. John and I talked about the film for sometime after. What makes it so real is that it's real. Stayed tuned for more ...

Sunday Adventures in Virginia Beach

Sunday was the day to visit Virginia beach. The weather was not as hot as predicted. It was sunny with little traffic, as we drove south on our next adventure. It would seem that no matter where we go, we always wind up strolling along the beach somewhere, be it here, in California, or Florida, our destinations so far.

Time spent walking along the boardwalk and beach was another adventure, including finding some cool Virginia Beach tourist items. John bought a cool tee-shirt, with a tie-dye Fibonacci pattern that matched his shorts perfectly, and as my luck continued on, I finally found my blue hobo bag - after the fiasco last month with Amazon.

Strolling along the boardwalk, we passed several seafood restaurants. In the evening, there was a live performance under the red tent by the country western band Alabama. Great show, if you're into Country Music and it seems that thousands of people are, including John and I.

Dolphin Tour ... Chesapeake Bay

Our next adventure, something I had been waiting for, was a charter boat tour to see the sights along Virginia Beach and watch the dolphins. I only took one picture of them, but luckily that was enough to capture a group of five baby dolphins, as they momentarily rose from the water. To be honest, what I actually did was send them this telepathic message, "I'm only taking one picture so jump up ... and here we go." I guess they heard me. It really was very hard to capture them, as the boat started listing and bobbing, making it very difficult to hang on and grab a picture.

The ride going out to sea was a bit choppy, but fun. I met some interesting people, especially 2 students from Germany who are here on holiday. We all had a lot of laughs. On the way back to the dock, the water got very choppy, the wind blowing, people holding onto the railings. It was all very humorous, but I have to admit at some point, my some stomach churned. The women running the tour said if anybody didn't feel well, they had meds, but I was really cool about the whole thing and in all, enjoyed the boat ride.

We stayed at the bow ((back) of the boat - Ellie in the shade - (I never do sun anymore).

John preferred the sun ... coming over to cool off at times.

Young dolphins busy at play

Cape Henry Lighthouse

Association of Research and Enlightenment - A.R.E.

We also visited the A.R.E. Center. The energies there were very spiritual, especially upstairs in the meditation room where I "spoke" to Edgar Cayce. The message I left was simple. "May all those who meditate in this room remember who they are, why they are here, and where it is all going." I also asked Z to bring me a message about the end of the hologram. There was no reply as I stood there, but my answer would be given as we drove away.

Meditation Room

I love this picture

Meet the Crystals

[Photo taken on the deck of the timeshare]

After searching through everything, I bought a selenite crystal that spirals upward looking like the Tower of Babel connected to myths about gods and ancient aliens. The crystal was originally to be purchased by a woman from India who looked at me and said, "I think this belongs to you." It was the only crystal in the store that actually called me.

The last pictures we took on our adventure were on the staircase at A.R.E. First, I took a picture of John, then he took a picture of me. When we looked back to check the pictures ... as we drove away ... there was one extra picture taken after the picture of me, though John never took it.

The picture was black and conveyed one simple message .. FADE TO BLACK. Thanks, Z, and Edgar Cayce, whose initials read like mine -- EC -- and Earth Changes.


Monday Adventures in Jamestown

Monday, the weather was sunny so we decided to have breakfast on the deck before heading
out to an adventure in Jamestown our final destination in America's Historic Triangle.

Now we're cookin' ...

We had lots of fun at the Visitor's Center, pretending we were living in the life and times of colonial America, when the Masonic Program moved across the planetary gameboard to the North American continent.

It also made me appreciate the perks of the 21st-century. Back then, kitchens were in a separate building from the main house because cooking made the living quarters too hot. People lived with obstacles at every turn, which may be different than what we are experiencing today, but it still remains a hologram filled with ongoing, and never ending, challenges.

John bought a whole bunch of souvenirs and I found a turquoise necklace and earring set.

Jamestown Museum

It was difficult to take pictures in the museum, because of the lighting, but I took a few.

John Smith's quotemade an important point ..."... here I must leave all to the trial of time ..."

Back in the lobby, several people returned from a tour of the ongoing archaeological sites in the area. We considered taking the next tour, but it was getting too hot, so we drove back to Colonial Williamsburg. John took me to a late lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, the famous Kings Arms Tavern after which we strolled along and met some of the local people in costume.

While at the Kings Arms Tavern , John and I sat next to a party of 4, three women and a man from California. One of the women was taking a picture of her friends so I offered to take a picture of the entire group. After taking two pictures, we got into a conversation about Aquarians as all of us were born in Aquarius. This led to a conversation about me being a psychic as one of the women asked me to tell her what I see. As this was a public restaurant and I was standing beside the table in clear view of the other patrons, I suddenly realizing everybody was looking at me. I gave her some fun info ... Nothing you wouldn't want the people at the other tables to hear. It was all lots of fun and made me miss my clients.

Tuesday Clients ...

As torrential rain and flooding sweep across the country
it rained here last night giving way to a sunny muggy morning.

We spent the morning exploring the area having lunch at Red Lobster.

In the afternoon I read a client while John relaxed at the pool.

I actually enjoyed my clients much more than I do sitting at a pool.

Making the best of a rainy day ....

70 Something ... Singing in the Rain with Merietha, 70, from New Jersey

Ellie Crystal Reporting in the rain ...

We all know about climate changes and boy are they accelerating.
Looking at the weather map across the country things were not
good in most states. Back home in the city it was cold and rainy.

Next, I checked out the earthquake map after not following it the last few days. Did you happen to notice what's going on and off the coast of Oregon? Shaking over there with quakes as high as 5.9 and 5.8 yesterday and today. After watching "San Andreas," is it fair to say we are screwed?

Don't forget the floods across the mid country! I'm sure everyone has heard about the floods in Texas, Oklahoma. So much rain has fallen this May on flood-ravaged Texas that it could cover the entire state with 8 inches of water, meteorologists say.

Also, the longjuanfeng, or tornado, in China's Yangtze River that sank a cruise ship killing almost 400 people as search efforts continue. Suddenly violent weather has become increasingly common.

All of the Earth Changes are happening in Mercury Retrograde, which means soon they will happen again, signaling "whatever" for souls.

Thursday Travels

Last night, I woke up for brief second with this clear conscious observation - not a vision. I saw myself in two places simultaneously ... sleeping in my bed at home and in the exact same position in the bed at the timeshare.

Each version of me was as real as the other. They merged and I fell back to sleep. This was not a lucid dream but Ellie in two different parallel realities. It was a very cool experience.

Today, I'm headed back home returning to my life in Brooklyn after a great vacation. I wonder what the other Ellie is doing?

Strange behavior of quantum particles may indicate the existence of other parallel universes   PhysOrg - June 4, 2015
Quantum mechanics is a strange realm of reality. Particles at this atomic and subatomic level can appear to be in two places at once. Because the activity of these particles is so iffy, scientists can only describe what's happening mathematically by "drawing" the tiny landscape as a wave of probability.

I came home through the Stargate ... What a rush!

The flight home was empty so I sat alone in the back having 8 rows to myself remembered how much I like airplane action-adventure films. It also took me back to the empty flight I took to Egypt back in December 2000. How could I turn this experience into a make-shift adventure?

Thousands of feet in the air, I looked down over the clouds and thought about the Stargate SG1 episode "Window of Opportunity" where humans are stuck in an endless time loop. Suddenly my purpose was restored. I am here about Time and Time Travel ... When did I get so caught up in human dramas I forgot that?

The LHC came to mind though I am not up to date on its current adventures. It definitely has capabilities to open "wormholes" - as we call them - to parallel worlds, time travel, and things that go beyond the parameters of our tiny little space in the existence of the hologram.

Then I remembered I had "Window of Opportunity" on iTunes and "froze" the scene of the stargate on my iPad. Along came a friendly flight attendant named Isabel, who took a few pics of me with the image. What a trip. I am going home.

It's silly but I see and sense my Reptilian side coming through ...

Bye for now ... Until the next adventure ... if there's "Time".


I want to thank my friend George for doing such a great job posting pictures and text while I was away. You're the best George. We both such a strong sense of closure to come out of the blue one day really soon. John felt it also as we discussed this most likely being our last trip.

Weather wise, we had 4 out of 6 great days to see the sights. When the rain came I was happy as the it got cooler, we had seen everything, and I always prefer the cold. Coming home to the city where the temps were cool in the 60's made it so much easier. It would seem that we must enjoy the good days and times as the future looks stormy on many fronts.