April 22, 2021

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April 22, 2021 - Lyrid Meteor Showers Peak

The Lyrids are Earth's Oldest Known Meteor Showers

The Human Journey on Planet Earth as written by Thoth The Scribe

As is Above So is Below

I love when a plan (theme) comes together to present a panorama

of information that guides my journey in the alchemy of time.

Planet Earth - When Above Meets Below

Photographer Captures Viral Shot of the Northern Lights
Behind an Erupting Volcano in Iceland

The Northern Lights in this pic remind me of the Phoenix Rising.

The Phoenix Rising From the Ashes in the Alchemy of Time

Ellie and the Phoenix

When Lightning Strikes the Hourglass of Time

Many people have told me they live in a climate that is sunny and mild most of the year where they never worry about extreme weather. Without rain - as the Earth warms - there will be droughts followed by wildfires and their aftermath. This is all accelerating exponentially alongside everything else that is going to extremes - violence, injustice, illnesses, etc. Don't believe prayers, ceremonies, etc. can reverse or stop what's coming. Be safe. Be realistic. When lightning strikes the hourglass of time...

The Earth is Burning

California is poised for a catastrophic fire season. Experts say its plan isn't nearly enough

What the megadrought in the West means for wildfire season

Washington firefighters battle 91 wildfires in a week. What does that mean for summer?

Oregon: Wildfires in April: Klamath County blaze scorches 1,200 acres

'Out of control' fire breaks out in Cape Town's Table Mountain National Park

South Africa wildfire burns University of Cape Town, library of antiquities

The Hollow Earth, Svalbard, UFOs

Spitzbergen, a Norwegian archipelago, is also known as Svalbard the home of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault an attempt to ensure against the loss of seeds in other gene-banks during large-scale regional or global crises - a doomsday vault.

Since I posted this on 420 Weed Day it's interesting to note that among the species of plant preserved in the vault are around 21,500 seeds belonging to the cannabis genus, donated in 2014.

Svalbard is a frigid, somewhat hostile domain once used as a base of operations for whalers and miners, with most of the land covered by glaciers and intersected by numerous fjords, and enveloped in a near eternal night during the frigid winter months. It is a sparsely inhabited, largely untouched and unspoiled realm of majestic natural beauty, and is also the location of a series of very bizarre alleged UFO crashes.

The first UFO crash allegedly happened in 1946, when General James Doolittle was sent to the region by the Shell Oil Company for the purpose of investigating aerial phenomena in the area that were being called 'ghost rockets'. Journalist Dorothy Kilgallen would then claim that a crashed UFO had been recovered in the area by the British and U.S. governments, claiming that sailors serving aboard the U.S.S. Alabama had told her that the mysterious craft had been recovered by Doolittle in Spitzbergen and whisked away to the U.S. for study. The story would basically end here, with her taking the truth to her grave when she died in 1965, but it would not be the last time something like this would be reported from the region. The second incident takes us six years into the future to June 1952. Read More and decide if the incidents were real or a hoax. Is it a coincidence that the Globe Seed Vault is located there?

Let's stay in the Arctic and time travel back to meet Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy who allegedly flew to the North Pole in 1926. He wrote in his diary: "As we flew into a hollow interior, my crew and I were greeted by flying machines of a type we had never seen before and were not aware existed. Instruments indicated we flew 17 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation, and animal life resembling the mammoths of antiquity.

"We observed cities and a thriving civilization in what appeared to be a temperate climate. We were escorted to a safe landing area where we were graciously greeted by emissaries from Agartha where we met the king and queen who told us about future risks to the surface of plant earth ." The 1996 release of Byrd's diary of the May 9, 1926, flight revealed erased (but still legible) sextant sights that sharply differ from Byrd's later June 22 typewritten official report to the National Geographic Society.

The message is always the same whether channeled by aliens or others who predict the future by connecting their consciousness with the grids ... It's a warning about the fate of humanity if change wasn't had ... and you've heard it before. The leaders of Agartha worried about the safety of Earth due to military testing and climate change on the surface if they didn't change their ways.

Well guys that was 100 years ago and here we are still testing nuclear weapons as the programmed climate change and natural disasters take us out. We can't stop any of it because these are programmed events. If any of those "entities" are still 'down there' - or in another dimension which makes more sense - they would have gone home. Frankly I don't think any of it happened. Perhaps they were smoking a little too much weed!

It's the same pattern recycled. If humanity doesn't do something the planet will be destroyed. It's really not about destroying the planet or humanity or anything linked to entities from other realities. It's about a simulation that's going to end. Fade to Black. The image above is your soul lifting out at the end of Time and Illusion ... returning to the black hole of creation.

4/20 is also Hitler's birthday. He was obsessed with the power of all things esoteric so ... let's connect some dots ... A Nazi weather station, Schatzgraber ("Treasure Hunter"), was uncovered in the Arctic in 2016, with hundreds of items recovered by Russian scientists. Then there's Hitler and Hollow Earth Theory