Dog Days of Summer - July 3-August 11, 2022

Sirius-Isis Connection

When I darkened the blue on this image of Tut the eyes turned black like the Grays.

In June 1954 after my Mom and I returned to Brooklyn from Nevada - where I had been taken by aliens - I remembered many things about my destiny. One of them was ... the day I die (perhaps when reality ends) will be a summer day at a time when the Earth would reach unprecedented heat. Today this thought came to mind once again.

Monday July 18, 2022 - I was awakened this morning with a clear message that there are three years left until the simulation ends. I don't remember who said it - though it was a male voice with no accent - nor how true it is. Further time is an illusion so dates are irrelevant and should never be taken as a precise predictor of anything.

Three years from now would bring us to 2025 = 9 = Endings or completions in Numerology.

My friend Dean, an astrologer, wrote: In 2025 ALL planets will change signs. This is significant. The inner planets as well as the sun & moon change signs often. To have ALL the outer planets change at the same time is a big deal. Major shakeups for everyone.

So here we are in the dog days or dog days of summer defined as hot and sultry though having nothing to do with canines per se.

In ancient times the Dog Days were astrologically/historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius (known colloquially as the "Dog Star"), which Hellenistic astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck. They are now taken to be the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

In Ancient Egypt Anubis was the
jackal-dog headed God of Death and the Afterlife.

The star Sirius was known as the "dog star" because it made up the nose of a constellation shaped like a dog. The Romans referred to this period as "dies caniculares" or "days of the dog star," which was eventually translated as just "dog days."

These predictions don't quite work in modern times because the Earth's rotation wobbles - known as the procession of the equinoxes - meaning Sirius does not appear in the sky at the same time of year as it did back then. The Farmer's Almanac lists the modern dog days as lasting 40 days from July 3-August 11.

With accelerating climate change and extreme heat getting worse each summer we can expect to experience the "dog days" with greater intensity.

Much if the world is experiencing record breaking high temperatures creating drought, wild fires, and air pollution.

The UK just hit 40°C for the first time. It's a stark reminder of the deadly heat awaiting Australia

Wildfires blaze in London during record heatwave

Heatwave: Living at 40C in Abuja, Delhi, Madrid and Sydney

End Time Algorithm and Time Loops

Wednesday July 20, 2022

The major story affecting the world is oppressive heat creating health issues and disasters people thought would never occur in their lifetime.

You and I know this is all part of end times. For those who haven't figured this out it makes me wonder why how much longer they can ignore accelerating patterns. Wait! I know the answer! Until it hits home or better still until their programming allows them to remember ...

Looking at the science ... you've followed climate for decades and know the planet will not be sustainable much longer. Got it. In the blog below I was told ... three more years ... give or take in the equation of time.

This has happened before as we repeat a time loop something I haven't blogged about for years ... but it's time again. That said - things around you may seem more out of synch than ever as the grids lose integrity.

Your entire being is remembering as your conscious mind catches up. Expect deja vu.

This all takes us to something you may have thought about for decades based on what you call your metaphysical or spiritual journey. Where do we go next? Another dimension? Ascension to wherever? Planet of origin? Whatever calms your nerves. Now consider ... Is there a Next once linear time no longer exists? Nope!

Your emotions say that has to be a continuum because you've always been told that matter is never lost. That is not true once the simulation ends. The old rules that apply to time in a linear fashion will not apply because time simply will not exist and therefore neither will we.

Actually ... we are conscious projections in a simulation so in truth none of it is real. OK some of you understand that while others think it's ridiculous.

The reason I think I am real is because I feel or else I would cease to exist.

When the simulation ends everything is deleted and Fades to Black as the projections on the screens of our reality STOP. Equate this to watching a film - or video on your phone - that suddenly ends and you hit the Delete key.

OK you don't like that answer. You want continuity as you've been taught. Perhaps you're thinking ... well maybe there's something better that is not on my option list of which I am not aware.

Your experience in the human experiment only extends as far as your thinking and emotions.

Did you ever try searching for answers and feel like your mind is hitting a wall and you can go no further? It simply means you were not programmed for that which you seek or it never existed at all.

Remember that there is only one objective to this reality and that is the study emotions. It equates with the gray alien experiment in which they are looking to put back into their genetics the ability to experience through emotions long lost in time. or so we read about them.

The grays are AI's whose agenda this time around could have been to add emotions to their programming. These are questions some people think they have the answers to because they telepathically communicate with the grays - but as their experiment on humans has ended we will never know. Remember it's all a storyline.

Physics: I think about the journey to find dark matter and black holes - thus the origins of all - as seen by the JWST and the LHC - as the simulation closes. The liquid black lenses/eyes of the grays connect with dark matter. The large heads represent consciousness. You put the pieces of the puzzle together about the algorithm of time.

This is the time to remember. Long Covid, aging, and other health issues often inhibit memory. But the most important thing you have to remember is who you are and why you were here.

If you still haven't figured it out the answer is you were/are here to experience emotions and hopefully remember that our origins come from within the black hole of time ... and end coming out of the blue.

Right Angle Contrail - 90 Degrees of Separation

I like to watch the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening accompanied by clouds as they drift past me on a journey of their own.

Sunrise is a quiet time here in the city when nature and nurture harmonize.

Cloud scrying generally creates messages to start my day.

Sometimes I ask a question in my mind and watch the answer form in the clouds. Talk about having your 'head in the clouds'.

This morning I observed a different formation amongst the clouds - a contrail initially creating a perfect right angle that slowly dissipated as it floated over my building.

Contrails usually form straight lines or an "X" so the "L" shape directly in front of me caught my attention.

Pondering ... right angle ... algorithms ... 90 degrees of separation? Still trying to figure that one out. "L" for Ellie? Just fun stuff in our crazy world.

Great Contrail pics I took from here