Digital Nomads 2021 - Changes in the Workplace After Covid

Ellie talks about the meaning of "Digital Nomad" and how Covid reinvented the workplace.

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July 10, 2021

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July 7, 2021

Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and conduct their life in a nomadic manner. They are what I call 'free spirits' responsible enough to earn a living while being free to see the world.

People typically become digital nomads for many reasons, including the quest for financial independence and a career that allows for location independence.

Many have back-up systems in the home town - such as family or a property they own they are temporarily renting out so they can take some time to love in and experience different cultures often using the synchronicity principle to guide their way.

They may also have income from sources not part of their jobs. Successful digital nomads typically have a financial cushion or need to develop high levels of self-reliance and self-discipline.

Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles. It is often accomplished through the use of devices that have wireless Internet capabilities such as smartphones or mobile hotspots.

The digital nomad community has had various events established to host members. The most common types of digital nomads include retired or semi-retired persons including snowbirds, independently wealthy or entrepreneurs, and often younger remote workers.

Although digital nomads enjoy advantages in freedom and flexibility, they report loneliness as their biggest struggle, followed by burnout. The lifestyle may also present other challenges as well such as maintaining international health insurance with coverage globally, abiding by different local laws, and sometimes obtaining work visas.

I have been reading clients for the past 36 years and more recently I found ambitious millennials who have taken their skills and created their own businesses allowing them to travel anywhere in the world as long as there is Wi-Fi. They tell me along the way they meet others like them - orphan entrepreneurs if you will who have visions of the future and how they are part of changing it.

During the Covid pandemic many people realized they could work just as successfully from home as from commuting to their former office and the pressures therein. As a result many decided to - at least temporarily become "Digital Nomads' as the pandemic eased and quarantine restrictions were lifted. With vaccines rolling out and workers beginning to make decisions in a post-pandemic reality, an increasing number of people may be embracing the digital-nomad lifestyle - and not just young workers posing under palm trees. Globally, the rise of a large, new group of traveling, remote workers is one of the prevailing narratives about a Covid-19-reformed work world.

As office life beckons again, the pandemic's digital nomads weigh benefits of a return   NBC - July 6, 2021