Goodbye Deja

Wednesday June 12, 2013

One of my first friends in metaphysics was Cheryl Allison who went by the name Deja in the years we knew each other. We met on July 4, 1989 through an Edgar Cayce newsletter that featured my name. As a fellow Aquarian, we shared a love of humor and spontaneity. Friends and clients from that timeline often tell me about the fun times they shared with us during the three years we were very close friends and catalysts for awakening. I learned more from Deja than anyone else in the early years of my metaphysical journey. 1989 was also the year I created the first draft of my book Sarah and Alexander.

As guided by Z, Deja drew the photo of Ellie and Z later used for the cover of "Sarah and Alexander". Before we met she had drawn the letter "Z" with a line through it - as in the image above - and didn't know what it meant until after we met and she spoke to him.

In the photo above, Deja had driven from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, to Manhattan to co-host my TV show "The Metaphysical Experience" in 1991. We had great chemistry and lit up the studio with our shenanigans.

Deja did the voice-overs for the meditations on the show.

Other grid experiences took us to WWII Nazi Germany as physicists and brothers involved in all sorts of covert ops including time travel experiments. Then there was a really fun lifetime as hookers in the Old West. This time around we met many people who shared the same memories, and verified the names, dates, and places we had discovered independently.

If we did a remote view anywhere in the grids, you could physically hear the sounds of that particular part of the grid. Understanding the nature of reality, we often discussed the hologram. Back in 1989, Deja said that when it was ending, she would cross over.

Deja wasn't a healthy women, dealing with clinical depression and medical issues linked to obesity. Were it not for our metaphysical connection, we agreed that we would never had been friends, as I function with powerful energy and she had issues and needed caretaking. My focus in life has always been my family and my "work" here - not to deal with issues of others and those of the world.

After three years of fun and friendship, Deja sank into a deep depression and we lost touch with each other. It would take the internet to reunite us years later - emailing from time to time with an occasional phone conversation when she had the strength as she was on oxygen. Like most wounded souls, her journey here was far from easy.

The years passed and Deja moved to Cincinnati, Ohio following her youngest daughter who was now married. We never connected after that and I knew little of her life until ... this afternoon when a mutual friend named Josephine from Bay Ridge Brooklyn, emailed that Deja had passed away on March 28, 2013 at age 66. Josephine had also lost touch with Deja and felt a need to google her a few days ago. For me, the past week has been about a black bird that kept flying past my window - always a sign that I will hear about a death.

Josephine and I spent Wednesday in my apartment talking about Deja and the past. It's funny that I had no issues, no tears, but Jo had lots of clearing to do. As we sat on my sofa looking out at the bridge I said, "Let's go find deja." I saw the image of Deja as Vitruvian Man whose arms and legs aligned with the grids ... then she was gone. I followed her soul and saw a small bright purple light in the darkness and knew it was her. Telepathically I made one final connection and asked, "Is the program over?" The purple light twinkled then faded to black. Good-bye Deja. Thanks for the memories and messages and love and light. See you in the Void the way we were.

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