Crystalinks Turns 26

August 25, 2021

The past 26 years creating Crystalinks have been an amazing adventure for myself and the millions of readers who have passed through its portals.

At times I've thought of Crystalinks as my thesis or perhaps a catharsis of what's going on in reality set against a backwash of old and new paradigms of experience and thought.

Each morning I write a blog for Ellie's World which one might equate to producing a new script for a soap opera about life and ongoing personal and global events that touch one's heart, connect to one's soul purpose, and embrace the readers on many levels of awareness. For years we often find it uncanny that Ellie's World parallels what is occurring in their lives on a given day - storyline drawn from the matrix of consciousness grids through which we experience.

With growing content Crystalinks emerged from its original 56 pages on August 25, 1995 to its current total of 8,000 integrated files - a virtual Matrix of experiences that include written blogs, YouTube Vlogs, podcasts, interviews, predictions, meditations, initiations, classes, workshops, personal growth and healing, research, archives, a host of characters I've created and/or met over the years, and of course the news wherever that takes us - all of which follow the timelines of consciousness to what I call closure of our virtual experience in physical reality.

There has always been one basic premise that underlies Crystalinks. We exist in a virtual simulation that had a beginning and is coming to its end as the consciousness grids that support the illusion implode along with the fabric of reality giving way to remembering who we are and why we are here.

Today we look around and understand the impending changes of climate, natural disasters, human behavior, and everything else that made this experience unique and personal.

None of us are the same as the day we clicked on our first Crystalinks file while searching for answers.

Like the Einstein-Rosen Bridge - Crystalinks is a Matrix that connects spacetime on many levels. The past is done, the future an illusion, all that remains is the Now.

Einstein-Rosen Bridge

The Narrative

The year was 1943. World War II was in full swing along with biogenetic experiments and others of an esoteric nature. While working in a secret underground Nazi lab ... Al sent El through the Einstein-Rosen Bridge or Wormhole. She still remembers working with Time Travel experiments ... but 'in which lab' she wonders as the memory of arriving in this timeline resurfaces in her thoughts as if messaging? There are those she has met who remember being part of the WWII time travel experiments and also wait for an opening.

Present day

Ongoing earthquakes near the South Sandwich Island Region started on August 4, 2021 ... and never stopped. There is a connection to these events and the black hole beneath Antarctica.

There are 11 South Sandwich Islands claimed by Argentina. The southern most South Sandwich Island is Southern Thule. In Nazi Germany, occultists believed in an historical land named Thule as the ancient origin of the "Aryan race" which probably were extraterrestrials. There has always have been conspiracy theories about a connection between Argentina, Nazis, and Hitler's Escape through a wormhole in Antarctica. Is this a pseudoscience theory or not Hitler, Antarctic Escape, Aliens, Aldebaran in Taurus.

A Matrix

Matrix 4 Resurrections - You Will Remember

Twenty-six years ago a friend named Ben created the Matrix image above. It sat in a folder until I discovered it while looking for a logo for "Crystalinks Turns 26". This was the same day the Matrix Resurrections trailer dropped. It's all about remembering ... When you get rebooted into a Simulation you forget other experiences. Neo was rebooted and forget that we exist/experience in a Matrix. Like Neo, you will remember the Matrix and who you are.

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