2022 United States Congress Hearings on UFOs - First Since 1966   Wikipedia

Here's what's come out of US congress hearings on 'unidentified aerial phenomena'   PhysOrg - May 20, 2022
The current hearings are the result of a stipulation attached to a 2020 COVID-19 relief bill, which required US Intelligence agencies to produce a report on UAPs within 180 days. That report appeared in June last year.

I watched the hearing live and found nothing new which didn't surprise me. Conspiracies. Avoidance. Poor video quality. Citing insufficient data. Based on questions asked - there are those who want the conspiracies overturned and exposed while others prefer to perpetuate cover-ups out of fear or intimidation.

Coverups begin out of ignorance and fear eventually integrating into political systems as an information highway. Such is the case with the UFO phenomenon going back to modern-day experiences in the 20th century linked to WWII, time travel, crashed aircraft, and human experimentation.

The actual phenomena predates history as most people know - oral traditions, creation myths, and other evidence proving something happened that created the human experiment.

It's a pattern that follows the algorithm of reality so humans can look at their origins with better understanding. Unfortunately that pattern also takes them to false gods who one day return as saviors which is not happening.

No one is returning though our genetic codes tell us reality as we experience it is about to change or evolve or end - depending on your programming. Humans are after all a product of biogenetic engineering.

Today Americans turn to information posted by UFO researchers, eye witnesses, abductees, experiencers, reliable media, and sometimes conspiracy theorists.

Truth lies with facts. Show us alien bodies, UFO wreckage and pics, paper trails that expose truth. America is ready to hear what happened which will accelerate understanding to what is going on today.

The truth behind the fabrications are found in algorithms of simulation theory having to do with the exploration of emotions in an electromagnetic bipolar physical reality construct.

Saying aliens pose a threat to national security is a lame excuse for not telling the truth. If aliens wanted to take us out they could easily do so - but that's not what's written in the timelines. All does not end with an alien invasion.

Technology has made it impossible for government coverups to continue much longer. We know the facts that range from experiments on humans to reversed engineered technology dating back to the 1940s to get us to where we are today to help understand the nature of the Human Experiment and where it is going.

I believe if Trump-unfiltered told the truth - he would have been reelected. Sources tell me he was not trusted with that information.

Today UFO sightings are drones or projections - photo-ops that stir memory of a place we've been in another experience.

BTW: I'm not sure who decided to change "UFO" to "UAP" but as they mean the same thing I'll stick with "UFO"