Coping With Anxiety

People with anxiety express a need to be moving to balance brain chemistry. They find it hard to sit still for a long period of time - part of attention deficit disorder (ADD). Their favorite therapies include Nature Therapy, Running (and the like), Yoga and Meditation. Clients also report that the physical body tries to keep up with the anxiety by 'speeding'. It might feel better but it is actually worse because now the physical as well as the emotional are stressed and breaking down.

Smoking and Meditative Breathing

Covid seems to have increased depression and anxiety disorders. There are endless ways to cope with anxiety some physical others metaphysical. Recently, a client who has extreme anxiety and smokes weed, said that the process of smoking is almost meditative in how you inhale ... hold the breath ... then exhale to balance brain chemistry.

Covid Update on Yom Kippur 2021

Covid seems to affect the emotional programming of those it attacks, as if it has an agenda. For example - if someone is already programmed for depressive disorders - anxiety, fears, and panic - as most people are - those emotions will exacerbate during and after Covid. There's fear of ... getting covid, the vaccine and the unknown especially for those with control issues.

There are those who associate obesity with Covid deaths. But doesn't it stand to reason that most obese people suffer from depression and are emotional eaters with autoimmune diseases, compromised immune systems, and often PTSD. So what can we conclude ... the virus is targeting the most vulnerable.

There are many theories about the Covid vaccine so we 'weigh' the odds, make a decision based on instinct and other factors, then hope for the best. Having to make a decision by 'weighing' something takes me to Ancient Egypt and the Funerary Scene - 'weighing' of the heart against the feather as reality is always about restoring balance and never finding it.

At the end of the day everything is part of the Simulation's End Time Algorithm - so worrying about things in the long-term only heightens negative emotions. The human experiment after all is based on emotions. Best suggestion ... keep your life as uncomplicated as possible. Since it's all a pre-programmed simulation - if you're destined to get Covid you will and if you're not you won't.

I found this feather near some leaves on Yom Kippur

September 15-16, 2021 - Yom Kippur Day of Atonement (Balance, Perspective)

At the end of the day everything 'leaves'.

Osiris. Star of David. Merkabah. Transport.

Yom Kippur September 16, 2021

Yom Kippur completes the annual ten-day cycle of the High Holy days in Judaism ... tonight at sundown while opening a metaphoric door to the next.

Star of David. Merkabah. Counter-rotating fields of energy to move consciousness between grid realities.

Thoth. Sacred Geometry. Ancient Egypt. Emerald Tablets of Thoth