Spirits of 911, Projected Illusion

The Spirits of Battery Park City

May 7, 2002

I read a woman named Julie, who lives in Battery Park City, just across the street from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, 9/11. It is a several square-block area of large apartment buildings that face the water. Some apartments are privately owned, condominiums, while other apartments are rentals.

For days after 9/11, Julie and her dog and cat were forced to live in a shelter in New Jersey. With cleaning crews, eventually hired to remove the debris from the apartments she and her neighbors slowly moved back home. I find it ironic that 8 months later, May 7, 2002, the government has offered pay for the clean-up, months after many tenants moved out. Removal of the debris comes at a high price.

You may recall that I have a niece who lived there. She got pregnant after 9/11, and has since moved to Florida. People with children sold their apartments and moved on as the air was toxic.

Through it all, there was those who decided to remain in Battery Park City, for one reason or another. For some it was the convenience of getting to work, then there is the incredible view, the energies of the city, and something else not quite expected ... spirits who moved into the area after 9/11.

My client, Julie, is in her late 40's. She never married and has no children. She is healthy and young looking. After a long career in the financial world she was able to retire and seek a new lifestyle. Her roads have taken her into the music industry. It is so wonderful when one can leave the corporate world and find something to be passionate about.

Of course we know where one goes when one's karma is complete ... on the road to their spiritual path. When there is nothing left, or what you are doing is meaningless and boring- you are ready to move on.

Julie's spiritual path began when she returned home after 9/11. As Battery Park City is just across from the Twin Towers, many of the people who fled into the streets that day, ran towards the water and the ferry boats which waited on or near her building. The grid in the area, becoming saturated with spirits, many of who became trapped within it's matrix. The grid matrix of our reality has its high and low points. It is always in motions, forever creating changes within our lives and that of the universe. It is all part of its programming.

Sometimes there is a strong change in the program which creates a 'grid marker'. Usually this traps some of the spirits involved who replay or relive the experience of that timeline over and over again. It is not unlike a tape that gets stuck and keeps replaying over and over until the plug is pulled.

When we leave the illusion of 3D, the concept of time does not exist. You understand this best when thinking about in your dreams, meditations, and remote views.

To the spirits who remain stuck in that grid experience, the battle is still going on and will for some time. Time moves in loops or cycles, our perception of which goes to our consciousness awareness. If one were to look perceive reality as a projected illusion, the projected images remain stuck within the framework of the grid. This may be by accident or design.

Many people are photographing spirits in Battery Park City who died on 9/11.

Julia, and others who live in her building and neighborhood, including many people who work in the area, are now experiencing spirit manifestations replaying the events of 9/11.

Noisy spirits can be scary to one who does not understand metaphysics or have never been open to things beyond the physical realms.

Sometimes Julie senses that the spirits are trying to communicate with her. The electromagnetic energies are so high around her, all kinds of electrical anomalies occur, such as phones ringing, TV that do strange things, etc. These events may or may not be attributed to spirits.

In most cases the spirits are not aware that the person in our realm is watching them. It is like watching them through a one-way mirror.

As you sit there now reading this, in your space/time, spirits in parallel realities are walking around and through you. Sometimes you get a glimpse of them, or just sense their presence with your peripheral vision. You will get better at this. As the grids are collapsing and our frequencies are moving faster. This allows our awareness to move between grid programs and observe other spirits or events. It is certainly possible that spirits get a glance of your life and you are totally unaware of it. The interaction of entities in different programs rarely happens.

Julie's unfolding abilities have taken into another realm. She has also discovered that she now sees auras another part of the electro-magnetic nature of our experience. Julie is having a unique experience that no one else I know is having. On occasion, when she looks at a spirit, it starts to loose its form and looks like one of those digital images made out of many small squares that are moving apart, some just disappearing.

She has observed that some of the pixels seem to disappear.

This further tells me that it is all a projection
in which the images are disintegrating.

The grid is losing its integrity.

The 1999 film, The 13th Floor explains much about illusion, especially in a scene where a man drives out into the desert to discover a matrix created his reality.