Six Months Later - March 11, 2002

March 11, 2002

Today was a day filled with bittersweet memories for those who experienced 9/11 here in the city and around the world. After watching the silent prayer in the morning, I went out to run a few errands. People everywhere were talking about the memorial services around the city and what 9/11 meant to them.

There was a strong feeling of a union of souls. I do not know of one person who did not have an emotional experience linked to these events. Once again, they wept together, if only during the moments of silent prayer.

Though I did not lose anybody on 9/11, I have come to know many of the families and feel connected to them. It has been 6 difficult months and time appears to be accelerating to some greater end.

I spent the afternoon with clients talking with their loved ones who had crossed over and came to visit us. Various floral fragrances filled my house most of the day. I was shown roses and given information about my work here. I saw symbols of fire hats, hoses, badges, a fire hydrant in which water gushed forth in full force, all covered in black soot.

Some of the spirits spoke of 9/11 as if they were still in that time frame. Perhaps they are as there is no time where they exist. One soul showed me a flying dinosaur (DNA symbol of evolution) who flew from east to west carrying a human in his mouth. There were other symbols of death and resurrection linked to the events of 9/11.

In the evening, the Tribute of Light was turned on for the first time. I stood on my terrace and watched the lights rise in the sky. From my point of view, they appeared as One Light that rose from the planet and seemed to come in my direction ended not far from my home. I realized that this was just an illusion, but then again everything is illusion.

The coolest part was when the lights merged with the clouds and moon, looking much like a UFO shining its lights down to the planet. Airplanes flew not far from the twin beams of light and could only imagine the energies and the excitement of those now in an airplane watching form above.

I stood there connecting with the thousands of souls on the other side who had come to share in this moment. There was so much energy it was difficult to tell if these souls were physical or on the other side, yet it didn't matter.

Suddenly I realized something. In the duality of our experiences, there is always positive and negative. The 9/11 tributes will free souls now and bring relief to those left behind, but it will also bring back souls who crossed over and made peace with this as if reliving the events of 9/11. Reality is always about letting go.

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