Ellie's 9/11 Journal

View from my terrace after the towers imploded

Crystalinks Stats

Monday September 10, 2001: Before the Attack - 266,389

Tuesday September 11, 2001: Day of the Attack - 1,328,090

Wednesday September 12, 2001: 2,002,049

Thursday September 13, 2001: 2,098,340

Friday September 14, 2001: 2,478,452

Tuesday September 11, 2001

Here we are in the annual Virgo Window of transition, when reality shifts each year and life changes. I woke up this morning at 6:00 a.m. with the most unsettled feeling that something disastrous was about to happen not far from where I live in Brooklyn.

Previously on Ellie's World

I blogged about a strong pulse of negativity coming onto the planet making the planetary grids reverberate like a giant shock wave.

Staring at me from the other side was Cesar Romero in his role as The Joker - saying nothing though allowing me to know something negative was imminent for two weeks before 9/11.

Tick Tock! 9:00 a.m.

My daughter, Zsia, called to tell me to put on the TV as the Twin Towers had been hit by a plane. I ran to my terrace arriving just in time to see the second plane hit the South Tower at 9:03. I grabbed my camera and took pictures as the towers imploded. It all seemed so surreal as I stood there.

I stood on my terrace for a long time in disbelief - the sounds of sirens from police cars and emergency vehicles everywhere. Helicopters flew overhead as well as military aircraft. The feeling of death permeate the air making it almost surreal.

9:30 a.m.

Back in my apartment all I could hear was the sounds of the sounds of sirens below and planes above. It was as if time froze.

TV reception from the Twin Towers was now gone and all that remained was CBS broadcasting from the Empire State Building. My mind drifted to the last time I had been there - 1992 when I hosted a weekly talk show called "Satellite Psychic".

I remembered the Twin Towers when construction began in 1960's and the entire area undergoing a facelift.

Hours later

My family is all safe including those members who live and work in the city. Ryan, my future son-in-law was downtown when the events began. He ran out of the building with his work associates. He called me on his cell phone to report that all was well with the family in Manhattan. I could hear the sounds of ambulances and police sirens going by as we spoke.

New York looks like a war zone. Giant billows of smoke fill the air. New York is a strong city. We are under attack! We will rally!

6:00 p.m.

I met my neighbor, Daniel, who like many others in the days that followed, told me his story. Daniel was on his way to work on a Manhattan bound Express Bus, when the driver received a phone call telling him to return to Bay Ridge. The bus stopped. The passengers looked out of the window and saw the second plane plane hit the South Tower.

Friends in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights reported walking home from work over the Brooklyn Bridge through soot and smoke. There has been expensive damage to that part of Brooklyn, which is south of Manhattan and includes many industrial areas and the municipal buildings.

Wednesday September 12, 2001

5:00 am

I walked out on the terrace in the darkness and looked out over the Manhattan skyline. It was smoked filled so there is not much to see from where I stood.

Soul sparks twinkled in the darkness for me like thousands of lights. There is chaos on the soul level, many soul not understand that they have crossed over.

The air smelled of smoke and burned ash as I am sure it will for days. My air conditioners are running to filter the air. My heart goes out to those with respiratory conditions.

I thought about weather conditions and was grateful that it wasn't hot and humid yesterday.

There are few cars on the street, perhaps because it is still early although yesterday I noticed that the streets were very quiet.

It is strange not to see planes flying in the sky as all flight have been grounded.

There are just a few boats moving under the Verrazano Bridge on this day.

And now starts the process of healing and recovery for souls who have crossed over and others who remain here.

Reality will never be the same - and yet it feels right as the program comes to closure. In the years ahead I will continue to bring my theories about consciousness and reality to the world, as prophecy takes over and the evolution of this program concludes.

Thursday September 13, 2001

I have just returned from local errands. Most people, including myself, are walking around as if in a dream. Somewhere beneath the surface I can see people processing their own issues through this experience - their emotions will come to the fore.

I met several people who lost family members in the terrorist attacks. They are all filled with anger.

I met a woman who told me her saga of returning home from her job in Manhattan after the attacks as there was no subway transportation between boroughs. First she walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. Then someone gave her a ride part way. Next she took a bus, and finally walked the rest of the way. What amazed her was the compassion of others, which is not often the case in the city.

I met a doctor who lives in my building who told me he had worked all day yesterday and much of last night, then went home to sleep a few hours and was now on his way back to work again here in Brooklyn. He said the Brooklyn hospitals were not that busy yesterday, but today they would be moving patients from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Fort Hamilton, down the block, is on full alert, security guards everywhere.

People spoke about dreaming about a plane crash, before the attacks, but could not pinpoint their location.

Most people are staying close to home or family, fearful of something happening.

Metaphysical Perspective...

I believe that those who worked in the Twin Towers and were not supposed to die on 9/11 were steered away from the buildings for one reason or another. Many of these people were late for one reason or another - they missed buses or had appointments that made them get to Manhattan just after the planes crashed.

If you are wondering why none of the psychics reported these events to prevent them from manifesting - it is because the information was blocked from them - or they saw the events but did not have a date or time - or it was too late to report them.

Some things are just meant to happen in this reality, but if one were to step into the multiverse, they could find the towers still standing.

I have received an endless number of emails from people all over the world telling me about group prayers that will be going on in their areas at different times. There are prayer circles everywhere as souls turn to spirit for answers. This is a time to raise your awareness that you are a soul have a physical experience based on physical frequency.

Friday September 14, 2001

People remain in a state of shock and disbelief. Events trigger the emotional issues of those more fragile. The world takes on a new facade in the face of death. For just a moment in time, they forget their own issues and look at the bigger picture and how it applies to their lives and those around them. If only they could remain in that space it would be wonderful. But most they forget and go back to old patterns. Life goes on ... as they say.

Life on the planet will never be the same. Something has begun. Humanity waits and watches to see how the government will handle the situation. No matter what happens, it affects us all in one way or another.

Saturday September 15, 2001

This new grid will bring us full circle to the Middle East - the Cradle of Civilization and another endless war that people around the world will not understand nor embrace as a road to freedom. In the end American will lose.

The people of the planet sadly will become more dysfunctional in the years ahead, as economies crash, Earth changes accelerate and relationships suffer.

I started reading clients again today. Four out of five clients who came here wanted to talk to someone who had crossed over, some dying during 9/11. They had so many messages for me.

Souls who crossed over in past years are helping those who died on 9/11. Souls who cross over will move to the dreamtime of those left behind.

Sunday September 16, 2001

The energy of prayer and union is strong in the city this weekend. Flags wave on cars as they drive by. One car is painted to look like an American flag. Flags hang from buildings. People cry. People wear ribbons pinned to their clothing with different messages honoring those who died and those missing.

The air is cooler and cleaner, the energies quiet, everyone mourning in their own way. Many people knew someone who died or is lost as a result of the attacks. My neighborhood is comprised of many business professionals - the brokers and bankers. Everyone I talk to has a story to tell.

The waiting continues. What will happen next?

I still do not see a third world war. I know that retaliation will come now - if it has started already.

I still Osama Bin Laden involved - but by no means the brains behind this act of terrorism.

I see a group of white Caucasian males - American and European - of great power - in a game of some kind.

People tell me this is a move toward a One World Order and One World Economy. Perhaps. This is not clear to me. Many psychics see this information blocked. There are so many branches in this timeline it is hard to tell what will happen, yet a still see this as part of a Master Plan that reaches way back in time, over which we have no control.

I don't see any government - nor the military of any government - involved per se, but I do feel that leaders such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq , Kadafy of Libya, and others, were aware and most likely cooperated to some degree. In truth I think our government was also aware. I am told that there was public talk about the attack in London two weeks ago.

I guess none of us in the US could ever envision an invasion on our soil as a reality.

We wonder why the Air Force didn't have enough time to brace for an attack on the pentagon and why President Bush was in Florida and took so long to take action.

There is much that makes no sense.

Will we ever had answers? Most likely not.

But this will give the conspiracy theorists something to talk - the journalists something to write about - for years.

So what went wrong? We do have intelligence people who were checking things out and from what I heard were cracking down on terrorists' hide outs around the US.

I do not see it another attack.

The shock of the events of 9/11 removed souls from one gird and placed them in another - one of higher awareness as more and more people seek their spiritual destiny.

I honestly wish I could say that we could heal the world as it is, but it won't happen. We can only bring light to help the souls move into the reality that is now merging with ours. The physical playground is what it has always been - a place to play out emotions as we seek to find balance.

Wednesday September 19, 2001

I went to Staten Island to do some last minute shopping for my daughter Nikki's wedding on September 29th. I tried to keep myself in a good head space, but it wasn't easy.

As I entered the mall I was assailed by a strong force of energy from those who had passed over to those who were mourning.

A large percent of the people who worked in the World Trade Center lived in Staten Island. Many were young women who chose not to go to college and went to work in the brokerage houses or for the large financial companies in the Wall Street area.

I heard the spirits calling out from the other side.

In Macy's, as I waited online, the woman in front of me, turned to me and burst out in tears.

She told me that her daughter, age 23, had died in the attack.

We hugged and everyone on line cried with her.

I was thankful that my daughter, Nikki, who works in Manhattan, was not harmed.

Elsewhere in the mall people spoke about all the illegal aliens living in the US - especially in New York City - and how immigration laws will change.

I have clients who are not in the US legally. The only problem I have with them is that many of them do nothing more than talk about Americans putting us down while all the while they take our jobs, share living space, etc. That really pisses me off!

Driving on the Staten Island Expressway going home, I passed several funeral processions. This has become a common site all over New York as we honor those who have crossed over.

Yesterday I drove past an apartment building that had a huge American flag made out of beads. Cars carrying flags are everywhere.

We brace for the next chapter in this saga.

Thursday September 20

I spoke with many friend who are in the medical profession, therapists, doctors, and holistic practitioners.

Most of them have been working round the clock to help with recovery efforts in one way or another. Their stories are endless. I can foresee many books, documentaries and movies created from this tragedy.

A client reported that she had gone to work on her first day as an intern at NYU as part of her Masters Program in Psychology. As soon as she got to work, they told her to just do everything she could to calm people down as many would be coming in all day for counseling.

One friend said she witnessed the first plane hit Tower One. She lives in Brooklyn Heights and could see it from her home. She cried hasn't stopped crying.

Here in Brooklyn I have seen posters in shop windows for missing people lost in the attack.

It is sad enough to know your loved one is not coming home, but for thousands there will be no physical body to bury.

I communicate with the deceased souls each day. They all know they are not in physical form anymore, but are trying to reach those they left behind. Many of these souls tell me that they never believed in an afterlife or the communication between souls on different planes of existence, but now they understand how things works and wish to be heard. Many souls on the other side are still in shock. As there is no linear time once you live physical reeality, for some of them, this event has just occurred.

Saturday, September 22

I just returned from a brief errand to a local 'convenience store', which is what we used to call a grocery store. The family who owns the store are from Afghanistan. They are a hard working young couple with small children who play in the street nearby as there is no school today.

Their children smiled sweetly at me as I enter the store. Their souls know little about the politics of the world. They are children who just want to play and feel safe. I understand that in certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn the people from the Middle East have rejoiced in the events of the past week. As with all things, there are external influences that have been conditioned. There is fear in these communities and police cars patrol the areas or watch from street corners to be such things will be calm. The wife worries about her family in Afghanistan. There is much confusion in everyone's thinking based on anger, rage and ignorance.

We pray a lot for peace and balance yet so many seek revenge and wait for us to go to war, once again. Will the people of this planet ever stop playing war games? Not likely! The war will rage on for two decades.

Sunday September 23

I continue to talk to souls lost on 9/11 with their friends and family who come here as well as other spirits they knew, who just show up, as if a doorway to the other side has opened.

One spirit, Lucy, told me that she only worked there part time and this was her day to be there. She left behind a husband and two young children. Another spirit, Vincent, told us how he fled with his co-workers to the roof, but died as the building collapsed. We relived the experiences through his eyes. The more I channel, the more voices I am hearing. I expect to do a lot more channeling in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Monday September 24 ... A City in Fear

The FBI continues to search for terrorist cells and explosives that allegedly are in place to blow up local bridges. I don't "see" it. Yesterday there was a scare at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. People are scared and treat this almost as if it's a dream it's so surreal.

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