11/11/11 Workshop - Reflections of the Mind

Ellie and the Bridges of Space and Time - Photo by Nancy Patterson


Michael Mathes from AFP contacted me one final time and later posted an update to his first article mentioning me. The world marked 11/11/11 with weddings, lotteries, Veteran Day celebrations, and hope. In Mount Holly, NJ - Jacob Anthony Saydeh entered the world at 11:11 a.m. and to make the Veterans Day birth even more remarkable, the boy's mother is an Air Force veteran and his father is serving in the Air Force.

In the early afternoon I read a client - another high school teacher from Brooklyn - who had stories to share about her 11:11 synchronicities with her husband. To this day, she sees 11's everywhere. It's all binary code - the soul awakening the brain about the program closing. When you see 11 ... you search and remember.

6:30 p.m.

Our class was met with many synchronicities including the number of students who showed up. Though 16 people were prepaid - we had exactly 11 people in the class.

11 souls of different backgrounds and experiences, sat in a large circle, a sign of completion - 0. One synchronicity we found out later is that all of us are single at the moment - 1.

During the class I discussed the significance of 11 -- taking it to religion - pope 111, history, metaphysics, digital codes, and current events.

Most importantly, people seemed focused on the closure of the Great Pyramid on this day. Everyone, everywhere talked about it as if it had some higher purpose they needed to tap into. The answer has always been in the Middle East and the Pyramid as 11 is another name of our consciousness program. You have to wonder if people will ever be able to understand and accept that they projected illusion in a hologram.

Physicist Brian Greene's Fabric of the Cosmos is now online at PBS. Ellie's Report ... getting to understand space and time and how it all works - Fabric of the Cosmos - Reality as a Hologram

Speaking of Physicists and Egypt ... In recent weeks my boyfriend Sherif and I have been emailing about his involvement with the new government there. He has been there since the revolution began and is trying to help move Egypt to a more stable economy by developing industrial programs, yet he knows it will take time. Addressing 11/11/11 he wrote ... "There is nothing important about the numbers 11/11/11 here because 2000 is not a factor of 11. The real issues will occur on 11/11 in the year 2211 - which is far in the future." .... or is it as time is an illusion.

During the class, I chose interactive energy exercises rather than meditations - much more powerful. At one point, 5 groups were formed with 2 students facing each other in my home lit by small pink fluorescent lights and those of the bridge. I walked from group to group standing between them .... first facing one person ... then turning and facing the other as the energies flowed ... messages received, consciousness shifted permanently.

I remember facing a woman named Dee

from Connecticut and seeing this image.
It's the blackhole of creation.

Later Dee told us about her experience in the Kings Chamber in 2009 while on a spiritual tour. Each member of her group spent 5 minutes the sarcophagus while two other people positioned themselves - one at the head - the other at the foot. The feeling was one of holding a 'sacred space' as the energies went through her and around the sarcophagus. As I listen to her experience I realized that once again, an energy exercise I was guided to do ... lead back to Egypt.

At the end of my 11/11/11 class everyone went away knowing that reality will continue to change until it's over, whatever that means to people. This was not just another day and another date and another class ... it was consciousness preparing us for the end. The codes for closure have been awakened for everyone as souls will now focus and process to that end.

As for the 11/11/11 global experience - it was lots of fun for most - nothing foreboding as I told the media. To mathematicians, 11-11-11 is a prime number - nice, even useful, but still just a number in the sequence of events we play out every day.

Hi Ellie,

Thank you again for an exciting class! it was profound and perfectly natural at the same time. The "time -release" capsule and Contact still resonate in my mind and correspond to recent markers of my own. Did you ever see the movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage? And of course Jody Foster in Contact. A number of triggers were touched in the course of the evening. Looking forward to see what unfolds through work this coming week.

All very best,


My name is John Quinn. I'm a writer, actor, among the many hats I wear. I have known Ellie for 15 years, as a client, student, mentor, and friend.

On Friday night I attend Ellie's 11/11/11 class where I the met many others like myself who are fascinated by this numeric code, and metaphysics in general. 16 people were supposed to have joined in for the class, but in a very bizarre twist, five did not show for whatever reason, and shortly into the class, we discovered that 11 people were present in the room!

11/11/11 is a code linked to 9/11. The events of that day have special significance for me as I lost a close friend, Joyce, and later dedicated a poem to her which Ellie, among others posted. Joyce has visited with Ellie and I during our readings over the past 10 years.

Ellie is a wonderful teacher, who shared her fascinating trip to Egypt on 12/12/2000, and its significance to the 11:11 code. When her daughter Zsia called in the middle of the story - the synchronicities were working double time for all of us!

Later in the evening, Ellie paired off the ten students to form groups of two as if each formed the number 11. I was paired with a nice young lady named Birsu from NJ. The lights were turned down, we closed our eyes, and boy was the energy strong between us. I could feel it sharply in my hands and wrists, then saw a vision of the "Eye In The Sky" symbol, and heard the 1982 hit song by The Alan Parsons Project played in my head. The Eye in the Sky could refer to the Eye of Ra and the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, Ellie had been discussing. It's interesting how integrated everything is.

As we concluded the exercise, Ellie said to look at the face of the person forming the number 11 with you. I could see Birsu's face change shape slightly. The person she changed into could be another space and time Birsu and I knew each other. We smiled at each other, and at that moment, I started coughing strongly. It just hit me all of a sudden, and I'm sure it had some kind of meaning, like I was ridding myself of something. Ellie later told me that the energy between Birsu and I was the strongest between any of the five pairs of students. I had a good time as always meeting all the students and being with Ellie again.

Hi Ellie,

Thanks again for a wonderful and meaningful evening at our 11.11.11 gathering. I had no expectations going into this event. After following you via your Website for over a decade, and writing to you from time to time, I believed it would be a meaningful opportunity to meet you in person - and in the personal energy of your home - what a privilege. As I left my home for the 2-hour drive, traveling north on the NJ Turnpike, The huge waning Full Moon in Taurus appeared on the horizon and accompanied me on my drive to your home. (From my studies of Astrology, I know the Moon in Taurus reflects our feelings about our material possessions as well as about our dualities. That the Full Moon was waning is not lost on me.) As I was crossing the Verrazano Bridge, She appeared again over the bridge and as I crossed under the second suspension columns she appeared in the middle of the columns. It was an intensely beautiful and moving moment.

I arrived to meet the 11 attendees (8 women, 3 men) in the cozy comfort of your home, the lights of the Verrazano constantly shining outside the window. We listened to you speak about the energies of 11 (and 12), your synchronistic experiences in Egypt, our reality as a hologram being projected from the event horizon of the black hole at the center of our galaxy, the black hole as an eye, and other things - some of it familiar, some of it new.

During the standing meditation, where we paired off with a partner (John) to create two columns (11) and feel the resulting energy, I felt myself drawn to the center of the energy. Visually, I saw the one column collapsing into the other. When you instructed us to see a path lined with 11s and we are walking in the center, I saw a dark slender male figure leaping toward me. I did not recognize him. After Dee stated she saw Anubis in her visualization, I did a Google Image search the next day on Anubis - a dark slender figure. Hmmm. My path of 11s ended in a sherbet -toned sunrise/sunset.

I felt my energies shifting by the middle of the next day. I withdrew more and more into myself - a reflective sad quiet. In this kind of quiet we are pure soul. I went to a peaceful wilderness park in the late afternoon and took in everything while hardly being there. That it was Autumn is not lost on me. A simple child-like tune came to me as I walked:

We created you
We created this
It is all a lie
Flowing from your eye


Student Adventures in NYC

Dee and Nancy from Connecticut -- Barbara from Rhode Island

Hi Ellie,

I just wanted to thank you for the many years that you have helped guide me with your many blog's and numerous links to amazing sites... but this Friday 11/11/11 was the most amazing tipping point in my life! As many of my friends have heard me speak about Crystalinks over the 11 years or more. They know how extremely excited I was to have been one of the 11 people to make it to your class. I could not contain myself for the many days prior to coming into the city and getting to meet you. Just a side note in those many years of reading your blog's it was sometimes scary because I would have a problem or a deep thought about something most crucial in my life and of course you would have a blog that day or the next. I would see a vision in a meditation and of course there was a picture of exactly what I saw posted right up front on one of the first pages you had posted. Then the 11/11/11 class showed up on the blog. Ahhhhhhh for so many years I have been seeing 11's and reading your many links and explanations of them that I just had to be a part of this class and hear more of what you had to say about the connections.

Ok so country girl goes to the city with two very dear friends - Barb and Dee. We had planned to go to MOMA to see the Egyptian exhibit but interestingly enough YOU Ellie mentioned that the Great Pyramid had been closed on 11/11/11 so we changed our minds. Ummmm... well I had been telling Barb and Dee all week that we had to be flexible that MOMA might not be our destination. So "go with the flow" was how we spent the rest of the day.

Dee and Barbara

We lucked out and the whole day was one synchronicity after another. Dee always wanted to see a parade in New York and we walked out of Grand Central right into the tail end of the Veterans Parade! We walked to Times Square and oh mind you I forgot to mention that every where we looked we saw 11's. Yes we got to the point of having to laugh at how many we saw, building addresses, the gas pump, license plates...well you get the picture and I know your readers who have hunted for the explanations on your site, know exactly what I'm talking about. There were to many to even count this day. We weren't sure where we were headed next but just kept following our gut feelings oh wait I correct that I was following intuition and Barb and Dee just said "hey we are getting damn hungry" so next stop lunch. Yes of course the waiter seated us right at a table in the Roxy Delicatessen with this picture right above our table. Cute isn't it? Eleventh what?

From there we just meandered back towards the subway entrance. We needed to make the 2:10 subway into Bay Ridge so as not to be late for class. I know, I know I was not going to let any delays or sudden changes make me late for THIS CLASS!! I was also surprised that the subway left at 2:10 and not 2:11.... :). Go figure.

With our meandering, time seemed to just slip away, I mean it was traveling faster than we were all day. We could not believe how fast it was going by. It was 2:00 and we didn't even see the subway entrance in site, well this is because we couldn't resist being one of the millions to have there image flashed up on the monstrous screen in Times Square. That's us - the three silhouettes next to the trash can - if you can't find us that way look for the bow legged one that looks like she just got off a horse. That's ME!!

We did catch the R Train right on time with a man risking amputation to hold the door open for us. We were then surprised and all jazzed up when we were serenaded by a group we later found out sings on this train everyday. They were great and just as I was getting into it and making a fool out of myself they debarked, ending there song with " that's all for nowwwwwwwwww".

An hour ride on the R to the end of the line took about... oh 15 minutes in our little bubble. We arrived and I had to play the part of Vanna White and document our arrival, accompanied by Barb playing, I don't know , Vanna White's parallel universe double? LOL.

Barb and Nancy

Ok so we got here a little early, 3:30 by real time...if there is such a thing...oh dear now we had to waste away and hour and a half and we were merely minutes from your home Ellie. We decided a hot coffee and Barb had been trying to manifest a real great New York bakery cookie so over to third street we went and found a cute coffee shop to stay warm until our class. We then headed to your special Obelisk in the John Paul Jones Park. We had made it!!! The excitement was building, it was 4:30 and I was standing outside Ellie's place... Dee and Barb had to hold me down like one of those Macy's Day parade balloons or I may have floated up right past your window. Ok so I'm exaggerating a bit. At 4:45 they could no longer hold me back and we descended upon your dwelling. I told the girls "I'm sure she knows I'm here. :)

From this point on, your door swinging open, and us being warmly welcomed into your comfy home, I think time stopped. It was surreal! The many familiar faces started arriving to the class and we began a new journey of energy exploration and your explanation of the 11/11/11 phenomena. Laughter and excitement filled the room but after the exercises I think all of us in the room were changed forever. Touching on the outer limits of the edge of time and experiencing Ellie's World. When the class was complete and Sharon noticed that there were exactly 11 of us there, well as you saw my reaction. Ahhhhh what an ending to a most magical day just beyond words. There were great connections made amongst those that attended which we all know was not a coincidence. All really great people that I hope if they read this we will connect again.

Thanks again Ellie for making this happen!!! The energy exercises and the knowledge shared was a tipping point for my journey. What I liked the most were the wonderful smiles and laughs of our very connected group of ELEVEN as you recounted some of your great adventures that lead up to our present moment 11/11/11.


From Jennifer in South Carolina who couldn't attend

Hi Ellie,

Oh, I had every intention of attending class and regret not being able to do so. I felt that I was suppose to be there and did all that day, but due to finances at the last minute I was unable to make the trip. However, the night before I traveled to your place in which I envisioned a giant wave of consciousness flow over the Verrazano Bridge and into your space.

I hope you accept my payment to class as a donation for your wonderful work.

Two friends and I ended up in the Asheville N.C. Mountains at a starseed gathering.

We started the day listening to a Soul Shake Down by Bob Marley.

We took Highway 29 (11) -> passing Highway 11 -> exiting on 74 (11).

We arrived at 11a.m. paid $11 each 11-11-11 - just in time for the Singing Bowl celebration connecting with the 11:11 wave.

After a higher vibration and conscious raising meditation we journeyed through the beautiful mountainous land in aligning with the crystalline vortex of the Great Smoky mountains. Everyone brought and shared freely their unique and abundant gifts.

The Evening closed with a bonfire in which people freely sharing stories, sage, blessings, OBE, and the most beautiful music. The DJ played frequency beats as a string quartet played in unison producing the most enchanting sound.

Once again at 11:11 pm people gathered for a group meditation in which each person released there soul frequency that was guided around the room like a wave. It was truly indescribable.

As I walked the land following that, ice crystals gently dusted the land. I was guided to gaze at the beautiful horizon just in time to witness a double shooting star race across the sky. The message to me ... Confirmation Received