Somewhere beyond the known universe

there lived an entity named Zebron.

His mind understood all and everything.
But he was very lonely.

He decided to create twin pyramids
placing them together at their apexes.

In this manner his thoughts could create realities
in which he could experience.

He watched the stories in his mind unfold before him
still he remained sad and unfulfilled.

He decided to create a female entity much like himself with
the powers to understand the universes and create with him.

When Zebron was finished, he was pleased with his creation
and named her AleXandra as she was created from the union of 2.

She was all that he could wish for
a female aspect of himself.

But AleXandra was an explorer and wanted more....

by the pyramids
she moved within them,
causing them to spiral. Suddenly
she found herself spiraling through
their creational stories unable to return.

Zebron gave off a thunderous cry as his beloved was gone.
Unable to enter that which he had created,
for fear they would both be trapped,
he realized he would have to find
a way to bring her
back to

He spun his energies round and round, faster and faster

creating a portal of light through which they could reunite.

A whirlpool of blue and white spiraling energy emerged.

All turned to blue before him
allowing his white light to guide her return.

The creational water spun faster and faster.

As he gazed upon it all became still.

He beheld his beloved

reunited for all eternity.

Twin Flames