Messages From Friends and Clients- 2

Dear Ellie,

I fell asleep at 12:30 am Tuesday night (early Wednesday morning) exhausted from Tuesday's ordeal.

I was suddenly awoken at 3 am! I experienced a 'psychic hole', if you will, of all of the souls departing this plane of existence. They were all crying out in unison. I assume they all crossed over at that time.

[From Ellie - I do not believe this references the souls lost in the latest events - but as sudden exodus of all souls as the programs ends. Computer - end program!]

I work in the travel business in Manhattan. I personally lost many clients and friends to the flames yesterday in Tower One. There will be a big memorial service for the employees of Cantor Fitzgerald one of the large brokerage houses that sell treasury bonds.

It took me around 9 hours to get home to New Jersey yesterday. Thousands of people, including myself were ferried across the Hudson River from Manhattan to Weehawken, New Jersey. There we were shuttled by bus to Giant Stadium which was the command post in New Jersey for police, state troupers, ambulances, EMS, and volunteer workers. After 4 hours we were shuttled by bus to the downtown Newark Train Station. Once we arrived we were not allowed to enter due to bomb threats on the tracks. Finally I hailed a cab and made it back home.

On the way I encountered many people who had first hand experiences in getting out of the Twin Towers alive. New Yorkers have never pulled together like they did yesterday. They were donating blood, giving people free rides, providing clothes and food. Out of the worst tragedy there was tremendous heroism. New Yorkers will never appear cold and indifferent again.

One of the men I met in Giant Stadium had been in an elevator in Tower One. He and six other men were on the 50th floor when the first plane hit the building. They ran to the elevator which got stuck. They pried open the elevator doors between floors then spend about 30 minutes kicking through three layers of dry-wall and ended up in a bathroom of one of the floors. They walked down to the 13th floor where they encountered smoke and ash. They made it down through the stairs and ran out the door just as the building was starting to come down. The man's name is George Phoenix. How ironic - he rose from the ashes!

One of my neighbors is a Federal fireman was called in from Fort Dix, New Jersey to help with the 'rescue and recovery efforts' around the clock. To even save one life was worth everything!



Dear Ellie,

As you know, we have known each other for more than ten years and I have lived in Manhattan longer than that. Currently, I am living in the Little Italy / Chinatown section of the city on Elizabeth St. It's a 6 story building and from the roof you have a clear and unobstructed view of most of lower Manhattan including the Twin Towers.

From my rooftop, the Towers are at most one mile away, and thats a stretch.

I was leaving my building before 9 am on Tuesday morning when the first explosion was heard. I was walkng up and moving west along Broome Street I could see the enormous plumes of black & gray smoke rising intensely into the sky and flowing west over the open water.

I knew one of the Twins had been damaged because I could partially see part of the wound where the smoke was bellowing from.

At the corner of Mott St there is a wholesale produce business which has a TV screen fastened up on one of the walls near the street approx 8 ft from the floor.

People were huddled around it viewing the screen and also turning frequently to look at the live drama unfolding from the North Tower above the rooftops. I could not see the South Tower from the street level at that corner.

Several people were already saying that a plane had slammed into the North Tower and you could see the panic & excitement in their faces.

I too was viewing the live scene and also turning to the screen to try and consume the whole scene looking for all the details.

Suddenly, an enormous muffled explosion occurred that seemed to linger forever and at once a massive black & gray fireball appeared and was rising to the left of the North Tower.

I assumed a secondary internal explosion had occurred in the North Tower that was already hit and spewing its smoke but I was also confused because I could not see any evidence of that from the pictures being broadcast on the tv monitor.

I thought it must have occurred in a lower portion of the North Tower and the TV crew had not yet focused on it. I then turned and ran back to my apt building, dropped off some paperwork and bounded up the eight flights of stairs to the roof to personally view the scene.

I'm a guy who tries to pride myself on some sort of semblence of self - control in difficult situations and realize that most of the time I'm just fooling myself. I was devastated with shock, surprise and grief at what I saw.

Having some construction background, I realized the extent of the damage on the North Tower was probably fatal.

There was a huge hideous, jagged, black toothless smile that ran from one side of the North Tower around its corner and thru to the other side. The smoke was coming out as though it were a giant furnace.

I could see debris falling from its side, some of it aflame. Almost instantaneouly, I focused and saw that the South Tower had also been hit and its damage was as extensive as its Twin.

I leaned backwards against the small wall on the roof bent over, hands on my knees and couldn't stop saying 'O My God' over and over again.

Nothing in a movie or a photo can compare to the distress and pain I was feeling and what I was seeing live. Nothing!

I then started a strange routine of running down the stairs to the apartment and turned on the TV to listen to the commentary, make a few calls and then every 15 minutes or so & run back up the stairs to the roof to see the drama live (it certainly helps being thin & muscled).

When the inevitable happened as the South Tower collapsed first, I knew that nothing would be the same again in Manhattan, both physically and emotionally.

I wanted so much for the North Twin to hold fast and remain upright, but the internal stress from the heat was too much for it just like it's sister and it too dissolved.

Like a funeral for a friend or loved one, I could not believe they were gone. So majestic, so huge, so architecually beautiful, I thought they would be with us forever.

Many New Yorkers are very very proud of the buildings on this island, whether they are a 1860's Brownstone, a 1930's Art Deco Building or a magnificently crafted superstructure thats proudly viewed for all to see, to behold and to photograph.

We were all in love with the Towers, and, as in many romances, especially at night! They were breathless.

Since Tuesday, the entire area of Manhattan below Houston Street, running completely across the island from east to west and all the way down to the southern tip where the ferries are is a totally blockaded zone - nobody in except the Military National Guard Units with their camoflouged Homvees, the State & Federal Agents, Construction, Medical and numerous other personnel & official units.

It's a self imposed seige. No food, produce or other commercial trucks have been admitted and the food is a little scarce right now. 99% of the businesses in the barricaded zone are closed.

Large trailers are set up along Houston Street which will serve as temporary morgues for the thousands of dead (including nearly 400 firefighters).

The shifting winds transport the ever spewing smoke from ground zero to the sea or back over the city, and Manhattan, the most asthematic city in the country, now has this additional burden for the near future.

Most people are walking around with surgical type masks over their nose and face and even the sanitation workers this morning were wearing them.

Yet, there is a strange calmness in the blockcade zone that is not very evident elsewhere simply because the control here is on another level. Macy's, the Empire State Building & Grand Central Terminal all had to be evacuated on one or more occasions because of several packages that were found unclaimed. In here, its so quiet with virtually no vehicles anywhere, its as though I'm in the 'burbs' -

The roof is not the same anymore. Somebody's missing. Somebody's gone.

You really lose a part of yourself when something like this happens. The cleanup crews, the police, the medical teams and all the others are heroic. They are truly the pride of America, administering great care for the remains, both flesh, stone, steel & memories, of the pride of America.

Little by little things return to some semblance of the norm. The barracaded zone has been reduced to south of Canal Street so food and supplies are now in the area and replenishing the businesses.

After the rain the air quality is better and I can see the sun shine again!

Your Loving Friend,


Deja and Anna - symbols of creation and ascension -

Tuesday Deja and I meditated and prayed for the souls.

We saw two birds on a perch - male and female - she saw a bride and groom.

Anna has parrots, doves, crows and an endless number of birds in her yard. They were not there on Tuesday but showed Wednesday about 4:30 pm. Anna also reported meditating by the water here in Brooklyn and seeing millions of golden soul sparks in the sky (souls).

6 am - Wednesday - Though unable to make or receive long distance calls in my area, spirit did allow a call from my friend Sherif who had flown to San Francisco to lecture at a conference. I was to have traveled with him but due to my daughter's upcoming wedding on September 29th - I had decided to remain at home - a trip for us to the west coast something we decided to take together at a future time. I called him Tuesday morning at 6:30 am PST to tell him what was going on in Manhattan. He put on CNN news and was in shock. He is very psychic though he works in the fields of science and technology. We spent much of yesterday off and on in conversation when we could connect. Of course there are connections we make with soul mates that go beyond the physical allowing us to know that the other person is safe.



7 pm - 'S' called to ask how things were in NY and tell me about the conference. As he walked back to his hotel room in front of the door sat two pigeons. There were no other birds in the area. As he looked at them I told him that birds represent ascension or rebirth - and explained this as best I could. (You know that scientists need to see physical proof). I knew he didn't believe me. I told him that they represent male/female which put more doubt in his mind. Until . . . they started wooing and kissing and even performed an act of procreation as he watched and we spoke. They seemed not to care if he was looking on and even followed him to his door. They remained at his door while we talked. As he was leaving to go to dinner, they flew away.

From Pete in upstate New York: I thought about the experience my friend Pete had Labor Day when he woke up in the middle of the night and was shown a portal that was three feet high in which white lights of DNA came through then moved about his house for about two minutes then moved back into the void as the portal closed. Was there a connection?

From Irene:

I lit a candle for the poor souls who died Tuesday.

Believe it or not my candle holder cracked and
started to leak hot wax, like tears.

This is very sad.

My friend Dianne C. from upstate New York told me that she has been sensing something was wrong for several weeks.

She had taken her son to see the World Trade Towers just before school opened than froze in her tracks and couldn't enter the building though she didn't know why.

They decided to sightsee in another area of NYC.

From Satoko the Japanese woman I wrote about on Monday (see link above)

Hi Ellie and Z,

Thank you so much for your daily report on your website!! How encouraging it is to people all over the world!!!

Last night around 3:15 am I received a phone call from one of the major Japanese newspaper companies in Japan. They wanted to interview me because it is difficult for them to get ongoing information from America now. When they called, I had been sending messages to the mayor of Hiroshima, the governor of Hiroshima, the Mayor of Fukuyama and atomic-bomb organization, to broadcast in Hiroshima and to ask to spread the message around so that we can all put our hearts together and send loving energy to the universe.

I think this was another great synchronicity. I just received an e-mail from them telling me that this interview with me will be in the paper on the morning of the 13th in Japan. The title will be "The Real American Spirit".

I told them that how people here stood strong and helping each other out instead of spreading anger and hatred. I told them I don't feel that I met such a disaster instead, I feel honored enough that I could witness this history and see what America is really about!!

Japan has been on alert. All American bases in Japan are on full-alert, therefore all major airports in Japan and those airports near the bases (including Hiroshima Airport) are on alert and closed. This means all of Japan is on full-alert too for that it is such a tiny isolated island. I hope Japan understands how crucial this whole thing is to Japan, too.

Now let me tell you what I saw yesterday and this morning. In the morning, I was awoken by the sound of an airplane since it was sounding crazy. It sounded nothing like regular airplane just passing close by but it sounded like something ready to crash.

Though I have never been to war, the sound was like that of Kamikaze. It didn't sound like Jets. It was more like a propeller going down. Then I heard the crash as I am staying in Manhattan not far from the attack.

I turned the TV on, but after a couple of minutes, it went out.

The phone wasn't working, so my friend and I went out to 7th Avenue to see what was going on. There are already many people looking at the Twin Towers.

As soon as I saw them with holes in them I sensed WAR, but not WW3.

The funny thing is I wasn't scared or shocked or in panic at all. I didn't sense any kind of rough frequency. I felt like the blue of yesterday's sky, clear and calm and cool. It is more like the calmness before the storm. I totally felt safe and I still do.

There's no sense of WW3 but I do feel and know it's not over yet. Something will happen, and it will be soon, just like you mention in your article. Funnier feeling is that I feel I am ready for whatever may come. I feel clearer than ever that I am safe.

Around 9:30 am I came back to the apartment I am staying in which is only a couple blocks away from St. Vincent's hospital.

The TV was back on.

As soon as I walked in the phone rang. There was nobody there, so I figured that it was a sign sent by UNIVERSE and called Japan.

Miraculously I could talk to my parents who were worrying sick to death about me.

They told me about the attack in Wash. DC. I asked Mom to call all my friends in Japan. I talked to my boyfriend, too, thank God, as he was worried to death!!

Anyway, all of sudden I felt sooo sleepy that I had to lie down. I started day dreaming and saw an explosion. It was so clear that went right through me like some clear energy came right down on me and woke me up!

Ever since I have such a clear head. In the background of this explosion I saw a blue sky or ocean. There were no clouds. I felt it was like a sign of war or an explosion in the future or one of the causes of this attack.

This morning when I woke up I went to the window and looked up at the sun. Boy- how strong it is today! I closed my eyes because it was sending too much powerful energy towards us and I couldn't look at it. As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw somebody standing there.

It was the God of Wars and he was standing with a big sword in his left hand pointing down on the ground. But again I didn't feel any fear or any negative energy. He was simply standing there in such a divine light. I thought that some blood will be shed and there would be a war.

Sunday night my friend Peter gave me my attunement for Reiki 1. During the attunement, I saw somebody looking like Mother Mary but it was a man with beard and dark hair. He was holding a baby in his arm. He was dressed in white clothes,a white veil over his head. I forgot about this vision until I saw one of the suspects on TV. I don't know his name but if you watch TV they show you some Middle Eastern people who are considered as suspects. The last guy they show is the man in white clothes with white veil over his head He's younger than the rest of the suspects. Do you know who I'm talking about? Anyway this man looks pretty much the same the man I saw in my vision!

I hope that whatever I saw is helpful to someone.

I think this week will be the time to see if something happens. Things will start within this week or so. So it is very important to make moves or make up minds to do something, or do whatever people feel right to do this week maybe before Friday or the weekend.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Love always,


A poem by John Quinn, from Brooklyn, who lost a close friend, Joyce, on September 11, 2001. John is a client. He comes to talk to Joyce through me, though she has been experienced by other people.

There's An Angel Watching Over Us It's a gray, overcast day In late November The fourth time I've been Down this way The pain in my heart rises As soon as I walk out The subway station But I had to be here for you I'm not afraid to be here Because I know There's an Angel watching over us. Our eyes fill with tears Pictures line the walls And the picket fences Thousands of dreams Shattered in an instant A soft rain starts to fall Could it have been sent By you? To show us both The depth of your love And the tears still within you It's an unmistakable sign There's an Angel watching over us. Loved ones write their own Words of sorrow and grief On a huge makeshift sheet I struggle through my tears To tell you those precious words I couldn't tell you When you were here In this life Now the rain and the tears Have both left together And the sun peeks Through the clouds Now I am so confident There's an Angel watching over us. I've been down this way Three times before But this will be the last Time I come down here The heartache for me Is just too great Seeing that terrible site Where you left this world I'd rather remember The good times we shared You'll always be Safe in my heart Sweetie I'll never break The Promise I made to you On the Brooklyn Bridge You'll always be alive In my heart forever I'll never be afraid to die Because I'll see you again One day I know And that because from above There's an Angel watching over me.