Parallel Lives and Spaces

December 2008

Time to blog again about the changing frequencies and how they affect you. If you feel that you want the program to be over ... you are on the right track ... unless you suffer from mental illness. More and more people will feel that life does not make sense in the months ahead.

This time of the year needs to return to who they were in January 2008 and how they have grown this year.

The grids are collapsing and you are getting glimpses into your destiny when things end.

You should be recognizing that the healing grid - with all the experts, lecturers, techniques for what ails you, DVD's, questing, etc. is almost over. Souls only need to examine their genetic codes, social conditioning, and understand the truth. If you can't get there ... get professional help quickly. It amazes me how many people read this blog, have emotional problems that are undiagnosed and untreated and truly believe nothing is wrong with them as their lives don't make sense or work. Best hurry up and get help. Whatever you do ... don't end up in lala land.

FYI - If you don't get that reality is myth, math and metaphor - so you can understand the archetypes, etc. you will not get it.

As the grids continue to collapse, so does everything in the program, currently reflected in the economy which affects everything. There is no going back, just a move into consciousness.

Ellie and George

I had a fun experience with George last night. As we sat on my living room couch, the area lit by the lights of the Verrazano Bridge and the 3 pink fluorescent lights in my wall units - we explored who we are in parallel experiences that are affecting our journey. No need to go on silly ego based past life trips anymore. There was just one focus for us -- Closure.

I instantly morphed into a reptilian, taking more than one form, all male. From there, George saw me as a scientist in a lab in many lifetimes having to do with creation and biogenetic experiments.

I saw George as a creational force in what one could call a lab, using his consciousness to create various humanoid forms until a functional one was decided upon and grids created. He then became George Washington, which takes us to the Masonic Program. As he faded from view, all that remained was his left eye into which everything spiraled as it disappeared and all blipped out of existence.

You might want to try this in candlelight with a friend, to see who you are in the closing part of the book (of life).

Water - Amphibious Gods and other Assorted Metaphors

We read about water and the growing shortage of fresh drinking water in many countries. As with all problems facing humanity, this too is accelerating.

Creation is often thought to have evolved from the sea and so it shall it return at the end of time.

Water represents the sea of thought, the flow of the collective unconsciousness (grids/matrix/akashic records) through which consciousness moves endlessly above and below.

Amphibious Gods include Oannes, Babylon, most have metaphoric names.

Water can form beads - which represent DNA.

Our life begins within a watery environment in utero - Amniotic fluid.

Most people are drawn to live near, or facing, a body of water, especially if they are psychic or experience in higher frequency. The perfect home for a metaphysical person, is a quiet serene house or cabin, near water, perhaps in an area with old trees, that soothe the weary soul and removes them from human dramas.

Water is one of the classical four elements.

The Zodiac of 12 planets around 1 Sun mention three water signs - Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

In the Sea of Water in the Sky we find:

The Reptilians ...

Stone Age Artifacts A Puzzle

New Stone Age artefacts unearthed    BBC - December 1, 2008 -- "A site at Zaraysk, 150km south-east of Moscow, has yielded figurines and carvings on mammoth tusks. The finds also included a cone-shaped object whose function, the authors report in the journal Antiquity, remains a puzzle."

This is called a type of Venus statuette.

It linked me to DNA and Reptilian connections.

'Lizard' figurines with reptilian appearance from Ur in Southern Iraq

This story goes to a strong memory I have of the beginning of the program.
It is calling me home ...

It is the place where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet, now a dried up river bed.

The Serpent People of Mesopotamia
Andrew Collins

The Serpent People of Mesopotamia 2 Andrew Collins

The latest BBC article mentions a mysterious cone-shaped object found at Zaraysk (with a 'Z'). Cones take us to 12 around 1, spinning/spiraling wheels, UFO's, Sacred Geometry ... consciousness moving in and out of the program.

Beards, Beaks, Creation, Biogenetic Experiments