In my experience with spirit guides, they do not enter your consciousness to in anyway harm you - but to help, teach, protect, and guide your journey in physical reality. You may be aware of them or not. You may connect with them telepathically through meditation, visualization, or with practice - dialoguing on a regular basis.

You may visualize them in different forms - human, angelic, alien, animals, corresponding with your DNA programming at a specific time.

They may be another aspect of your soul that is 'above' (consciousness grids) while you are 'below' (physical reality).

You may have one or more spirit guides some who remain - others who show up at a specific time for a specific purpose as needed.

They are often responsible for the synchronicities that come into your life - that help you remember who you are and why you were here.

'Spirit guide' is a term used by the Western tradition of Spiritualist Churches, mediums, and psychics to describe an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being.

Traditionally, within the spiritualist churches, spirit guides were often stereotyped ethnically, with Native Americans, Chinese or Egyptians being popular for their perceived ancient wisdom.

Other popular types of guides were saints or other enlightened individuals. The term can also refer to totems, angels, nature spirits, or power animals and the list goes on.

Many well-known psychics named their spirit guides - such as Sylvia Browne who called her guide Francine.

As most people know - having seen him telepathically around me - my guide is Zoroaster referred to as Z - our adventures mentioned in many Crystalinks files. As with most guides he played many roles in not only shaping my destiny but reality as we know it.

His roles include: Thoth the Egyptian scribe and the Anunnaki.

My Native American Spirit Guide is White Feather. He came into my awareness when I started my metaphysical journey back in the 1980s. Wherever I went - I would see white feathers - either floating in the air or on the ground in front of me. Did White Feather manifest them to make a point or was it Z - or me - for a truth it is all connected through the consciousness grids that create the illusion of this reality. Simulation Theory

Spirit Guide Reunion Meditation

Meeting Your Spirit Guides MP3

Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Lesson 1 - Listening and Viewing

It's time to meet one of your spirit guides.

Today you will ask spirit questions that are not personal, and can be answered by Yes or No.

They may be accompanied by physical sensations on your body such as:

Before you start, you may sense the presence of your spirit guide.

Find a quiet place, free of distractions. Relax and get comfortable. Clear your mind. Focus on your guide.

Send the thought ... Hello!

You may hear a greeting, but this is not necessary.

Send your Yes or No question telepathically or verbally i.e. Is today Monday?

Relax and allow the answer to come naturally as a thought.

Continue with other non-personal Yes or No questions until you are comfortable. Keep practicing. There is no hurry! Spirit has no 'time' table.

You may also practice this with another guide.

Lesson 2: Getting to Know your Spirit Guide

Prepare paper and pen.

Send the message What is your name?

If you have trouble understanding the name, focus, then come as close to what you hear as you can. Spirit will accept whatever name you give. Names can be long and make have to be shortened. There may be more than one name for a spirit i.e. Spirit Eagle.

Begin a dialogue. Trust what you hear.

Send the message (Name of guide) Are you ready to answer questions?

Wait for an affirmative answer.

Sample questions

Lesson 3 - Other Lifetimes Together

Prepare questions. Get comfortable. Greet your spirit guide.

Sample questions

Lesson 4 - The Universe, Creation, Reality

Prepare a set of questions pertaining to the Universe. Take your time over as many sessions as needed.

Sample questions:

Lesson 5 - Getting Personal With Your Guide

By now you should feel comfortable with your guide and able to differentiate his/her thoughts from your own.

You may have met more than one guide by this time and learning about the many ways each one guides you.

In the follow lessons try asking personal questions, but remember now to censor the answers based on personal needs.

Spiritual Questions

Lesson 6 - Biological, Adopted, or Foster Family Relationships

Your greatest karma or learning lessons and responsibilities are with your family or those close to you who are like family to you. Sometimes these people remain in your life forever and other times they stay for a while and move on.

Sample questions:

Lesson 7 - Your Career and Job

Most people change jobs or careers in a lifetime, many returning to school. Spirit guides have a tendency to guides these changes for the better.

Sample questions:

Lesson 8 - Your Love Life

You are ready to ask questions about your love life. Now this is where things get tricky as the ego always kicks in here and you want to connect with The One.

Sample questions if you have a partner now

Sample questions if gay

Sample questions if single

Lesson 9 - Your Love Life

Only the first answer is the correct answer.

For those searching for love

Married people

Why are my partner and I together? karma? love? soul mates? money? afraid to be alone?


Lesson 10 - My Goals in Life

Sample questions.

Lesson 11 - Dialoguing with Spirit Guides While 'On the Go' ...

Spirit guides are always there and ready to talk if you focus.

As you go about your day, decisions will be made about your experiences.

Driving is an interesting time for spirit to watch over you and chat. Remember to pay attention and act quickly if the 'little voice in your head' sends an urgent warning.

Sample questions when driving: