Healing Through Prayer

Praying is talking to a God.

Meditation is listening.

People pray to connect to a higher frequency that some call God, a force that will create peace, balance and healing. In times of extreme stress and emergency, people intuitively are guided to ask a higher power for assistance - as if encoded in humanity's DNA. It is the inner knowing that we are not from here but from a source of consciousness and light to which we one day return - that day close at hand. Prayer brings comfort and hope, two very important ingredients in for human consciousness to survive.

Prayer can be done anywhere or at any time - in a house of worship, an altar, in a sacred place on the planet. It can be alone or in a group. There are no restrictions. As reality is consciousness, it is just about believing.

Healing Circle

Group prayers can be very powerful.

The trick is to keep that frequency going.

Ancient Alien Theory

2011 - There is undeniable proof that Ancient Astronauts visited planet Earth leaving behind clues about our origins and allowing us to believe they are our creators, or gods, in some fashion.

It is thought by millions of people around the world that our creators are extraterrestrials or ancient astronauts who seeded this reality, some leaving in ships, other remaining to protect and guide the journey of the souls until the end of days. Some believe they will return, others believe we are them.

Visiting John of God

March 2006

My friend Pat spend 4 days in Atlanta, Georgia where she met with John of God.

Everyone was dressed in white. They prayed for many hours each day in one of 3 rooms - shifting rooms throughout the day. She reports that people came from all over the world to be in John's presence as he is considered the greatest healer since Jesus. She met healers, shaman, priests, rabbis, those with afflictions and those who were already healed.

Pat met 2 women, who didn't know each other, both of whom suffered with the final stages of MS and are now are able to walk - their medication down from 18 pills a day to 1. They had previously gone to see John of God in Brazil.

She reported that seeing the children was the saddest of all - coming in wheel chairs with all sorts of medical problems. She said that on the first day the children were noisy and boisterous - but as each day progressed - they were able to sit quietly for hours while the adults prayed around them.

In the News ...

Prayer Relieves Mind in Many Ways, Study Finds   Live Science - December 14, 2010
Getting on your knees and looking to the heavens may really bring comfort during tough times, new research finds. This will come as no surprise to many Americans, as 75 percent say they pray on a weekly basis in order to manage hard situations, including illness, and emotions such as sadness and anger, according to the study researcher citing Pew Research Center data. And most Americans also think God is involved in their everyday lives and concerned with their personal well-being. The new study aimed to find out how prayer leads to mental relief. Results suggested prayer can serve as a distraction and even as sort of a punching bag.

Results showed that God or another figure from religion acted as a support system for the participants. The figure had certain perceived characteristics, such as being loving, powerful and caring, that influenced why participants sought him or her out. But unlike a flesh-and-blood shoulder to cry on or an abusive partner to rail at, God was available whenever and wherever the participant reached out.