Photo Readings

We all receive mental impressions when looking at a picture or photograph. We tend to 'read' facial expressions or others things about the face, the person's attire, their posture, and what they are doing in the photograph. We all deal with preconceived thoughts on first glance.

Pictures may be of people, animal, places, objects. You may be looking for a missing person.

They may be recent or very old.

Photo reading is similar to Psychometry in that you are focusing on a picture and getting impressions.

Always start by relaxing your body and mind. Clear your thoughts.

When doing photo readings is it sometimes best to close your eyes, before you view the photo, and get psychic impressions from spirit before you see it.

It is best to have a printed picture in front of you and something digital on your phone or other device.

To begin.... select a picture of a person, or have someone hand you a picture you have not seen before. Working with the photo of someone you do not know is often a better way to develop your skills as you are unbiased.

The picture can from a magazine, newspaper, book, printed from the Internet, other.

While holding the picture - close your eyes and experience the energies.

Some people experience through heat and cold. Does the picture feel hot or cold to you?

Some people see images immediately - while others have to hold the picture for a few minutes. Allow time for the images to appear on the 'screen' in front of your eyes.

Relax and listen to your thoughts as you hold the picture. You may keep your eyes open of shut.

You may want to look at the picture and focus on one feature - such as the eyes - as they bring much information. A magnifying glass may be useful.

If you are skilled at picture reading, you may look at the picture and 'see' an entire story about the person in question.

Sometimes one picture will not bring you information but another will. Try various picture.

After you are finished, determine if the information you have received is accurate, by questioning those who know about the person.

Another interesting thing to do with pictures is what I call a "medical scan".

Place a picture of the person on a table in front of you. You do not have to know the person.

This is best done with a full length picture.

Now close your eyes.

Very, very slowly. . . run your index finger down the picture passing slowly over the person's body.

If there is a medical problem you will detect a change in temperature where the problem occurs. The temperature can go from hot to cold - or from cold to hot.

I experience a medical problem as a 'hot area'.

Some of my students pick up pulses of energy in the problem areas. This means the 'chi' - 'prana' - 'life force' energy is not flowing properly in that area.

Once you feel the change in temperature - you may want to scan more than once - then open your eyes and see where your finger has stopped each time.

Was it over the chest area? Could mean problems with lungs - heart - breasts. This is common with smokers.

Don't forget to check the legs and the feet if possible.

Some people have more than one problem area. In that case scan several times.

Of course you can scan your own picture.

Scans will most often pick up problems in the physical body as opposed to the other sheath bodies.