Persia (Iran) ... Then and Now

Once upon a 'time', in the Persian Gulf region, there existed an extensive kingdom named Persia, home to one of the world's oldest civilizations. In modern times, Persia goes by the name Iran. The Persians had a Prophet. His name was Zoroaster who we call Z. Thursday I posted a file called 2012: A Space Odyssey about the film "2001: A Space Odyssey" whose theme song was "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" (Zoroaster). In 2001 Zarathustra spoke and the grid matrix of our reality shifted for closure. Is he speaking again? I believe so.

In the era BC - (before computers ... as we understand them)

Zoroastrianism spread unimposed during the time of the Achaemenids and through contacts with the exiled Jewish people in Babylon freed by Cyrus, Zoroastrian concepts further propagated and influenced the Abrahamic religions. The Golden Age of Athens marked by Aristotle, Plato and Socrates also came about during the Achaemenid period while their contacts with Persia and the Near East abounded. The peace, tranquility, security and prosperity that were afforded to the people of the Near East and Southeast Europe proved to be a rare historical occurrence, an unparalleled period where commerce prospered and the standard of living for all people of the region improved.

Persian and Median soldiers at Persepolis

The iconic wings and solar disc - Egyptian Gods and Zoroaster

On 1/12/2000 I wrote a blog called Steve and The Cave
whose importance for me would be shown to me in time.

Please check it out ...

Sumerian Gods Create Bloodlines

Seeding the Tree of Life with a Device
The entity wears a bird-headed mask and feels feminine.

Both arms have wrist devices used for time travel,

encoding grids, teleportation and communication.

Creation by sound

Qabbalah Tree of Life

Sacred Geometry and Consciousness

Ahura Madza - Overseer of Earth - Higher Extraterrestrial Intelligence


The Lion's Tail - Sphinx -- Sophia -- Male or Female?

The Alien in the Stargate

This relief in the British Museum shows the Sumerian God Ninurta in a Gateway (Stargate, Portal). His father was Enlil and his mother, Ninlil. Ninurta is very clearly using his index finger to push something on the wall. He wears two wrist devices. The emblem around his neck matches the design of the Knights Templar.

The Anunnaki take us to Zecharia Sitchin born in Azerbaijan which was part of the Persian Empire. Sitchin takes us to Sumerian and Nibiruan mythology of (reptilian) gods returning for the gold (alchemy of consciousness in time) after a 3,600 year cycle -- 360° completion in the circle of life -- 36 original creator gods -- 36=9=closure -- 33° is a Masonic Number in our reality and is now at 36° - The End - FADE TO BLACK. The final image .... "Going up !"

Persia ... Present Day

There is conflict brewing between Iran and Israel which some people fear could go global.

To quote from Steve's messages above: "I see a cave that exists between Egypt and Iraq, but Israel is somehow connected."

The Blue Photo - the Arm, the Watch (Time Travel Device), the Wall Mirror on my left, Consciousness - endless encoded metaphors

Memories: Reflections Through a Looking Glass - Music File