The human brain is an electrochemical machine forever viewing streaming consciousness for experience and interpretation, time and space all part of the equation. Only in physical reality does the brain perceive of events in terms of time and space.

September 27, 2010

A strange phenomena has happened to me, it goes to my level of conscious awareness, and I hope it remains. When I look at something - anything - and it doesn't belong in my life, no matter what it is, it looks dingy. When I look at something that should remain, it has as brightness - the brighter the glow, the more important it will be. The same holds true with the text I write, which further made me realize why I wanted Crystalinks' Home Page to be have a white background. This feels straight out of a sci fi story, but none the less it is so. I wonder if this will apply to my clients when they ask me out their relationships.

Same Face May Look Male or Female, Depending on Where It Appears in a Person's Field of View   Science Daily - November 28, 2010

Neuroscientists at MIT and Harvard have made the surprising discovery that the brain sees some faces as male when they appear in one area of a person's field of view, but female when they appear in a different location. The findings challenge a longstanding tenet of neuroscience -- that how the brain sees an object should not depend on where the object is located relative to the observer.

Perception and Time Travel

September 30, 2010

Actor Tony Curtis died today. When I first saw the story on the morning news, I wondered why they were reporting a story about something that happened last week. I would have bet anything that I had reported this story last week on Ezine, so why again? I clearly remembered his daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, as she looks today, talking to the press.

Perplexed, I went to Wikipedia to find out when Tony Curtis died ... and there was the date ... September 30, 2010. When I posted the photo of Tony Curtis, I put it into Adobe Photoshop to size it. As I did, my screen turned black ... solid black ... nothing on it ... not like a computer crash ... like a message, maybe from Tony. The screen return after I push the "Return" key. Filmography

So what happened? Did I have a lucid dream? No. Did I time travel and see the story complete with his daughter telling reporters about it? I guess so. Time is folding in.

Comic Greg Giraldo also died today. I love comedy generally watching the "Last Comic Standing" as it comes to the semi-finals. Somewhere in that time - the end of this summer (2010) - Greg performed on the show. As he did I remembering seeing that he had died.

I know some people dream about death before it happens, but I've never been one of those people. Yet here it is ... prophetic visions of those who will pass on.

Good-bye guys. Have a safe journey.