Knee Disorders and Injuries

Do you suffer from knee problems? Athletic people, those who stand on their feet a lot, and others who overexert at work or physical activity, often have knee damage. I hear more complaints about knee problems day than ever before.

Disability ... Some clients tell me a knee injury allows them to leave their job, always something they hated to do anyway, with a permanent disability. If there is a job related injury, there is often a lawsuit. With obesity on the rise, knees are also affected.

Metaphysically ... once the body finds a way to be free from working, it will follow its spiritual journey into healing, energy work, counseling that goes all the way back to childhood issues, then a final look at how their knee disorder is linked to their current lifestyle.

Psychologically ... when the emotional body is depleted, or burned out, it causes destruction to the physical body. You know you're burned out when you body starts to break down.

Metaphorically ... when one injures a leg or knee, it implies not wanting to take the next 'step' - to put their foot forward.

Knee Injuries

Knee pain is caused by trauma, misalignment, and degeneration as well as by conditions like arthritis. The most common knee disorder is generally known as patellofemoral syndrome.The majority of minor cases of knee pain can be treated at home with rest and ice but more serious injuries do require surgical care.

One form of patellofemoral syndrome involves a tissue-related problem that creates pressure and irritation in the knee between the patella and the trochlea (patellar compression syndrome), which causes pain. The second major class of knee disorder involves a tear, slippage, or dislocation that impairs the structural ability of the knee to balance the leg (patellofemoral instability syndrome). Patellofemoral instability syndrome may cause either pain, a sense of poor balance, or both.

Age also contributes to disorders of the knee. Particularly in older people, knee pain frequently arises due to osteoarthritis. In addition, weakening of tissues around the knee may contribute to the problem. Patellofemoral instability may relate to hip abnormalities or to tightness of surrounding ligaments.

Cartilage lesions can be caused by:

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Treating the aging knee as an organ   PhysOrg - February 14, 2011
Henry Ford Hospital researcher Fred Nelson, M.D., suggests that viewing the knee as an organ in the same way doctors examine the heart for heart disease could lead to better therapies for treating osteoarthritis, one of the five leading causes of disability in elderly men and women.