Guided Visualization

Visualization is a form of guided meditations, in that one person guides another through a journey of the mind. The answers you receive can help you overcome issues or resolve situations in your life.

The visualization can be either taped or if you have a willing partner, read slowly to you. The tone of voice of the person speaking is very important. It should have a soothing quality.

Music is not needed.

Guided visualization is one tool among many that can be used in the process of opening a cognitive communication between the conscious and subconscious minds. It is not a tool to create instant something from nothing. It does not demand that you "see something in your mind", although many people using the technique do just that. You actually 'perceive' things rather than just 'see' because any of the five senses could be involved.

In guided visualization you recall scenes and events familiar to you. Then you are asked about related scenes and events, not consciously apparent to you, and that information has to come from deep in your subconscious mind. You can use all five senses to 'perceive' things consciously familiar to you then you recall information from your subconscious mind to fill in the blanks.

Getting Started

Find a place that is quiet and free of distractions. Close mobile phones. Adjust lighting as needed. Adjust clothing, eyeglasses and footwear.

Find a comfortable place. Close your eyes....relax you body, neck, shoulders, head and jaw.

Relax your mind, clear your thoughts.

Take three slow deep breaths, inhaling through your nose ...relaxing..then exhaling slowly through your mouth.

Now listen to the other who person as they say, "Envision yourself walking down the road on a clear summer day. "Listen to the sounds....feel the sun on your face....feel at peace , relaxed and happy. Pick a flower... Smell the flower.

"As you walk along you see a house. You walk up to the front. In your hand you have a key.

"Place the key in the lock and turn it.

"Open the door and walk into the house. What do you see?

Go into the kitchen and look on the table. There you will find a message for you."

Example #2: "You are traveling in space and see someone just ahead. Move closer for a better look. As the image comes into focus, you realize that it is _____[name of someone you loved who has crossed over.] You move closer as he/she has come now to give you a message. Listen carefully and remember what was said to you."