Understanding Human Behavior

Sedentary Lifestyles Associated With Accelerated Aging Process Science Daily - January 29, 2008
This is common sense. Reality is common sense and generally predictable as patterns collide.

Depressed people usually want to 'leave' the program, become lethargic and age quickly. You have to be emotionally stable to remain youthful in body, mind and spirit. The manner in which your physical body processes its reality, is a direct reflection of where it wants to go and how it views its experience here. Again, this is common sense. Depression covers a whole host of behavioral patterns, under study, which often result in self-sabotage and self-destructive behavior. This goes to anxiety, autoimmune diseases, addictive patterns, etc. You know the deal. You know your patterns. You know how hard it is to break them and remain detached. Remember ... the part of the body you disable, reflects its psychological origins ... Psychology and Metaphysics 101.

At the end of the day ... once again ... all of it is created by your DNA codes which dictate how you play out your life.

Genetic Reality

What you experience is created mainly by your spiraling (as in consciousness) genetic code or blueprint, altered by your physical experiences and perceptions of truth.

You already know to look at your family history to determine emotional and physical flaws that you have inherited, and what you have to do to survive and heal.

Codes alter based on many variables that are first being recognized and explored. For example, when someone has a transplant, their genetic codes change.

In the early days of this blog, we discussed the evolving human being, whose DNA code is redesigned, or realigned, for higher frequency grid experiences, understood at a certain level of consciousness and planetary frequency. We also discussed that you can't become that person if you remain attached to old patterns.

Okay ... you understood ... read all the blogs and books ... worked on yourself and allegedly healed ... moving on. Tick tock.

You are sick of healing and being told to heal your issues and let go. It takes so much work. You think you are beyond that because you understand how the game is played. Look at your life and see what is going on and what really pushes your buttons. You may understand, but are you free? Yes ... good. No ... we are running out of time. Do you know how to get free? Have you passed on an opportunity to move on because you are afraid? You know that fear and guilt rule.

Currently many factors are affecting our decision making which align with biogenetic codes and your personal grid matrix.

Cracking the Plates

Plates also refer to dishes. A satellite dish is a type of parabolic antenna designed with the specific purpose of transmitting signals to and/or receiving from satellites. In the context of spaceflight, a satellite is an object which has been placed into orbit by human endeavor. Such objects are sometimes called artificial satellites to distinguish them from natural satellites such as the Moon. Satellites sometimes monitor the sky for UFO's, also referred to as flying saucers. Saucers are dishes. We are about to crack the case of the plates wide open.

As the plates crack, so too will your consciousness split,

in a positive more evolved way.

DNA Journey of the Wounded Healer

Spiraling Consciousness

Creation from the spiraling eye

You are a soul spark from the light,
spiraling your consciousness here to experience,
heal and return to consciousness again.

Female and Male Reunion

If you are lucky enough to find that person, don't let them go.

Valentine's Day

Love and Heart Connections

Sex moving lovers to higher frequency

Reunion ... Body, Mind and Soul

A new creation ... a new you.

It's all about the journey,

the child and the blue frequency.


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