When Friends Walk Away

What happens when a close friend suddenly wants nothing to do with you anymore? A long standing friend is suddenly gone without explanation.

The subject of friends really pushes some serious buttons, love, anger, jealously, more. Childhood friends often have the same karma as siblings or parent/child. We generally expect them to remain in our lives forever, or till death do us part.

A close friendship is a sacred bond, in which secrets are shared and the heart feels a soul connection. This friendship may be one your most intimate relationships (not romantic), more so than a marriage or anyone else you have in your life. What makes it special is the souls have found each other and share everything. Not to get too metaphysical, but it may be one soul having two physical experiences, the union of which creates strength and understanding.

Friends grow in different ways as they move through their lives, but there are some friends we feel are meant to stay, or need to remain in our lives because of what is shared.

Friends often go to different schools, change careers and the places they live, but now, with the Internet, it becomes easier to remain close, no matter where our friends go.

Sometimes we get upset when our friend makes choices that are not in their best interest. We usually voice strong opinions, but generally have no choice than to honor and respect the friendship by allowing the friend to experience whatever lessons they have chosen.

Then one faithful day...you sense that something is wrong with the friendship. The other person simple does not answer/return your calls or emails with no logical explanation!

Clients have told me about losing lifelong friends for reasons they did not understand. They are broken-hearted as if a death has occurred. Sometimes you have to pay attention to the writing-on-the-wall.

The friend who 'blows you off', has issues and may need help and personal space, or may have changed to a point where you no longer fit into each other's lives.

Remember..everything changes.. including friendships.

There are people who have no time for friends, and therefore have none. Others have many friendships with different groups of friends, it depends on the time and energy the souls share. Maintaining close friendships varies with the people involved and changing lifestyles.

We live in a time line where we are getting rid of things, issues, people, that hamper our spiritual growth. Many people at this time have decided to drop old friendships as the people involved had too many issues and they wanted more positive friends. We are healing issues and letting go of relationships that no longer work.

In the case of the close friend who suddenly disappears from your life, some of the reasons may include:

- The person they now live with, or married, may be the jealous type, who is threaten by your friendship

- They are suffering from emotional problems and issues

- They don't like or understand who you have become

- Life has simply moved on, and that which held the friendship together, much like a marriage, has ended

Nothing is forever. All is metaphoric. All is conscious experience.

I hope you never lose a best/close friend. Honor your friendships and discuss problems openly, you may see a side to your friend you never knew existed.