When Your Best Friend and Partner Become Involved

There are times in our lives when those we trust the most betray us.

Such is the case when your best friend and partner become involved. Generally this relationship/affair has been going on for a long time before anyone finds out. Once the truth is discovered you will have decisions to make that can result in you losing your best friend, your partner, or both.

Your ego is crushed by the lies and the repercussions that follow. You have endless questions, which can place all parties involved in therapy to sort out the best course of action.

If your best friend and partner end the affair, your partner may ask to return to you. This becomes your choice, the best friend no longer a part of the equation.

In some cases your best friend and partner decide they want to live together, which can be devastating to you and others involved. There is shame, gossip, questions, and more. Where do they live? How does this affect income and lifestyles?

After all is said and done, this sometimes turns out for the best as you reinvent yourself finding a new partner and direction. Yet the pain of betrayal remains for a long time.

Some people can release emotions easily while other hold pain and resentment forever and never let go.

You can wait for your best friend and partner to end their affair and your partner to return to you, but this may never happen. The affair may end, but each person may once again seek new partners or prefer to remain single. Don't wait too long for a lost partner. You will be hurt.

If your partner returns to you, things will never be as they once were, the pain of the betrayal always between you, which may eventually cause a permanent split in the relationships. The dynamics of your all relationships change at the time of the betrayal. The renewed relationship must come in with its own dynamic, perhaps for the better.

All souls are part of oversoul groups which contain hundred of souls who interact with each other on many levels of experience. Within these groups any combination of relationships can develop. It is all part of the emotional experiences we encounter in a physical body, whether they make sense or not.

Often we believe our best friends will remain loyal to us forever. We are told that marriage is also suppose to last forever Yet the human experience is about changes and challenges, especially with love and relationships.

If you are the one who has betrayed your partner and best friend, I hope you find a way to deal with the chaos and karmic backlash and make peace with everyone.