Types of Dreams

Anxiety Dreams, Nightmares

These dreams often are fear-based and result in waking up with sweats and heart palpitations. There is generally a situation going on in the person's physical life that results in such dreams. Heed their warning and create change. Some people call them "Frustration Dreams". They mimic life as they always contain unresolved issues leaving the person frustrated in dreamtime then waking up in this reality with the same feelings of frustration accompanied by anger, fear, panic and anxiety.

Many of our issues, cannot, and will not be resolved in our experience here. One must find workable solutions and act on them. The key is ... always remove stress and anything, or anyone, that does not work in your life.

Creative Dreams

Within your dream you are shown something you are to create, perhaps something affecting the destiny of humanity. Famous inventors, writers, artists, and musicians were inspired by their dreams.

Color vs. Black and White Dreams

Some people feel that as a dream manifests into third dimension it moves from black and white to color definition. Other believe that black and white dreams are dreamtime but dreams in color are parallel experiences. Further, dreams in black and white indicate an event in the far future, then same scene later manifesting as a dream in color meaning it is getting closer to physical reality.

End Time Anxiety Dreams

They contain events linked to the end of our reality, simulation, dream, or program. Sometimes the events are obvious to the dreamer, while other times they are symbolic, all the while scaring my clients, who come running for answers. End Time Anxiety Dreams are on the increase as grids collide and consciousness increases. This goes along with a knowing that ET -- "Extraterrestrial" or "End Time" -- intervention in the human drama is about to be revealed, not by the governments of the world, but by the hologram. End Time Anxiety Dreams by clients and others who live in the Pacific Ring of Fire are mostly tsunami dreams, and they too are on the increase.

Episodic or Sequence Dreams

Your dream is like a movie, involving a story that goes on and on in sequential order.
Ellie's Sequence Dream of Creation, September 2004

Flying Dreams

These dreams are common. You fly free, escapism, ascension to source, time travel or move through grid realities.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are when you know that you're dreaming while you're asleep. You're aware that the events flashing through your brain aren't really happening. But the dream feels vivid and real. You may even be able to control how the action unfolds, as if you're directing a movie in your sleep.

There are techniques to help develop lucid dreaming - such as pre-programming yourself with specific trigger words or images that allow the dreamer to know they are lucid dreaming. For others their brains are programmed to lucid dream naturally. Most people never lucid dream at all.

As consciousness is evolving to higher frequency of light and sound, so too are our dreams. With this comes the lucid dream in which you can control and alter the events in your dreamtime by realizing that you are dreaming. If you become a lucid dreamer, this does not mean that all of your dreams are of this type. Dreams vary as with all things your consciousness experiences.

There are many methods to use to create lucid dreaming. Here are just a few. Before going to sleep, tell yourself think: "I am going to have a lucid dream." This phrase will remain in your physical consciousness. When you dream, it will activate and you will know you are dreaming. Next you must find a symbol that when seen in dreamtime allows you to recognize that you are dreaming. Let's say your symbol is the 'sun'. Whenever you see that symbol in a dream, your mind will realize that you are dreaming and begin to interact freely.

For example ... you are dreaming that you are walking on the beach on a nice sunny day. You look up and see the sun! Your mind relays the message to you ... this is all a dream. You now can stop alter the events of this scene, projection, or move to another. The important things is expanding your conscious awareness to the point that you perceive the dream as a dreamtime experience. This takes practice, but can be done. It will help you realize what is occurring on the other side when you sleep and the nature of dreams as projected illusion.

April 12 is - Lucid Dreaming Day

Lucid Dreaming Day is an event honoring Keith Hearne, the English psychiatrist who scientifically proved in 1975 that lucid dreaming is a real phenomenon. Lucid dreamers throughout the world enthusiastically celebrate this event.

The term "lucid dream" is credited to Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik van Eeden who coined it in 1860. Those who practice lucid dreaming know when they are dreaming, take control of their dreams and dictate their own dream script complete with settings, dialogue, action, special effects and cast of characters. Lucid dreaming is not a recent concept and is part of numerous cultures.

Fifty percent of people report having at least one lucid dream and 20 percent consider themselves frequent lucid dreamers.

Gen Z and Millennials report more lucid dreams than Baby Boomers. Accustomed to spending time in alternate realities, gamers are particularly adept at lucid dreaming.

Online dream databases reveal lucid dreamers are from all over the world in multiple languages and every age group.

The movie Inception mirrors this experience.

Precognitive or Prophetic Dreams

You dream about events that manifest in the future usually within 3 weeks if not immediately. These can be personal or universal messages. You may also see your future partner, your children, a place you will live, or future events for the planet.


Dreams are projections, just as we are projected thought experiencing in physical reality - which is nothing more than a consciousness hologram - actually holograms within holograms in which we experience at different levels of awareness. Dreams can be comprised of still images where you may see a face and telepathically receive information from that person or they can be animations (animated scenes). They can project from your thoughts or the collective unconsciousness.

Repetitive or Recurring Dreams

You have the same dream over and over as if a message is being sent from the other side, which you have to understand. Very often it is you sending yourself a message, often a warning.

Sexual Dreams

Sex plays a major part in our dream world for many of us. This depends of its importance in our everyday lives. It's a powerful driving force, like hunger and ambition. While we're awake, sex is ruled by social restrictions and conventions, but in our dreams, even the most timid of us can have explicit and excitingly sexy dreams once our repressed selves are asleep. Sexual dreams are very coming during puberty.

Shared Dreams

You remember the events in your dream, that involve another person. At the same time, another person in your dream remembers the same events

Spirit Dreams

Messages are given by those who have crossed over or a religious icon. These are often the soul of someone you knew, guiding your journey or telling you that they are okay on the other side.

Teaching Dreams

Dreams can have layers that unfold over many days. In that time, Spirit can teach you through symbols of light or other means that raise your level of awareness. Shamanic dreams often teach lessons.

The Tsunami

With accelerating Earth Changes, many people dream about large waves of water inundating them. This dream is becoming more common especially for people who live in coastal areas. Tsunami

Tunnel Dreams

You experience yourself moving through a tunnel into a white light or returning from the light. This may be accompanied by the sound of whooshing water. You may meet someone, or meet yourself, at the end of the tunnel, much like a Near Death Experience. While moving through the tunnel, you may move alone or see others. You can fly quickly or slowly. You can experience emotions with this dream journey, which often brings transformational messages.

Universal Dreams

These dreams are related to information you receive from the collective unconscious, the grids of our experience, akashic records, hall of records, that which creates the reality in which we live. Whenever a dream presents symbols of a cosmic nature, in all probability it is a representation of a Universal dream. Such dreams are reflective of religious experiences, and denote changes that are to occur at some future time.