Best Jobs for Retirees

Monday, February 10, 2014

Are you retired? Looking for something new and challenging to do while making money along the way? Stick with a part-time job. Consider your health issues on a physical and emotional level. Consider that the job you get may be the best job you ever had. You may not know how to write a resume based on today's outline, but you'll figure out a way to get a job if you really want to attract one. Also remember that you're not going after a lifetime career, just a job that meets your specific needs today.

As a Senior Citizen, turning 71 next week, having many friends, relatives, and clients who are seniors and continue to work, I can tell you that the most important issue is health. Some seniors are very lucky and are able to work well past retirement. Their choice of job is often very different than the career they pursued before retirement.

No one wants to sit around and be bored. Finding a job to which we all have passion is what is most important to good health. Many young people, without emotional and learning challenges, having a good education, tell me they don't want to work unless they are passionate about what they are doing and are making a difference.

Senior citizens who fool themselves into believing that they can handle more strenuous and stressful, jobs then they are physically able, run into health issues then have to quit. The nature of the way we work today is an ever changing process. Without fully exploring the job description, both a senior citizen of a younger person will burn out.

I believe that senior citizens should work at part-time jobs. The list of jobs suggested in the article below would not include the average senior depending on their age. Desk jobs are often good. Home and healthcare jobs are too strenuous. As I live in New York City, many of my senior friends have taken up creative work - the arts, media, adjunct professors, tutoring, helping senior citizens with computer technology if that was their former career, the travel and tourism industry, and the list goes on and on. They are all part-time jobs.

If you are a retiree and you really want to work ... for the money, to keep yourself occupied, for the social value, or for any other reason, you will find one or more interesting things to do. I cannot imagine going through a day without some sort of accomplishment. Remember that your choice of job is not as it was when you were a young person. Everything has changed in recent years, and will continue to whether the economy recovers or not. Never stay in a job that is stressful. Stress leads to burnout and death. Always allow for time for some degree of travel and to live with some degree of comfort the matter what your finances.

8 Best Jobs for Retirees   Live Science - February 10, 2014

Bookkeeper, Child Care, Consultant, Home Health Aide, Nonprofit Worker, Retail Salesperson, Temp Worker, Tutor