Initiation in the Australian Pyramid

Preparation as you would for meditation.

Allow your mind to travel to Australia.

Below are the monuments left behind by ancient civilizations

Uluru is a major grid point on the planet.

See yourself floating higher and higher,
moving through the grids of creation.

As you ascend you hear the sounds of the elders and
spiritual guides who were once your teachers.

Their voices speak in harmonic tones each of which causes
every aspect of your being to vibrate to a higher frequency.

Your garments and physical form disappear
as you become a being of pure light energy.

Before you is a pyramid of shimmering light.

Two spirits - a male and a female beckon you to enter.

Once inside you meet the Keepers of the Dreamtime those who
hold the Key of Wisdom locked within the Australian Pyramid.

These are the Ancient Ones who place the knowledge
into your dreams and teach you when you are asleep.

They beckon to you to joint them in this sacred place.

You move closer and stand beside the ancients.

Through their energies they communicate that
which is lost when you return from dreamtime.

As they embrace you in their light,
you merge with the energies of the pyramid
allowing the sacred knowledge to be released at
this time and within the dreams you will now have.

Remain with the ancient dream keepers
until you are ready to return.