Walking Styles Reflect Your Personality

The way people walk, or carry themselves, is a direct reflection of their personality, mood, self esteem, physical and emotional health. Watch the way others walk then note their personality types. It's basic psychology but something most people don't pay attention less the person seems to be in pain when walking. As you watch people walk ... this is what your brain is processing ... which is basic psychology as are all healing modalities.

The happy bouncy walk, positive personality

The fast walker - Impatient

Drag your feet walker, move slowly through life, depression, burnout

The pigeon-toed dumb walk, "Duh!"

The sexy strut shake your butt walk - "Look at me!"

The flaming gay male walk

The attitude walk, heavy step, glances around walk, never misses anything, "Don't f - - k with me!"

The ghetto sway, "Yo! Bro! What's up?"

The confident walk, head held high, shoulders back, "I am confident and can manifest anything."

My shoes are too tight walk, Ouch!

The brisk jogging walk, for woman it's the boob-bouncing walk, "I am very healthy and fit."

Feet wide apart, "Something between my legs is bothering me!"

Walk with walker, cane, other device or special shoes, "Challenges."


From flip flops to dress shoes - we dress for style and comfort. Shoe styles vary depending on the occasion - work, sports, social, etc. Fashions change along with footwear as some people keep up and other people just have basic shoes they wear from year-to-year. Your footwear changes how you walk and carry yourself as well as impacting on your health. Shoes have both a physiological and psychological impact. If the shoes are wrong it throws off the rest of the body - legs, hips, back, neck ->headaches, bad mood, more.

What Do Your Shoes Say About Your Personality?   Epoch Times - February 10, 2014
Here's a fun look at what your shoes might say about you. Of course, no one should be judged solely on his or her shoes, but a study published in the Journal of Research in Personality in 2012 showed that 90 percent of your personality may be communicated by your choice of footwear. Worn-In - the person is extroverted, emotionally stable. Not new but well-kept can mean the wearer is conscientious.

What Your Favorite Pair Of Shoes Says About You   Bustel - October 1, 2015
Not only does your footwear of choice arguably hint at your daily mood, but it's a sartorial symbol often wrapped in clues about your hobbies and interests. Shoes are, after all, armor with which we can protect our feet as well as the foundation needed for taking on whatever the day may throw our way (whether it's a torrential downpour or four flights of stairs).

Your shoes reveal your personality   Times of India - March 5, 2017
Just like your clothes, even your favourite style of shoes can make a strong statement about your personality traits. Whether you're a sucker for stilettos or obsessed with wearing boots, your choice in footwear can give people a sneak peek into your inner self. Find out what your shoes have to say about you...

Foot Shapes and Personality Types

I have Greek Feet - Also known as "Morton's Toe," "Flame Foot" - The second toe is longer than your big toe. People with this foot type tend to be enthusiastic self-starters. Commonly found in athletes, artists, innovators and public speakers.

Roman Foot - The most common type of foot. The toes are straight, proportionate and the big toe is the largest. People with Roman feet are believed to be social butterflies and exude charisma. They tend to make great public speakers and confident business people.

Germanic Foot - When all toes are nearly identical in length, then the person is said to have a "square foot." Also known as the "peasant foot," this foot type is the most rectangular in appearance. People with this foot type have a tendency to be calm and calculated when making decisions. As a result of this, they are very reliable and practical.

Egyptian Foot - The Stretched Foot - These feet have a rather thin appearance. This is due to the fact that the toes are squished together, lending to a lengthier and thinner looking foot. The big toe is generally the largest of all the toes and then the size tapers with each toe. People with this foot type tend to value privacy while also being secretive. On top of this, they can also be impulsive and have sudden mood changes.

How Your Feet Are Shaped Can Say A Lot About Who You Are

Foot Reading

Metaphorically, and metaphysically, the bottom of the feet represents your soul/sole, their condition a reflection of your life path.

There are people who read palms and others who take footprints and read feet.