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Scientists Devised a Way to Tell if ChatGPT Becomes Aware of Itself - Situational Awareness   Science Alert - September 9, 2023

Our lives were already infused with artificial intelligence (AI) when ChatGPT reverberated around the online world late last year. Since then, the generative AI system developed by tech company OpenAI has gathered speed and experts have escalated their warnings about the risks. Meanwhile, chatbots started going off-script and talking back, duping other bots, and acting strangely, sparking fresh concerns about how close some AI tools are getting to human-like intelligence.

ChatGPT - Education and Writers' Strike

August 23, 2023

Schools in most parts of the country are back in session or will be soon. Curriculum development and tools to aid students learn vary but always there is the need for students to get the most out of the school year and evolve with society. Students of all ages are into current technology which in the case of education takes them to programs like ChatGPT - the way of the future.

The use of ChatGPT has changed since the last school year. When it comes to artificial intelligence helping with the written word - I am all for it as a former teacher and a parent. Not everyone has the skills to create a written project - so working with a program such as ChatGPT is a positive especially after students read the finished product and learn from it. I think AI is by far a positive in all industries - though others think 'the machines' will take over and destroy humans based on movies they've seen. Anything is a probability - but as with all things in our virtual experience we call life - it's all preprogramed anyway.

Schools are teaching ChatGPT, so students aren't left behind. When college administrator Lance Eaton created a working spreadsheet about the generative AI policies adopted by universities last spring, it was mostly filled with entries about how to ban tools like ChatGPT. But now the list, which is updated by educators at both small and large US and international universities, is considerably different: Schools are encouraging and even teaching students how to best use these tools.

One of the major issues with the Writers Guild of America strike is that writers want artificial intelligence programs such as ChatGPT to be used only as a tool that can help with research or facilitate script ideas and not as a tool to replace them. We all understand their dilemma but sometimes technology is the way to go. No more writer's block, inability to meet deadlines, or blame someone for writing something offensive to others - just rewrite it. Like all other industries - the entertainment industry has to evolve. We see it in the use of special effects and now we will see it with the written word.

Will humans - who were created to experience and explore emotions - become outsourced - not just in the world of sci-fi - but in this version of reality before it ends? You never know because as a biogenetic program - we are constantly in a state of evolution - accelerating out of existence. Emotions enhance us but at the same time destroy us (mental illness realization about the experiment).

Researchers Improve ChatGPT By Getting It To Learn From Its Own Mistakes   IFL Science - April 4, 2023

A team of researchers may have found a way of improving large language model (LLM) chatbots, including improving ChatGPT-4's accuracy by around 21 percent. In a new preprint paper, yet to be peer-reviewed, the team explains how they achieved it: allowing artificial intelligence (AI) agents to reflect on their own mistakes. The team used a process called Reflexion, which "endows an agent with dynamic memory and self-reflection capabilities to enhance its existing reasoning trace and task-specific action choice abilities", according to their paper.