Alaskan Anomalies

March 5, 2023

The simulation of reality works through physics and math (often called the universal language). Algorithms repeat across the space-time continuum manifesting different versions of the same story over and over in different subsets and cultures with the same or newly created actors.

There are things that fill our daily lives and tap our emotional stream - then there are events that peek our curiosity about the unknown - traveling us back in time to the same creation myths that repeat in different versions then plummet us forward to today.

In the world of the unknown, we stumble into UFOlogy with a feeling that we are part of a greater plan whose purpose has always eluded mankind - perhaps the reason being if the information were presented we wouldn't understand it at all.

In recent years reports seem to substantiate that viable alien bases existed beneath the surface of the planet - as we await physical proof. Bring out the pics and videos and extraterrestrials. Never happening as they are gone.

UFOs were often seen coming in and out of volcanoes - emerging from bodies of water - and of course manifesting through space-time portals or wormholes. Where sightings are most frequent they are mapped and designated 'triangles'. There are 12 major grid points - known for their strange electromagnetic anomalies - time fluctuations - UFOs sightings - and disappearances.

Most often it's as if extraterrestrials exist in their world - and we exist in ours with just a scattering of interaction between the two - biogenetic experiments on humans in exchange for alien technology and answers- but there is more.

Will the government ever admit to anything? No. Therefore, one has to conclude that all of this takes us to that place of human power and greed - the formula for the way the world runs.

Enigmatic events happen all the time across the planet, especially as the grids that create the illusion of reality implode in end times.

With remote viewing (Project Stargate) one can go anyone in the simulation and see evidence of UFOs and former underground bases - particularly in my favorite place Antarctica.

Up north in the frozen wasteland of Alaska, one can experience the same algorithm - underground facilities used by humans and aliens to carry out their agendas. Who worked in these underground bases? Were aliens there until 2008 when their biogenetic experiments ended? Did they leave behind drones to monitor the planet so it wouldn't be destroyed until the algorithm of our simulation hits Zero ... reverse Fibonacci?

So why don't we have answers? Metaphysics 101 - Allegedly we're not ready to hear about alien intervention or they are not ready to meet us because of our bipolar nature.

Believe none of that. The truth is camouflaged.

The latest episode of Ancient Aliens was called "The Mysteries of Alaska". Tag Line: "The vast Alaskan wilderness is well known for mysterious disappearances, electromagnetic anomalies, stories of strange creatures, and is a hotspot for UFO sightings. Could Alaska's many mysteries be due to a presence that is not of this world?" The episode discussed what is called the Alaska Triangle which is similar to the Bermuda Triangle and others.

"The Mysteries of Alaska" begins with discussions about people who have disappeared in Alaska, including two congressmen back in the 1970s. Any number of things could've happened to them - but the show leans into their plane simply disappearing forever in an area called the Alaska Triangle.

The episode moves to the "dark pyramid" under Mt. Denali - the highest mountain peak in North America - with claims of magnetic anomalies, massive energy sources, black-clad paramilitary operatives, and vast conspiracies. The first time I heard about Mt. Denali was when I read a man who lives in Alaska willing to share stories about seeing UFOs coming in and out of the mountain. They reminded me of my experiences with Native Americans who also told me stories of UFOs coming in and out of their mountains.

What good would the episode be without a visit to the indigenous people of wherever - in this case Alaska - more creation myths about sky beings who visited Earth - created humans and will one day return. Throw in a few stories about shape shifters and other enigmatic phenomena and there you have it.

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