Monday 9.12.16

Saturday I blogged about an eerie silence that increased Sunday morning here in the city (see blog below). Many of the spirits who had crossed over on 9/11 were unexpectedly back ... but why? It could have been to reconnect with loved ones but it felt like something more. Something was brewing that would make these ceremonies different than those in the past. The events on 9/11 have always been laced with conspiracies taking us full circle from this timeline to the beginning and the Middle East. 9/11 was an insert that would change the destiny of humanity forever bringing everything full circe in the fight for freedom and the return to consciousness.

Sunday morning was hot and humid in the city as the ceremonies began at Ground Zero. The American flag that had been raised after the events on 9/11, had been found in Washington State and was now on display in the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Things were going smoothly, the US presidential candidates not campaigning on this day, but present during the ceremonies.

It all looked like another day honoring those whose lives were lost on 9/11 until events were overshadowed by Hillary Clinton ... the cameras panning to her trying to enter her car and nearly fainting. It was later reported that on Friday she was diagnosed with pneumonia and forgot to tell the public who are most concerned about her medical issues due to age and past history. With pneumonia contagious, why go to your daughter's house where there are young children and expose them to infection. Also ... doesn't an emergency room seem like the best place to go?

Just as Hillary had managed to get out of her email and other scandals - Transparency issues were once again coming into play especially as the Clintons have a long history of deception. At this time she is running against Donald Trump - the two most disliked and untrustworthy candidates in US Presidential history. How did we get here as a nation of educated and enterprising Americans?

This takes us to conspiracy theories. I stopped following them years ago, though I know many are valid, the rest pieced together by people who are angry and frustrated at life. I have never believed that we have any control over unfolding events in the algorithm of our reality, nor am I programmed to participate ... until the end. The flow of the 2016 presidential election shows us that everything is orchestrated .. but to what end and by whom?

Those who allegedly call the shots go by many names -- "The Powers That Be", "The Secret Government", "The Cabal" "Alien/Human Coalitions", etc. These organizations have their own level of dissension which plays out unbeknownst to most people who can only speculate based on unfolding events.

They allegedly control elections, economies, wars, diseases, covert projects, among other things that guide the fate of humanity. Too bad they didn't factor that Hillary is a human, with human frailties, and would get sick ... or did they? Whether you approved of her before, or not, she really does not have the stamina to be president. The pneumonia prognosis is most likely valid but conceals more serious medical conditions. And so we wait and watch as Hillary returns to the campaign trail in a few days.

For me it is all by the numbers ... algorithms set in place by the hologram we believe is our reality. In a Tech Age where computer games are taking over much of our time ... they also show us that we are living in an illusion created by something that could be conceived of as a consciousness computer. To win is to understand the nature of reality and how and why things are playing out. Just as the levels of computer programming and gaming evolve ... so too does the human consciousness design (as above, so below).

Currently Mercury is Retrograde revealing hidden truths. Will there be another major twist in the presidential storyline? Probably so.

This is all about the many layers of conspiracies that have ruled our reality since the beginning, replete with busy work to divert our attention from the truth.

In the end the truth will out.

More Hudson River Adventures - 09.09.16 - The film Sully premiered

Thursday 01.15.09 ... friends were in my home, not far from the crash, that fateful afternoon, the energies powerful. At the moment the plane crashed into the Hudson River, a white pigeon smashed into my window leaving a strange imprint. One of the things we noticed was what appears to be Jesus looking down as if protecting us. Jesus is seen above a heart, or ouroboros shape that looks like geese. To the right, reflected in sunlight, appears to be another robed being watching.

You have to wonder if the spirits from 9/11 intervened to rescue the passengers. It is all part of something created by the hologram for our experience and interpretation as with all things we encounter. For all we know there was a temporal distortion and various outcomes - speculations endless. We are left to believe Sully, his crew, and all of the passengers were saved. The incident was called "Miracle on the Hudson"

The 9/11 insert in the hologram brings reality full circle in the global fight for spiritual awakening with everyone participating one way or another as soul seek freedom and intuitively know things are coming to an end. 9/11 energies would ripple through the human biogenetic experiment until the end of the illusion of time. The first insert began in the Middle East with ongoing inserts from ancient civilizations and alien intervention to myths about Jesus and others we label gods. By now no one should worship unseen mythological beings who allegedly created humanity nor await their return - but human programming keeps souls entrapped in that paradigm. This is the time when gods by any name or description should manifest and return - or their very existence should be questioned. From powerful Hebrew holidays about to open the door to a new year - to Hajj the largest Muslim celebration at Mecca at this time - it is time for truth and a move beyond antiquated belief systems.

The concept of us experiencing in a hologram or simulation was not widely understood and accepted 15 years ago. Today people are starting to understand how things work in a holographic universe where everything is orchestrated and time creates the illusion. On 9/11 it was as if we all had an Out of Body Experience.

Fifteen years after the 9/11 attacks, the energies in the city are calm and yet powerful. First responders interviewed on a History Channel documentary The Day the Towers Fell also mentioned a surreal feeling and silence. There were many stories by survivors of seeing spirits who they tried to communicate with but were in another consciousness grid and unable to hear them. Te review the endless experiences of witnesses and survivors in this and other earth-shattering events - is to understand how consciousness moves in and out of grids to experience.

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