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September 11, 2003



Thursday, September 11, 2003, a time of remembrance and rebirth, two key words in our spiritual evolution.

On this day, filled with the energies of a Pisces Full Moon, Harvest Moon, the closet approach of Mars in 60,000 years, I awoke at 6:30 am. I was shown a huge pocket of energy over the New York area looking like a black hole - but not with a sinister meaning. I heard, "This is the main vortex."

I looked south out of my bedroom windows and saw the Queen Mary 2 passing by on its way to Manhattan Harbor as it sailed under the Verrazano Bridge. The top of the ship had a beautiful blue light. Along the side of the ship was a horizontal row of white lights. I am not sure why I was shown these symbols but white lights are the color frequencies on which our souls leave as reality closes.

Wednesday night I just stood on my terrace watching Mars and the full moon. The Harvest Moon was big and awesome looking as if the heavens were bringing messages. There was an uneasiness in the air. Mars-red. War - red. Full Harvest Moon - red. War in the Middle East continues and will for many years to come, most likely until the end.

UFO sightings are on the increase globally. On September 9, 2003 there were two UFO's sighted over Brooklyn.

This month a video of Osama bin Laden was released., adding to fear around the world. The video was timed to coincided with second anniversary of 9/11. I see both bin Laden and Saddam alive in the Middle East, but not together. Their time will come, for Saddam, not that much longer.

Next we come to the 'sleeper cells' which refers to undercover Al Qaida loyalists linked to 9/11 who remain in the US undercover. We know they exist, sense their presence, but don't see anything now as they are too closely watched. Here in Brooklyn, where many from the Middle east have moved, I am told sleeper cells exist also.

The events of 9/11 were not only a personal attack but an attack on our country that has never ended - seemingly going back to the days of our creation, the seat of civilization. The wars in the Middle East - Iraq and Afghanistan - Israel and others. We are dysfunctional and unbalance in most of what we do - war just symptomatic of how fractured the souls are. It is our nature, the nature of our program, that supposedly seeks balance - which always alludes us. Many people feel that the victims who were lost on 9/11, died as an act of war.

11:00 am Thursday September 11 - I was out and about this morning on this picture perfect day in New York City. The people I met along the way felt that they had no need to rehash the events of 9/11 as they did not need to experience the emotions felt at that time. They had lived though the events once and that was enough. They had nothing to heal and felt sympathetic towards those who lost a loved one on that date and in their own way, paid their respects.

It is okay not to 'go there' emotionally. Don't feel guilty if you do not get into issues and the pain and suffering of 9/11. You can accept fate as it is given then move on. The memorials are for those who lost loved ones on 9/11. Many people use times such as these to deal with their own issues of pain, anger their inability to find themselves. Whatever works is fine! Don't feel guilty, if you feel disconnected from all of this.

During the past two years I have spend many moments talking to souls who crossed over during the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and the family and friends of those left behind who come for readings.

It has been a time of pain, sorrow, spiritual awakening, and healing for all. The spirits have some to my readings in forms of butterfly, birds, insects that are unusual for my area of New York. Clients have learned to connect these flying objects with a loved one who has crossed over and wants them to know they are okay on the other side.

There are the physical manifestations from spirit that they have come to accept as many were non-believers before 9/11. There are fragrances when talking to spirit floral mostly or smoke, among others. There are the sounds as spirit moves objects in the room or manifests an object that was not there before.

Today I had an experience with one of the spirits of 9/11 that involved manifestation. I have vertical blinds across the large glass terrace doors that are across from where I sit when I do my readings. The view is Cannonball Park, a massive park with many trees and an obelisk, and the Verrazano Bridge. Above planes fly over - below the all boats and ships coming into New York Harbor pass just around the bend, is the Statue of Liberty across from Ground Zero.

A few days ago - one of the plastic holders that attaches the verticals to the bracket above broke and could not be repaired. I went looking for a replacement on September 10th but had no luck. On the morning of September 11, 2003 - as I left my apartment, there on the carpeted floor outside the door to my apartment, was a plastic holder. As I live alone at the end of the corridor, and no one had visited me since I went for the mail the night before, I knew that spirit had sent it perhaps as a Thank You message.

Creative tributes and memorials to the victims of 9/11 are endless and continue on.

I am about a 15 minute drive from Ground Zero. Shortly after 9/11, I guided me to write part one of the story of Samantha Stone and the Sepia Photo.

At this time there remains much controversy about Ground Zero and a rebuilding that will begin next year. The remains of bodies of some of the victims are still being found on scaffolding and other objects in and around the area. Years will pass before the new tower is built, and always there will be drama.

Ground Zero has become a multidimensional vortex. No matter what gets built there - the energies of the vortex remain as spirits roam around and haunt the area. These spirits include the terrorists involved in the attacks. As with all haunted areas - there will be strange and unexplained occurrence.

There are times I look out over the New York landscape and 'see' the towers still in place.

Saturday I read a woman who lost her cousin, Michael, a fireman who was killed in Tower 1 which collapsed on top of him. Michael's uncle, Joe is a high ranking member of the fire department who did not believe in conversations with the dead. He teased about John Edward being a fake.

Things have changed for uncle Joe as Michael and other firemen have made themselves known to him. He has gained a new perspective of reality. Joe, among others has written about their personal experiences at having to do with the events of 911 and their aftermath. Some have been guided by spirit to write, while others do it as an emotional catharsis.

Michael showed me an interesting image. I felt as if I was sitting at a podium. Before me were rows and rows of fireman who died on 911. Michael held out his palms to me. Suddenly a lotus flower - symbolic flower of life - appeared in each one. As he did this my apartment filled with a floral fragrance.

Michael took the American flag and changed the box with the stars to a washed out denim color with navy stars of various colors and sizes scrambled within the box. I am not sure about that.

The spirit stories are endless. One woman spoke of passing a fireman who she asked for assistance - then realized he was in another reality and could not hear her. She ran and ran through dense spoke until she found her way to safety.

Another woman saw the layers of reality that exist in which she saw three events>

This all flashed in front of her in a matter of seconds as her consciousness move through parallel realities.

One man spoke of leaving his body and going to a light the returning to his body in what seemed like a few seconds. Those who understand that reality is projected illusion understood and were not afraid as the various probabilities of reality unfolded before them and they made their choices to stay or go.

My clients spoke of running through endless stairwells and helping strangers along the way. This was FEAR FACTOR brought forth to those in the twin towers - including those who tried to help and those who lost their lives who we remember and honor on September 11, 2003. Their souls are with us in strength and guidance about a future of endless possibilities.

9/11 has been a process for all of us who watched the tower fall and experienced the aftermath. I wonder how people who live in war-torn countries deal with this on a daily basis.

The ever-changing world has gone through much in the past few years - sadly, not in a positive way for many people - yet it all seems part of a process - the Cycles of Time as they play out over and over in different harmonics of creation.

Fear factor has taken over the airwaves on more that one level. It sometimes feels like the other shoe is about to drop, but not this month. Our souls seem to anticipate it, so one day it will manifest. So many people anxiously await the change as they tire of this program and its emotional instabilities and games.

Has your life changed since 9/11? Most people I know, or read, have had made major changes in their lives over the past two years. These changes continue at a very quick pace. When I think of the events of 9/11 they seem to have happened an eternity ago. Yet for so many others 9/11 seems like yesterday.

The image below from Yahoo news caught my eye as it reminded me of an old book which tells an important story for humanity. In this case - it does.

Report on September 11, 2003 from John Quinn a client who lives in Brooklyn - "In Loving Memory of Joyce Carpeneto who crossed over on 911." On several occasions I have channeled his friend Joyce - who died on 9/11. John's poem has moved many people in this healing process.

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