Duke The Great White Pyrenees Finds His Forever Family

On September 1, 2022 a dog rescue organization in Connecticut brought back several puppies from Texas among them Duke, a Great White Pyrenees born on March 1, 2022. My daughter Nikki and her family in Westport, had lost one of their two dogs and were considering another dog when they heard about Duke. It was love at first sight for everyone especially my grandsons as children love pets. Love was shared and connections made as we follow Duke's Journey with his 'forever family'.

Duke's First Day with the Ambrifi's - September 2022

Six Months Old (Born 3/1/2022) - Great White Pyrenees

Duke's New Beds

Sunday Morning - Waiting For Noah to Wake Up

Monday Morning - Going to work with the same enthusiasm as most office workers

Wednesday - A Day at the Land Rover Dealership - Sold two cars

What do you think Bella ... the Land Rover or the Range Rover?

Friday October 21- Sunset at the Beach in Westport

Duke and Bella

Going to explore the beach and ocean with Nikki, Ryan, and Bella

October 9 - Duke's First Day in Rhode Island

Thursday November 3, 2022 - A Visit From Grandma

November 12, 2022 - Falling through the Cracks

November 24 - Duke and Matthew

November 27 - Beach at Narragansett

December 13 - The Remote - Do I play with it or teeth on it?

December 15 - Duke and Noah

Play Date With Chris' Dog Buddy

December 22 - Winter Storm Elliot

January 10, 2023

February 27, 2023

White on White

A dog's tail ... Time to take care of business

Back inside safe and sound

The next morning

March 20, 2023

The first day of Spring

Noah, Duke and Bella - March 2023

Nap Time

Hiding in the Yard

Aways wear your seat belt

Spring in Connecticut With Duke and Bella

February 2024

Noah's Website

Matthew's Website