September 11, 2019

The turn of the 21st century came in like a whirlwind - as events on 9/11 created a need for freedom across the globe. Revolution and war on a global scale took hold. I have always looked upon 9/11 and its ongoing aftermath as part of end times affecting everyone everywhere - a marker or insert in the simulation of reality. It created the need to stand up and fight for freedom in the face of adversity.

Something in humanity's blueprint, or DNA Codes, is signaling that we've been a product of conspiracies, lies, and more, throughout our journey and now it's time to be free no matter what the cost and collateral damage. There is no going back as the energies move us forward to an uncertain future fueled by current leadership.

Remembering My Friend Pat Marino Who Died On 9.11.19

A strange thing happened to me today on 9/11. I usually don't blog much about 9/11 but this year seemed different having to do with crossing over and end times and a portal that opens for souls in this window.

Two of the pictures below were taken by Pat when we visited the World Trade Center two years ago which I knew I had to find and post on this day.

Pat grew up in Florida and had lived in NY and Florida. Over the past year she had been dealing with pancreatic cancer - staying with her two daughters and their families in Long Island. In July Pat broke her hip and was in a rehab center there.

Yesterday I thought to call her daughter Michelle as I knew it was Pat's time after seeing her on the other side.

This morning Pat died in her sleep. She was found by medical staff at 6:10. Her brother Harry's watch stopped at 5:36 which is probably when she crossed over as they were very close.

After Michelle called to tell me Pat had passed ... Pat came to me and said 6:10. I paused. Then she said - Don't you remember. That's your favorite Fibonacci number we used to talk about when you discussed the algorithm of the simulation. Ah ... her confirmation. Thanks Pat.

Pat was the best person you could ever meet. We were best friends when she lived in Brooklyn and is part of many blogs I posted through the years including our Trips to Germany, Nashville, Upstate New York, among others.

It is always sad to lose someone so beloved and in today's world only 66 years old. I am glad that she is finally at peace and we can still chat across realities.

Michelle and the family are thankful they had the past year to spend with her - every day a gift.

Pat loved all things metaphysical especially the healing realms and energy work. She also understood the hologram but wasn't sure until recently when she saw events we had talked about and psychic on for decades unfolding and she could see it for the other side. When she got sick she would email details of her lucid dreams about the grids and how the simulation works from her perspective. I was glad she got it as that makes transition so much easier.

See you around girlfriend ... 4:00 was always our time. Waiting to see what you show me now.

Pat took this pic of me outside the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

The restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center

Fading to Black in the Simulation of Time.

Pat, Joanne, Old Souls Flying Free

Saturday September 14, 2019

My friend Pat died on 9/11 three days ago. Her daughter texted: "Grieving but grateful she is out of pain. I keep getting signs from mom. I smelled her incense burning in my room the night that she passed. I don't have incense in my home. A feather on my doorstep the same day also reminded me of her. It is all very hard because I miss her so much and a long life that she should've had with us."

Sunday afternoon I took a walk with my neighbor Joanne whose 9/11 story was in the news. Joanne was excited to tell me that the high-heel shoes she ran down 103 flights with that day are now part of the 9/11 museum. I told her about Pat's passing on 9/11 and she was stunned. She remembered Pat and spoke fondly of her with tears welling in her eyes. Then I told her about Pat's daughter finding the feather and associating it with Pat. As Joanne and I walked back to our building there by the front door we found one feather. The message from Pat is - the story of humanity is about burned out souls about to fly free

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