Winners and Awards

In every aspect of life, there are winners and losers. (duality) Few people win more than once and most never at all. As nothing is meant to last in our reality, loss is a major learning lesson.

There are those who believe that if you see yourself a winner, you will manifest that reality. Winning is as subjective as the games we play and how we define 'winner'.

To be a winner is to be on a natural high frequency, that one can only understand if they have been there. It can go beyond the high of falling in love. Life cannot get better.

In this world, being a winner is not only hard to accomplish, then maintain, for as you know, the programs moves in waves, like the oceans, sine waves, highs and lows, bipolar. We often measure these changes with psychic tools such as astrology, bio-rhythms, numerology, etc. They follow patterns, as does everything else in our reality. Patterns, in case you haven't figured it out, are predictable.

When the high is about to crest, spiral to the apex of the pyramid, your soul prepares you on all levels, diet, letting go of addictions and bad relationships, and working on, or reinventing yourself. It comes naturally, without a struggle, for you have something important that you have to do, someone you have to meet, and you sense it is coming closer.

For some people being a winner means embracing a comfortable life with someone they love, or just doing what they love and enjoy without many obstacles. For others it means being in the limelight, and remaining there, though few reach those heights. 15 minutes of fame, is what it is about, then most move into obscurity, or live off of past recognition, hoping that by hard work and/or the synchronicities of life, they will be elevated to the top once again, if only for a another 15 minutes. We seek to get 'high' in life, one way or another. It balances fear and pain.

To me being a winner is energy projected to the world, that attracts what you want and need. It is in the way you take care of yourself which is also reflected in the way you treat others. Respect, is a high frequency emotion.

Being a winner is also about knowing one's parameters and finding a way to maintain balance in the physical so the body can function and the soul can achieve its goals. To be out of balance, results in the breakdown of the physical body. Sometimes you have to 'go there' to reinvent yourself without feeling that you failed others. Too much drama. Example: You work for a family member and can't take the pressure anymore. Yet you don't want to disappoint the family. You will most likely create a 'breakdown' so to speak, after which the family will not fault you for moving on.

Some people are groomed to be winners from early childhood, it is instilled in them, while others are told they can never achieve greatness.

Childhood experiences and DNA programming determine the issues we play out during our lifetimes. These create our self-worth and how we move through life.

Further, this is the reason many children have paranormal experiences which will eventually take them to new heights of awakening as they move beyond their 3D issues.

All the world's a stage .... 77th Academy Awards

Hollywood, and the games of movie production, is much about timing and luck with many films bring specific messages that are timely for the development of human consciousness.

I have many clients who are performers, writers, and work in the production end of film.

Of the thousands of scripts submitted each year, how does one chose the films that will be produced? Generally it's all about luck and timing, being in the right place at the right time, knowing the 'right' people, often with a little help from spirit.

The same holds true about the endless multi-talented performers. Again I see luck as the main factor. For some it is just about connecting with an agent who believes ... if ... you can find an agent who will take you on. It's truly an unpredictable industry.

To remain at the Top is almost impossible, with a handful who achieve that much luck, success, and recognition.

I never realized what goes into the world of creating a great performer and performance until I started reading people in the industry. I salute you all!

As always, I loved the clothing worn by the performers, female and male, as they walked down the red carpet, or presented awards.

There seems to be a trend for women to long dark hair, always my favorite look, and the way I envision Sarah in my book.

Film, in part, is about special effects, signals, projections and screens. As with reality you are never sure what is real and what has been edited. All is about perception and translation into a language, symbols and 'signals', for comprehension.

Many people have been awaiting for signals from ET for a long time. Spielberg created a film about ET, Ellie made a connection in the film "Contact", while SETI sets up a new desert location seeking proof that we are not alone. But are we alone? If you close your eyes and think, "Computer end program," most people I know see themselves alone in a void. Fade to black ....

I couldn't help connecting with Chris Rock's closing line on tonight's award show, "Good Night, Brooklyn!"