Success 2012

How many times have you been told, programmed, and conditioned to believe you can get anything you want out of life if you do this or that?

You hear it from every self-help guru and healer with a system, CD and book, as well as every TV show host. It's been years, more like decades, since self-awareness came along, helping many at least realize their issues, which is a start.

What happens when you change your way of life by following whatever you think you need to do to get there, and either success becomes a fleeting moment or doesn't show up at all.

No one can guarantee you success. It is not about your focus, or what you eat, how you exercise, if you meditate, and what you sacrifice to get there.

They say if you think positively you will get what you want. If that were true, our lives would all be different.

Some may see this as free will and your ability to change anything and everything, but that simply is not so. When you believe you are exercising free will, your DNA programming is guiding you to make the choices taken at that time.

If someone tells you that they can get everything they want ... question that. Maybe they made money but telling people they can follow the same steps they took and it will work for them - sort of a pyramid or ponzi scheme in a manner of speaking! If it worked for them, they are lucky and programmed for success more than the dramas presented to most people.

Let's get to it ... What is it you want most ... someone who will be there for you unconditionally? love? family? friends? financial security? respect? kudos? to complete something that never seems to get done? to heal? to help others heal? to heal the planet? and the list goes on.

To understand why you may not achieve, and maintain, your goals is to understand the nature of reality as a consciousness hologram through which we experience virtually - as well as your programming for experience while here.

When you're programmed for change, you will wake up one day and it will flow. It becomes a no-brainer. Synchronicities will abound allowing you to know your soul [grid] experience here has altered.

Recovery is guided by your DNA programming.

Success and luck are guided by your DNA programming.

Your spiritual journey is guided by your DNA programming.

Everything that happens here is all about experience and learning. Your soul is a student, experiencing in a virtual universe/university in which the final bell is about to sound. This may give you a feeling of anxiety as if you need to complete goals of healing and helping others also partaking in your project before it ends. "Lightening up' !

Some would say we can change our programming with positive thinking as all is thought and consciousness but physical experience doesn't work that way.

Changing one's thinking allows them to attract positive things, but won't work until their DNA programming shifts. You can't force it - meditate on it - or anything else. We are all projected illusion in a virtual experiment that is nudging at us to wake up, smell the roses, and go back to light. It won't be long now.

Program consciousness is accelerating and crumbling simultaneously. You go organic to help yourself and the planet, but in end times, natural disasters and changing weather patterns alter everything - not to mention the collapse of economic, political, religious, and social systems throughout the world.

Why are they imploding? They were never programmed to work in the first place - simply to challenge the human experiment/experience - and at the end of a program are destined to implode in one final tsunami of consciousness.

So what is there to look forward to? The answer is simple ... moving back to light and the nature of who you are. There is nothing else.

Do the best you can in the time remaining. Avoid anything negative unless it must be part of your reality. I know I've blogged this endlessly, but get rid of anything that causes pain, anxiety and stress. If you have to live alone, see it for the positive time it can be to relax and be creative.

Check within your soul to see approximately how much time remains in our reality. Don't fixate on a closing date, such as the Mayan Calendar. Time is part of the illusion and one of the greatest deceivers of all.

Don't buy into antiquated theories about what comes next - you'll find out when you get there and it promises to be amazing even if you lose your cumbersome physical form and ego identity. We are NOT going to a higher frequency Earth or dimension, or whatever else you've read. Get over it.

Pay attention to global events as precursors to something major about to happen.

Find your happy space.

Don't expect miracles.

Never dwell on anything.

Allow the program to play out. It's the only way to GO !

What is success in the year 2012? Understanding the truth behind the illusion and your part in it. It's almost over. Wait for it!