John Kennedy Jr.

Events of July 17-23, 1999

Planes of Existence - Saturday - July 17, 1999
John Kennedy's airplane
Astrology Charts for JFK Jr.on the eventful day!!
When we speak of the 'cycles of time' - this latest tragedy in the Kennedy family comes as part of a thirty year cycle. Thirty years ago - this weekend John Kennedy's uncle - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) plunged off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha's Vineyard. His passenger, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, died.

The year was 1969. The energies were powerful that summer.

Neil Armstrong stepped down on the moon at 2 am on July 20th.

It rained 18 consecutive days that summer - in that time frame.

Woodstock happened.

Thirty years later another tragedy strikes not just the Kennedy family - but those of us who watched John grow up for the past 38 years - and remember the assassination of his father, John Kennedy - the pain goes deeper.

I agree with the news reports that the plane crash was caused by weather conditions - poor visibility - and the inexperience of the pilot. When I look at the timelines - this reads correctly.

I was reading my first client on Saturday morning - when her friend - who was waiting in my den, watching TV - came in to tell us what had happened. I had not put on the TV prior to that - as I had no time.

I had already been talking to the deceased grandmother of the client - and had seen John Jr. and his wife. I saw them spinning and falling. I saw terror - a fire - then John Kennedy Senior come to take his son and the other passengers off the plane.

I saw an 'eternal flame'.

Throughout the day - as I talked with deceased members of the families of other clients - I saw images of the Kennedys. I saw John with his mother - and other people I did not know. They were surrounded in the deepest purple light I had ever seen.

My last client asked, "Why didn't any of the psychics pick up the tragedy and warn them?"

My answer, "Seeing events like this falls under the same heading as our 'end time scenario'. No one will know the date and details until they occur. This is because the events are not supposed to be altered."

It was time for John's soul to go over - just as it was for his mother's soul - Princess Dianna's soul - and Mother Teresa's soul.

This may seem like a ridiculous thought to those who do not understand 'the other side' - but souls can do better work on that side than in 3D - especially in the 'end times' of the program. The souls consider their work here complete.

Souls - such as Princess Diana's, Mother Teresa's and all of the Kennedy's (especially Jackie's) - are extremely powerful on all levels and will be able to assist souls when we transit to higher levels.

Princess Diana watches over the souls on the planet
Mother Teresa still guides from another level
Those who died along with John Kennedy Jr. and Princess Diana - have chosen to help them in this work. These decisions were made before the souls came into the physical.

The Kennedys - America's royal family - are a powerful 'soul group' - who 'came in' - for the most part - to help humanity grow. Many Kennedys came in for short lifetimes - but most did not.

One mustn't forget that tragedy hits all families - so why would we feel that the Kennedys are the exception? With their wealth and power - came souls who loved to play the game! And they played it well! No family is without its trials and tribulations.

We will pray for all of their souls - many of which I see together. This may sound silly - but it looks to me - like a reunion of souls for a greater purpose.

John Kennedy Jr. was a smart man. He know that he should not have flown the plane on Friday evening - with so little experience. But it was 'written' that this event should occur - and so they all agreed- and so they all went. This does cross over the line of 'free will'. As I have stated before - to a degree we have 'free will' in 3D - but certain aspects of the program - especially now - can not be altered.

I watch as the people of the world bond at this time - their everyday problems temporarily put on hold.

They wait and watch and pray.

The people of the planet join in spiritual frequency - if only for a day or two.

It is good to know that the souls can share a higher spiritual frequency - even if it takes a tragedy to bring this result.

It is this same energy union that will bond the souls - as we shift at the end of the program.

With John Kennedy Jr.'s death we must remember - that as we are all linked - a powerful part of all of us has moved on to higher work.

We will mourn. We will release emotions that entrap our souls here.

Many people will rethink their priorities realising that 'life is short' so why not enjoy the time here and let go of the resentments, fears, and anger we cling to.

We wonder about justice and injustice - balance and imbalance - in the program. We know that answer. As soon as the program is balanced - it automatically 'kicks in' to imbalance!!

Is there a synchronicity between:
  • The death of John Jr. and his family occurring in the Atlantic Ocean -
  • three years to the day that Flight 800 crashed in the Atlantic off the shores of Long Island
  • The events at Chappaquiddick (30 years ago) - Atlantic
  • Experiments started in Princeton University back in 1939 (60 year loop) supposedly by Tesla and Einstein which later resulted in the Philadelphia Experiment - (a ship became invisible in the Atlantic waters - near Pa. harbor) - August 12, 1943.
  • August 12, 1999 - links with the solar eclipse and the Solar Cross.
  • Rips in the space/time continuum created by scientists during WW II - which I know began in 1939 as I was there.
  • A link with Montauk, Long Island where other WW II time travel experiments and space anomalies occurred opening portals to other realities.
  • The merging energies of Atlantis and all realities back into 'one' at this time I feel that there is a connection - but the answers lie in a reality we can not tap into yet. Remember that last weekend we changed realities. Things are not as they were before July 4th.

    Goodby John F. Kennedy Jr. You will be missed. Your death triggers something in all of us. We salute you!

  • Monday July 19, 1999 - Conspiracy Theories and JFK Jr.'s death

    I just checked the posts around the internet to see what was written about JFK Jr. and the incident last weekend.

    Just as I suspected - there are already conspiracy theories out there about this death.

    For the record - I do not see conspiracy/ sabotage, alien abduction, or the plane being shot down by a rocket.

    Tuesday - July 20, 1999

    I have not spoken with John since the passing - but what I see is a blaze of white light - a strong 'love frequency' which he seems to be sending to the planet.

    Now that may sound corny - but that is what I see. His soul is making a bigger difference on the other side than any other soul I have seen 'go over'.

    This could link with the higher frequencies on the planet now - our time for healing and awakening - and our love for this special, kind, and loving man - one of the best adjusted of the Kennedy clan.

    I see his family with him as a soul group.

    Thursday - July 22, 1999 As I watch the 'burial at sea' . . . it says to me "A return of the souls to the collective unconsciousness'! It connects with my '3 into 1' theory - 3 souls now return to 1 - the Oneness of Source!! Somehow I feel Atlantean souls returning 'home' at a time when we are merging with Atlantis!
    Again this theme appears in the newest crop formation. Again the formation links with creation!

    John Kennedy gave a speech in 1962 stating that we are commited to the sea.
    "We come from the sea and we go back to they sea. At that time we go back from whence we came."

    Throughout this ordeal I always maintained the image John Jr. had given me of him, his wife, and his sister-in-law still in the cabin of the aircraft - as if their bodies had been neatly placed there - to be recovered - and to give the families of the deceased - and for the world - to have a proper closure.

    There is something more to this closure than we understand at this time.

    I saw the bodies being found even though everyone else I spoke to said that the cabin of the airplane - and their remains had to have been disintegrated as the plane hit the water.

    Yet I knew what John Jr. had showed me - and I kept the image in my mind not posting it as everyone said they would not be found. i guess at my stage of life and experience - I should trust what I am shown.

    With the Kennedys nothing is ever at closure. I see a long investigation that will give details of the events - without finding sabotage.

    The souls of the deceased Kennedys - many in number - shine like stars in the heavens today. I have never seen anything like it!

    The energies of the funeral this morning - in one hour - will bring a tremendous power surge to the physical planet.

    I feel not only a healing energy directed to the planet but almost the opening of a 'door' through which I see white light.

    Not sure if there is a connection - but the magnetics are really today!

    They ashes of those who rejoin the the collective unconscious will jpoin the sea.

    Their souls will live in our hearts forever . . .

    Friday - July 23, 1999

    A city honors one of its beloved residents

    New York City is one 'crazy place' - yet there is no place quite like it anywhere on the planet.

    I have always called it 'Home'.

    It works hard, plays hard, loves hard, and shows its anger - and for all of its differences unites together when something happens to one of its members.

    It has a power and majesty about it.

    It calls to souls to visit and find their destiny.

    It is rooted in global cultures.

    It IS the United Nations.

    It is home to the rich and famous.

    It doesn't have a Sphinx (feminine) to watch over it - but it does have the Statue of Liberty (feminine).

    Today NYC honored three of its beloved residents who have 'passed on' to the light of creation.

    The energies in NYC are very high and very spiritual as the city said good-by to three souls who added to the beauty of our fair city.

    A friend of mine who lives near the church where the services took place - called and told to me about the energies of Manhattan at the time of the memorial service.

    As my friend is spiritual he could sense the souls of the three deceased people and their families on the other side - as they watched and sent love to those they left behind.

    In the sweltering heat and humidity, New Yorkers came to say good-by.

    They brought flowers and poetry.

    Music could be heard.

    For just a brief moment in time the usual hustle and bustle of the city - gave way to a quiet calm - interrupted only by the limos and security that lined the streets as the President, his familiy and members of the Kennedy clan came to pay their respects.

    "John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. - you have been a powerful 'soul presence' on the planet.

    Your work on the other side will help those souls who remain in this time of transition".

    Monday July 26, 1999

    As I awoke this morning I was talking with John Kennedy Jr.

    I could see his father JFK and his wife, Caroline.

    They wanted me to post that they are greatly saddened that their families will go through a never ending investigation that will not result in anything conclusive about their deaths.

    For Caroline's family - who are not used to this kind of notoriety - it will become increasing destructive to the healing process.

    They want everyone to know that the plane malfunctioned. There was no sabotage. 'George' was not about to disclose information about ETs and such.

    They are at peace and watching over those left behind.

    JFK Jr. was in the same industry as my daughter, Nikki.

    The Magazine / Publishing industry mourns the loss of one of their most powerful members.

    Nikki had thought about applying for a job at 'George' last year as her Masters is in Political Science.

    Fate brought her to 'Crayola Kids' - where she currently works.

    My clients at 'Goldman Sachs' - where Caroline's sister worked - called me to report the loss of a great co-worker.

    I am reading an accountant from that company later this afternoon.

    Tuesday - July 27, 1999

    Another Kennedy Visitor

    I am not the only person having Kennedy 'visits' and dreams.

    Other people have written and told me about their experiences with various members of the Kennedy family.

    This morning it was clearly Bobby Kennedy who came to talk.

    I had forgotten about him.

    He seemed very powerful and connected in frequency to all that is going on here.

    He has become the soul who watches out for the Kennedy clan. He kept telling me how he protects them.

    Then - not knowing if I understood - he showed me himself dressed as a Bobby - an English cop - and said, "I am Bobby. I protect the souls of my group'!!

    A sleepy Ellie understood and is now printing what happened.

    On any level - the Kennedys are a powerful force on this planet!!

    Saturday - August 7, 1999

    Jackie stops by . . .

    Just when I think I've had my share of Kennedys - along comes Jackie - the 'girl of my dreams'.

    As I was returning to my body this morning - Jackie was 'coming along' with me - so to speak!!

    I could see just her face - it was so clear - especially her mouth. She had a peaceful feeling about her.

    I am not sure what we discussed - but I clearly remember her telling me that I will get what I want when I am 57.

    I am 56 at this time.

    I remembering feeling that her message was more universal - connected to my personal work.

    Wish I could remember more. The age 57 was very clear!!

    August 8, 1999 - Another visit from John Jr.

    This ocurred the day before the major earthquake in Izmit, Turkey which killed thousands of people.

    That day I kept smelling a man's cologne in my home.

    I was not sure who that referenced at first - (as spirit often has a floral scent to let you know that they are there).

    In the afternoon I did some psychic work with my friend, Dianne L. (from Ottawa). She told me it was JFK Jr.

    I 'looked' again and knew she was right.

    His frequency/signature has changed - now of a higher light.

    After we hung up I talked to John.

    He told me that there would be thousands of souls 'going over' now and that I should tell those who would like to assist from 3D - that their help is needed.

    The next day was the major earthquake.

    John and others in this realm and higher realms worked to help the souls 'over'. What they did is a form of Gatekeeping