Friends and Genetics

July 15, 2014

Did you ever pay attention to the friends you attracting into your life? If reality is a programmed hologram - and everything we do is based on our DNA codes - it would stand to reason that the friends we attract are here for the same learning lessons and experiences. For as long as we are programmed for the experience, these friends will stay in our lives. They may drift away and we attribute that to the changes in our lives as DNA codes update. Sometimes, for some inexplicable reason, they are suddenly gone and we are left to wonder why. It all goes to one's genetically encoded programming. The same can be said of romantic relationships and others that emotionally touch our lives.

As for me, when it comes to female friends, they seem to follow a pattern similar to my own. I am generally attracted to - not in the romantic sense - women who are strong though not aggressive, independent, articulate, academic, creative, beautiful, have long dark curly hair, average built, don't involve with substance abuse or have major issues, and are rarely bored or boring. If I go back to my high school and college relationships, all of these friends have made a difference in the world ... and we still remain friends.

Most friends made through metaphysics have come and gone. They are stuck in spaces that make no sense to me as they are programmed to heal their issues and those of others others. Many are simply fractured souls. Needy people are more annoying than I can describe and I have no time for them. Sorry if that sounds shallow but that's my genetics.

The 11th House in Astrology is the House of Friendships ... Could 11 represent twin spiraling DNA codes?

My closest friendships also seem to stay within the genetic landscape of Americans, perhaps because of our proximity or our DNA codes are similar which is why we are all are here. As to my male friends ... I could say the same codes apply - strong, know who they are, definitely intuitive, are "humorous", and more. In this lifetime I have had as many male friends as female ... sometimes more.

Do friends have similar genomes?   BBC - July 15, 2014

Friends: Joanne and Ellie

Can a City Girl Adapt to Country Life?

Many people entertain the thought of leaving city life and living in nature. Others are quite the opposite ... they leave urban life to live in the city ... especially New York City. Each has its attractions, benefits, and pitfalls. The country seems to inspire creativity and can act as a great healing tool. What's really cool is being able to afford to live in both the city and the country - or to be a city sweller with a beach house as the flow of the water draws everyone for healing and inspiration.

Today I received an email from my friend Joanne who works in media and has spent most of her life living in the city. She never married, has no children, is not in a romantic relationship at the moment, and has a great job. Joanne's current move to upstate New York promises to be a great adventure.

Hi Ellie,

As you know, on June 28th I moved up to the Catskill Mountains. Interesting that you dreamed about me in this house the day the owner agreed to let me rent it for one year, as he really wanted to sell it. Things just happen that way. Would I consider buying it? I've always let destiny guide me, so we shall see.

The house is on 24 acres and am looking forward to exploring the land. Went on my first hike in my woods yesterday and got lost - but I eventually found the road and it was fun! I've chosen this place because I have some community up there - and as you can imagine - living in a rural area without friends in the middle of February could be challenging.

It's a big move but the call to be closer to nature has been knocking on my door for a long time now. I will still be coming into New York City on a regular basis but plan on working mostly remote from my new home office.

I'm adjusting to waking up to the sound of birds and roosters instead of the 3am sanitation truck and it's going well so far! I took my first riding lesson yesterday with a horse named Poppy. He's so gentle and sweet and knows exactly what to do with first time riders like me. We had a great morning together ... I brushed him and he gave me a ride. It's the start of the perfect friendship.

I've got plenty of room for guests! Let me know when you're ready to come up. Feel free to share my pictures.

Big Love,