I am the Goddess of Balance.

You have known me in many forms in all civilizations

and worked with me to restore balance on all levels.

I create justice at the end of time with

chaos and destruction part of the process.

The journey of humanity

through electromagnetic grid realities

is the quest to restore balance

lost in the descent into the physical.

Consciousness is evolving to its natural state of light.

You experience this shift in every area of life

your soul signaling something will soon happen

to restore balance and total consciousness.

I bring reality full circle to secure the

balance wheel of time and karma.

Join me now on a journey to understand

what is out of balance in your life

and perhaps find a way to create change.


Close your eyes.

Ask to be shown what needs to most come

into balance in your life at this time.

Now ask if there is a solution.

There may not always be one

at this level of consciousness.