I am the Goddess of Color

who came from the void and created the rainbow bridge.

In the beginning there was a tone

accompanied by my spiraling rays of light which

burst forth from a central source creating matrixes

allowing my soul sparks of light to emerge and experience.

Souls streamed forth through kaleidoscopic prisms

remaining connected through my rainbow bridge.

And through our connection my light will appear

to each soul as love felt deeply within their heart

bringing continuity, never to feel alone or abandoned.

Everything that you envision is

created by the streaming rays of my light

bending, refracting, reflecting

moving in rhythm with the harmonics of creation.

The Journey

Relax your body .... your mind.

Close your eyes.

Envision my rays of colored light

as they move one by one through the

spiraling energy of each chakra color

balancing and aligning your energy centers.

Now move your consciousness into the light

to become one with me as once we were.