The Emotional Grid, Blueprint of Humanity

We experience through the grid of emotion, always seeking balance. Souls are, tired, coping, bored, disillusioned, unfocused, more so than ever before. It is the way the program is playing out so they will ultimately detach from the physical grid as it collapses, along with earth changes, emotions, and more.

We are no longer in a recession. This is a depression and people are really depressed and lost, even when their lives are relatively balanced.

Addictions are up though we try to heal our issues, with the endless healing techniques we find out there. They are all part of a journey in which the fractured souls try to become 'whole', the return to balance and 'oneness', and the merging of our bipolar aspects.

It would seem that people in the 21st century have become introspective and aware that they have faults and issues, but are not necessarily successful in overcoming them.

Awareness is important in the development of human consciousness, yet that leads to greater frustration when one is unable to manifest a solution.

We read about ways to manifest this and that, and how synchronicities have a play in what we are to experience. Yet synchronicities are often challenges we have attracted and therefore result in more busy work that does not help our souls evolve, unless we address and overcome them. If not, eventually all becomes redundant as we seek answers.

This is who we have become..... You are seated at your computer... It's another day in the universe...

You sit there and wonder...What's in store for me on today's journey? Will an epiphany be given? What tools can I use to move forward? Plan a trip? Buy a self-help book? Take a class/workshop? Yoga? Meditation? Visualize my answers and they will manifest? Follow my inner voice/instinct? When will the 'change' I sense coming, take place, of so when?

For those of us who can keep busy and balanced in the program the days move quickly with the creation of new goals and passions.

Passions... Passion Week.... This creates stirrings of Christ returning and other religious issues that keep you stuck in 3D paradigms. The movie "Passions" is having a major ripple effect in many areas, as it was written. It's all a script and you are a player in it, 'acting out' your role!

To me, 'Passions' is just another story.
Passion is a 'high' that makes us pay attention to
what we are experiencing, which takes us to love.
What greater emotion than falling in love with great Passion.
Reality is a series of stories
All part of our creational blueprint.

Humanity's DNA is its blueprint
Brought forth at this time to awaken the sleeping spirit within us.

The Blueprint...

Sacred Geometry

Star Of David, SOD, Grass Surface, Earth, One's Native Land, Creation

What messages do you see in this image?
I see layers within layers, hearts, circle of completion
Hourglass, 'X', 'Z'
The lion, star tetrahedron, sacred geometry,
water=collective grids, consciousness waves =
DNA, creation, dolphins=fish, Christ consciousness swimming through our DNA
Lenticular clouds, pyramids, mountains, snow=consciousness frozen in time
Melts into the water.

Programming the Grids

The creational source programs the grids

Which in turn create the collective unconsciousness [water].

Metal Cones=Alchemy, Dual Grids, SOD, Flower of Life