Dysfunctional in 2005

Every year people become more and more aware of who they are, their emotional problems learning challenges and how they got that way, through their genetic code, childhood and/or environment. It is amazing that once people grow up in a dysfunctional home, they never realize how dysfunctional they are, as well as those they deal with on a daily basis.

Teen gets 30 years in Zoloft defense case

Reality is based on patterns and if you take a real hard look at these patterns, predicting the life path of souls becomes easier.

If you are evolving metaphysically and think that you can heal the souls ... think again! Look around and observe the dysfunctional people everywhere.

Predictable: One or more parents have emotional problems, Clinical Depression, Bi-polar Disorder, OCD, ADHD, substance abuse, etc. They will most likely produce an offspring with similar genetic traits or develop them by living with a sick parent. This appears to be more common with male offspring than female.

If you live with a depressive, you follow eventually cope by living their moon swings and creating them on your own.

I'm not going to tell you that you have to leave the dysfunctional situation, because that is simply common sense. You must come to that conclusion in your own time, when your internal programming mechanisms activate, if they ever do.

Humanity is trying to heal itself as the rapidly escalating frequencies of consciousness cannot support lower emotions, fear and guilt.

Metaphysics has become about healing to get rid of the pain ... the intense pain people feel deep inside .. that they cannot control, no matter where they think it comes from. [It's not from a past life. It's now!]

"Who am I and why am I here?" they ask. "I want out." They have already learned through dreams and conversations with spirits they love, that the other side is far more enlightening ... so why are they stuck here. Good question. Depends on the client!

Depressives are being hit the hardest now, and that will escalate. They are really suffering, meds or not, trying to escape out of the box. They call me and cry the entire one hour reading. Most of these are the souls not on meds.

Others bury themselves in work, but that is going to take away the inner pain, fears and conflicts in their DNA programming.

If you find a way to move on, you will discover new horizons and YOU!

If you are unable to move on, and remain stuck in the grid unable to escape its magnetic pull, bi-polar nature, you will spend much time searching for ways to get out. In the past that worked. Now we are too close to the end so do it quickly.

An important aspect of 'the way out' is to get your 3D life in order.

The rest will manifest so quickly it will make your 'head spin'. (spiraling consciousness metaphor)

Suppose you are, or know, a dysfunctional teen who can't focus in school due to emotional problems from abuse or something genetic.

These teens have always been part of society, but with humanity in the healing grid and better medications available, there is hope.

Many teens will drop out and go on disability. Some will take menial jobs, preferably outdoors, as they need freedom ... from their fears which are often insurmountable. Nature has a calming effect. It speaks of the Trees and Creation in Balance.

If the teens can do heavy labor, they will be find jobs like construction, truck driving, security guard, EMS, among others.

Some parents send these children to the military to 'whip them into shape'! Give me a break! They will sabotage and get out or wind up in jail or dead.

Do they embrace metaphysics? Yes, as a means to empowerment or a place to go to figure out why they were born and what is their mission. Lots of dark energy, lower frequency stuff here.

Being a musician or doing something creative, which is therapy, or a play job, works well. Yo! Let's get high and complain.

Dysfunctional souls are wounded souls created by wounded souls.

Patterns: A teen who is emotionally ill, and please don't tell me they are Indigo Children, will get lazy, turn to sex, drugs and rock and roll, among other self destructive patterns. This goes beyond teenage rebellion. It is mental illness that destroys families and lives and is found in all walks of life, as depression and self-destructive behavior is running rampant.

People want out of the program. So do many teens.

You have to 'want out' to release.

Tuesday a distraught parent called me. I had read him in 2004 and told him that if he didn't get professional help for his 17 year old son, he would be DWI, Driving While Intoxicated. It came to pass last weekend.

Prognosis: The son is not being treated by a psychiatrist and is bi-polar, as is his mother. She does not see his problems through her own fear and anger. Hopefully the judge will get him help. With luck he graduates from High School in June. His father has told him he must go to college.

If you know anything about depression and related disorders, the brain cannot focus, the person cannot make good decisions as it sabotages the best things in its life. Add drugs or alcohol, and these kids are lost, many in jail or suicidal. Studying is very difficult and another road to failure without help.

There are many arguments for and against medication for children. I am totally in favor. One doesn't become dysfunctional at puberty. The patterns were always there, as parents call them stages. In all cases that I have observed, having taught High School Special Ed and worked with clients, the child was able to function, finishing school and going on the lead a productive life. None went on to marry and have children of their own, as keeping their lives happy and in balance in this world was all they could focus on.

Most had lovers, as not to experience sexuality at some point in one's life is another dysfunctional pattern, generally from childhood abuse. To deny one's sexuality is also a major problem for another column.

Did these souls 'come in' to fight a losing battle? Many have, but others get beyond their problems after understanding their genetic make-up and getting needed help.

If you suffer from a chemical imbalance, the chances are, one, or more, of your children will have the same problems. Get help! Examine your genetic code to see who you inherited them from.

The boy in the article above, Chris Pittman, clearly thought he was slicker than the adults around him. Give me a break! But that is teen patterning. Just look at him. Read the energies. You can see that he needs professional help and is insane. Read about his background. He is off to jail, guilty as charged.

Look at the metaphors cropping up in media to help you understand the emotional games of humanity and how adolescent they are. Reality TV, Fear Factor Makeover Shows that feature a judge, balance scales, Movies about the stupidity of human experience, Dramas, pain inflicted on others. All are studies in human behavior observed from outside the box. The characters often seem ridiculous. If they were looking at your life onscreen, what would they say?

Observe the metaphors in everything! Read the patterns, the grid patterns. It's part of your coming into awareness.

At the end of time you realize that reality is 'all in your head', a virtual experiment in which there is no judge or judgment, just freedom for those who find balance. The rest of the souls get reconciled back to source, never knowing what hit them.

Case Closed! Next ....