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The Dragonfly Drone Investigation and Isaac's Report, (below) alleges some sort of confirmation about alien intervention on the planet for past decades, if it is indeed true. One has to wonder, is it all a government set-up? Is this the time for disclosure about alien visitors and their agendas? Don't think the public will like what went/goes on behind the scenes, but then again it can blame past administrations. The truth is out there. It can hurt, but it can also explain so much about our reality and the Age of Technology and Space.

Dragonfly Drones - Dragonfly Symbology - Quote from the book Mystery of The Crystal Skulls ... "The Maya considered the dragonfly to be one of the symbols of Kukulcan also known as Quetzalcoatl whose spirit is said to be connected with the fulfillment of the Mayan Calendar." 2012

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Highlights from the file above ...

June 29, 2007 Montgomery, Alabama - This week on Tuesday, June 26th, the mystery of the dragonfly-shaped aerial drones took another turn with the release of an alleged secret report containing photographs of alleged extraterrestrial technologies, entitled "Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology (CARET), the Q4-86 Research Report", dated December 1986, Palo Alto, California, by the Palo Alto CARET Laboratory, also known as PACL (pronounced 'packel'). The CARET Laboratory's research goal is stated as, achieving a greater understanding of extraterrestrial technology within the context of commercial applications and civilian use.

The document states that the CARET Q4-86 research focused on four key subjects, all of which were based on artifacts of extraterrestrial origin obtained from crash site recovery operations conducted during the last two decades within the continental United States, between 1966 and 1986.

The four subjects are listed as:

The photographs show what are described as extraterrestrial instruments used for antigravity and for 3-dimensional image recording and projecting. The sizes of the photographed instruments are only inches long, according to Isaac and the document. But the instruments contain a symbol language that resembles what has been photographed in May 2007 underneath the "tails" of the estimated 25-foot-long dragonfly drones by Chad in the Bakersfield, California, region and by Rajman in Capitola, California. Odd Aerial "Drones"? Over Lake Tahoe over Central California

Those symbols have been studied intensely and led to the discovery of possible links between the “dragonfly drone” tail symbols and NASA’s Clementine I lunar photography and mapping mission in 1994. Writing In Chad "Drone" Image - A Link to NASA Clementine 1 Moon Mission?

In addition to the symbol language, the CARET document on Page 56, has a photograph of rings that closely match the structure of the rings in the larger scale dragonfly-drones, estimated to be about 25-feet-long.

Isaac’s email and documents imply that this particular extraterrestrial technology was part of an American government effort to back-engineer, through civilian scientists, and apply commercially at the CARET Laboratory in Palo Alto. That E. T. technology allegedly can control gravity and project 3-dimensional images that apparently would look real to us humans, but are something akin to what we know as holographic images. The document also implies that the projected image technology can record.

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